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2015  Congress Seeks Answers in Addressing Cyanotoxins in Drinking Water

2015  Demonstration Project Aims for Purified, Drinkable Wastewater

2015  Influence of Network Model Detail on Estimated Health Effects of Drinking Water Contamination Events

2015  New York Water Siphon Nears Completion Despite Delays from Sandy

2015  Removal of Heavy Metal in Drinking Water Resource with Cation-Exchange Resins (Type 110-H) Mixed PES Membrane Adsorbents

2015  San Antonio Hires Consortium to Deliver and Operate Lengthy Pipeline

2015  Some Considerations for Applicability of Seawater as Mixing Water in Concrete

2015  Sprinkling and Well Infiltration in Managed Aquifer Recharge for Drinking Water Quality Improvement in Finland

2015  Utility Tests Ion Exchange Process to Comply with California’s Chromium 6 Limit

2014  Apparatus for Observation and Analysis of Floc Blanket Formation and Performance

2014  Appropriate Conditions of Oxidation By-Product Bromate Removal from Drinking Water by Nanoparticle Zero-Valent Iron

2014  Bayesian Approach for Real-Time Probabilistic Contamination Source Identification

2014  Challenge Studies of the Hach GuardianBlue Early Warning System

2014  Designating Restricted Areas around Drinking Water Sources through an Index-Based Spatial Approach

2014  Development of a Fuzzy Inference Performance Index for Ferrous Drinking Water Pipelines

2014  Development of a Standard Data Structure for Predicting the Remaining Physical Life and Consequence of Failure of Water Pipes

2014  Direct Biofiltration for Manganese Removal from Surface Water

2014  Disaster Resilience of Drinking Water Infrastructure Systems to Multiple Hazards

2014  Evaluation of Climate Change Impact on Drinking Water Treatment Plant Operation

2014  Explicit Water Quality Model Generation and Rapid Multiscenario Simulation

2014  Full-Scale Application of Catalytic Ozonation for Drinking Water Treatment: Case Study in China

2014  Inactivation and Removal of Crustaceans in Biologically Activated Carbon Filters with CO2

2014  Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Water Mains in Northern Poland and Their Implication for Health Risk

2014  Modeling and Field Work to Investigate the Relationship between Age and Quality of Tap Water

2014  Operating Rules for an Off-Stream Blending Reservoir to Control Nitrate in a Municipal Water System

2014  Preparation of Zn-Al CLDH to Remove Bromate from Drinking Water

2014  Robustness of Designs for Drinking Water Contamination Warning Systems under Uncertain Conditions

2014  San Francisco Looks to Groundwater to Augment Potable Supplies

2014  Sources of High Total Dissolved Solids to Drinking Water Supply in Southwestern Pennsylvania

2014  Using a GIS and GIS-Assisted Water Quality Model to Analyze the Deterministic Factors for Lead and Copper Corrosion in Drinking Water Distribution Systems

2014  What Will It Take?

2013  Adsorption of Fluoride from Water Using Sintered Clay-Hydroxyapatite Composites

2013  Applicability Analysis of Ozone Disinfection in Rural Drinking Water Supply from Two Aspects: Ozone Decay and Bromate Formation

2013  Ceramic Filter, Tablet Treat Drinking Water Inexpensively

2013  Coliform Sources and Mechanisms for Regrowth in Household Drinking Water in Limpopo, South Africa

2013  Comparison of Chlorine and Chloramines on Lead Release from Copper Pipe Rigs

2013  Comparison of Spray-On Linings for Water Pipeline Renewal Applications

2013  A Comprehensive Scheme for Drinking Water Distribution System Contamination Emergency Management

2013  Development of a BTEX Permeation Calculator for High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Water Pipe

2013  Effective Inhibition of Bromate Formation with a Granular Molecular Sieve Catalyst Ce-MCM-48 during Ozonation: Pilot-Scale Study

2013  Effects of Adding Phosphates on Iron Release Control in Drinking Water Pipelines

2013  Effects of Storage Conditions on Chromium (III) and Chromium (VI) in Two Types of Potable Water

2013  Framework for Evaluating Sorbent Usage Rate of Various Sorption Column Configurations with and without Bypass Blending

2013  Gravity-Powered Chemical Dose Controller for Sustainable, Municipal-Scale Drinking Water Treatment

2013  The History of Environmental Research in Cincinnati, Ohio: (From the U.S. Public Health Service to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

2013  Lee’S Summit Continues to Use Trenchless Technology to Rehabilitate its Potable Water Distribution System

2013  Model Development for Drinking Water Security in Tidal River, Case Study: Minjiang River, Southeast of Fujian, China

2013  Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters

2013  Numerical Simulation and Assessment of the Effects of Operation and Baffling on a Potable Water Service Reservoir

2013  Occurrence of Perfluorooctane Sulfonate in the Water Environment of Bangkok, Thailand

2013  Pilot-Scale Evaluation of GAC Adsorption Using Low-Cost, High-Performance Materials for Removal of Pesticides and Organic Matter in Drinking Water Production

2013  Protecting Drinking Water Systems from Low Pressure Transients - A Case Study

2013  A Review of Missouri S&T Students’ Studies of Drinking Water Systems in Rural Guatemala

2013  Source Identification in Water Distribution Systems Using the Adjoint Method with Non-Ideal Sensors and Non-Detect Measurements

2013  Sustainable Water Resources Management through Potable Water Augmentation

2013  Using the CANARY Event Detection Software to Enhance Security and Improve Water Quality

2013  Web-Based and Geospatially Enabled Risk Screening Tool for Water and Wastewater Pipeline Infrastructure Systems

2013  Web-Based Performance Benchmarking Data Collection and Preliminary Analysis for Drinking Water Utility

2012  Agent-Based Modeling for Simulating the Decentralization of Urban Water Infrastructure Systems

2012  Answering 5 Basic Asset Management Questions for Pre-Stressed Concrete Water Transport Mains

2012  Character and Treatment of Organic Colloids in Challenging and Impacted Drinking Water Sources

2012  Comparison of Hollow-Fiber Ultrafilters with Pleated Capsule Filters for Surface and Tap Water Samples Using U.S. EPA Method 1623

2012  Construction to Begin on Nearly $1-Billion Water Project in New Mexico

2012  Critical Assessment of Environmental Quality of Baghdad, Iraq

2012  Dealing with Algal Toxins and Dissolved Organics in Drinking Water

2012  Developing a Cluster-Based Water Harvesting Project in Ddegeya, Uganda

2012  Development and Application of Early Warning System for Drinking Water Security in Dongguan, China

2012  Effects of Baffle Configurations on the Performance of a Potable Water Service Reservoir

2012  Evaluating Response Planning Initiatives: Modeling Assumptions

2012  Field Studies and Modeling Exploring Mean and Maximum Water Age Association to Water Quality in a Drinking Water Distribution Network

2012  Food-Grade Dye Injection: A Novel Alerting Mechanism for Consumers Warning of Drinking Water Contamination

2012  Integration of HDPE 4710 Materials for Potable Water Distribution Systems

2012  Lyophilization and Reconstitution of Reverse-Osmosis Concentrated Natural Organic Matter from a Drinking Water Source

2012  Meeting the Challenge of Pipeline Emergency Repair

2012  Modeling Turbidity and the Effects of Alum Application for a Water Supply Reservoir

2012  Nanofiltration Membranes for Removal of Color and Pathogens in Small Public Drinking Water Sources

2012  Preprocessing of Water Distribution Systems to Assess Connectivity and Solvability in the Presence of Flow Control Devices

2012  Removal of 17β-Estradiol from Groundwater Using Nanoporous Molecularly Imprinted Polymer Adsorbent

2012  Study of the Prior Repair of an Urban Drinking Water Distribution System

2012  Temporal Variability of Bacterial Diversity in a Chlorinated Drinking Water Distribution System

2012  Water 2050: Attributes of Sustainable Water Supply Development

2012  Water Contamination Impact Evaluation and Source-Area Isolation Using Decision Trees

2011  Applications of Radial-Basis Function and Generalized Regression Neural Networks for Modeling of Coagulant Dosage in a Drinking Water-Treatment Plant: Comparative Study

2011  Batch Leaching Test Focusing on Clod Size of Drinking Water Sludge and Applicability to Long-Term Prediction Using Column Leaching Test

2011  Bromate Formation by Ozone-VUV in Comparison with Ozone and Ozone-UV: Effects of pH, Ozone Dose, and VUV Power

2011  Calibration of GAC Model in Drinking Water Treatment

2011  Congress Scrutinizes EPA Policy on Perchlorate, Hexavalent Chromium in Drinking Water

2011  Decentralized Membrane Filtration System for Sustainable and Safe Drinking Water Supply in Low-Income Countries: Baseline Study

2011  Desalination Proponents Eye California’s Monterey Bay

2011  Development of a Mobile Water Disinfection Unit Powered by Renewable Energy

2011  Effect of Cold-Water Storage Cisterns on Drinking-Water Quality

2011  Efficacy of Chlorine Dioxide as a Disinfectant for Bacillus Spores in Drinking-Water Biofilms

2011  Environment of Warfare

2011  Evaluating a Probabilistic Approach for Simulating Pathogen Removal at a Riverbank Filtration Site in India

2011  Groundwater Modeling of the Calera Aquifer Region in Central Mexico

2011  Lab Experiments on Turbulent Processes Causing Discolouration Potential

2011  Managing Gravity Pipelines in Philadelphia

2011  Maryland Utility Confronts Aging Distribution System

2011  Modeling and Simulations of Flow Pattern, Chlorine Concentration, and Mean Age Distributions in Potable Water Service Reservoir of Singapore

2011  Modeling Discrete Interconnection Events of Two Water-Distribution Systems to Reconstruct Historical Human Exposure