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2015  As I See It: Are We Getting Better? Sometimes, but Not Always

2015  Enabling Successful Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Freshwater Using Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells in Coastal Aquifers

2015  IFCEE 2015

2015  Maxi-HDD Pull Loads for Entry and Exit Points at Different Elevations

2014  Cortland-Homer Former MGP Remediation-A Case History

2014  Determination of Pipe Pullback Loads in Horizontal Directional Drilling Using an Advanced Computational Dynamic Model

2014  Effect of Fluid Temperature on Rock Failure in Borehole Drilling

2014  Migration of High-Pressure Air during Gas Well Drilling in the Appalachian Basin

2014  Neurofuzzy-Based Productivity Prediction Model for Horizontal Directional Drilling

2014  New Finite Element for Steel Shear Plate Analysis

2013  Application of Wire Line Coring Technology in Horizontal Borehole Drilling

2013  Application Prospect of MWD Drilling Technology in Water Prevention and Control of Coal Seam Floor

2013  Applications of Maxi Rig Horizontal Directional Drilling for Municipal Sewer/Water Markets

2013  Assessing the Surface Water Quality Impacts of Marcellus Shale Development in Whiteday Creek Watershed, West Virginia

2013  Best Practice in Arctic Development Concept Selection—How to Avoid the Traps

2013  Construction Design and Selection of Tunnel-Boring Machine for Shallow-Buried and High-Weathered Soft Rock

2013  Construction Monitoring of a Municipal Gas Pipeline during Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  The Design and Construction of Protection on the Directional Drilling in Zhangji Coal Mine

2013  Design and Control Technology of the Directional Drilling Trajectory in Coal Mine

2013  Design of Measurement While Drilling System Based on Inertial Sensors

2013  Discussion for Affected Factors of the Carrying Capacity of HDD Drilling Fluid

2013  Drilling Technology of Pre-Grouting Reinforcement with Directional Borehole in Coal Floor

2013  Estimation on Pull-back Force of Horizontal Directional Drilling in Medium and Coarse Sand

2013  Evaluation on Borehole Stability of Ru River HDD Crossing

2013  Failure Analysis of the Rotor of Downhole Drilling Motors

2013  Fracture Failure Analysis on a Drill Pipe in Directional Drilling

2013  Galling Failure Analysis of Drill Pipe Rotary-Shouldered Thread Connections for Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  Horizontal Directional Drilling - Construction Risk Management Strategies

2013  A Hybrid LSSVM-ABC Model for the Determination of the Magnitude of Horizontal in Situ Stresses

2013  Integrated Design of Drilling Rig for Gas Drainage in Underground Coal Mines Based on Virtual Prototype

2013  LunarVader: Development and Testing of Lunar Drill in Vacuum Chamber and in Lunar Analog Site of Antarctica

2013  Measuring Deformation of Borehole Wall in a Horizontal Directional Drilling Model Experiment

2013  A Method for Horizontal Directional Drilling in Difficult Soil Conditions

2013  Smart Fluid Drag Reduction Technology Research for HDD

2013  Study on Annular Mud Consolidation Property after Pipeline Installation by Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  A Study on Microhole Drilling Technology in Extremely Soft Stratum

2013  Study on the Flow Model of Annulus Drilling Fluid in the Large Diameter Horizontal Directional Drilling

2013  Study on the Seepage Characteristic of Drilling Fluid in Sandy Stratum by HDD

2013  Technical Viability of Replacing a 54 -Inch Sanitary Sewer Force Main via a Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD)

2013  Towards Stability Criteria for Deep Oil Drilling and Fracking in Shales

2013  Updated VR-Based HDD Rig Operating Training System

2012  Advancements in Geotechnical Site Characterization

2012  Analysis for Long-Term Response of Pipes Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Analysis of Borehole Wall Stability in Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Analysis of Influence Factors on Borehole Path Control Associated with Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Analysis of Loads and Stresses of Drilling Tool in Trenchless Directional Drilling

2012  The Analytical Solutions of Shrinkage after Construction about the Directional Drilling Engineering in Sandy Soil Area

2012  Application of Anti-Collapse Aluminum Matrix Drilling Fluid System in Jilin Oilfield

2012  Application of Deep Pit in Horizontal Directional Drilling Crossing Design of Retaining and Protecting for Pit Excavation with Depth of 19 m under Coarse Sand and Its Construction

2012  Application of Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Application of Midas GTS Three Dimensional Numerical Simulation New Technology to the Stability of Hole Wall in HDD Engineering

2012  Assessment of Deteriorated Concrete Cover by Combined While-Drilling Techniques

2012  Calculations and Analysis of Pullback Force in Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Case Study of Productivity Analysis for Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Case Study on Solutions of Stuck Pipe in HDD Project

2012  Closed-Form Elastoplastic Solution for the Wellbore Problem in Strain Hardening/Softening Rock Formations

2012  Dams Founded on Dispersive Soils and Rocks Drilling and Grouting under Difficult Conditions

2012  Drilling and Grouting of Water Bearing Rock Formations to Facilitate Tunnel Excavation

2012  Drilling, Coring, and Sampling Using Piezoelectric Actuated Mechanisms : From the USDC to a Piezo-Rotary-Hammer Drill

2012  Drilling Fluid Pressure Calculation in Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Effect of Pipe Stiffness on Maxi-HDD Pull Loads

2012  Effect of Slurry Permeability on HDD Borehole Instability

2012  The Effects of Pipe Stiffness on HDD Pull Loads

2012  Electromagnetic Wave Signals’ Propagation, Particularity in Horizontal Directional Drilling Stratum

2012  Emergency Relocation of 20 Inch Sewer Force Main (HDD)

2012  Error Analysis and Compensation of the Horizontal Directional Drilling Attitude Measuring System

2012  Experimental Study on a Drilling Fluid of Powerful Inhibition Film-Forming Properties for Trenchless Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Factors Affecting Productivity of Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Finite Element Analysis on Drilling String Axial Vibration in a Crooked Hole

2012  Geologging Imagery, Applications and Geological Interpretation

2012  HDD Performance Analysis on Screw Drilling Tools with Uniform-Thickness Stator

2012  Image-Based 3D Mapping of Rebar Location for Automated Assessment of Safe Drilling Areas Prior to Placing Embedments in Concrete Bridge Decks

2012  Influence and Mechanism for the Particle Size of Weighting Material on the Rheological Properties of High-Density Drilling Fluids

2012  The Influence of Drilling Parameters on Casing Wear in Ultra-Deep Directional Well

2012  Investigation and Remediation of a Phosphate Plant Sinkhole in Florida

2012  Measured Drill Hole Verticality

2012  Mechanical Analysis of Trenchless Directional Drill String in Horizontal Section and Slant Section

2012  Non-Dig Directional Mechanism Research on Hard Rock Stratum

2012  Nonlinear Analysis of Interaction between Pipe and Borehole in Horizontal Directional Drilling Installations

2012  Observation and Testing of Diutan Gum in Grout Mixes

2012  Open End Pipeline Pullback Method in HDD

2012  Optimal Design on the Drag Reduction Structure for the Cylinder of Percussion-Compact DTH Hammer

2012  PDC Bit Type Optimization Based on Analytical Hierarchy Process

2012  Performance Assessment of On-Grade Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Protection of Embankments During Drilling and Grouting

2012  Pull-Back Force Calculations for a Long Distance Product Pipeline Crossing the Yellow River by Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  Recent Advances in the Selection and Use of Drilled Foundations

2012  Research on the Stability of Directional Drilling through Rock

2012  Sample Encapsulation Technology

2012  SONIC Drilling for Space Exploration

2012  Sonic Drilling in Support of Geotechnical Investigation and Geo-Construction

2012  State of the Art of Compensation Grouting with Hdd Drillings and Deep Foundations

2012  Stress and Displacement Propagation in a Drilling Tube Due to Rebounding and Non-Rebounding Hammer Impact Mechanisms

2012  A Study of Convection Caused by Sample Acquisition in Solar System Geologic Formations

2012  Theoretical Model to Predict Pulling Forces for Horizontal Directional Drilling Installations

2012  Toxicity Characteristics of Drilling Mud and Its Effect on Aquatic Fish Populations

2012  Usage and Applications of Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  The Use of Drilling Parameters Recording as a Tool for Quality Control in Jet Grouting Treatments

2012  You need to Get there Before You Can Drill

2011  3D Numerical Simulation Analysis on Stability of Hole Wall and Pre-Estimation Technology of Hole Wall Instability in HDD