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2015  Test Construction of Cast-in-Place Concrete Energy Pile in Dredged and Reclaimed Ground

2014  Analysis and Design Method for Slope Stabilization Using a Row of Drilled Shafts

2014  Comparative Study of Thermal Integrity Profiling with Other Nondestructive Integrity Test Methods for Drilled Shafts

2014  Drilled Shaft Foundation and Anchored, Drilled Shaft Soldier-Pile Wall Design for an Automated People Mover Guideway

2014  Effect of Spatial Variability on the Reliability-Based Design of Drilled Shafts

2014  Impact of Horizontal Run-Out Length on the Thermal Response of Full-Scale Energy Foundations

2014  Load-Settlement Modeling of Axially Loaded Drilled Shafts Using CPT-Based Recurrent Neural Networks

2014  Nonlinear Load-Deflection Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Drilled Piles in Stiff Clay

2014  Proper Restraint

2014  Stabilization of Roadway Landslide Using Anchored Drilled Shaft Piles Performance Evaluation over the Last 15 Years

2014  Temperature Prediction Modeling and Thermal Integrity Profiling of Drilled Shafts

2014  Thermal Integrity Profiling and Crosshole Sonic Logging of Drilled Shafts with Artificial Defects

2014  Variability of Weathered Limestone Properties in Light of Drilled Shaft Design in Florida

2013  An Approach to Assess LRFD-Φ from Load Test and Borehole Data In and Outside the Footprint of a Drilled Shaft

2013  Design Method for Drilled Shaft Stabilization of Unstable Slopes

2013  Effects of Spatial Variability on Reliability-Based Design of Drilled Shafts

2013  On the Axial Behavior of Drilled Foundations

2013  On the Interpretation of Drilled Foundation Load Test Results

2013  Performance-Based Reliability Analysis of Laterally Loaded Drilled Shafts

2013  Reliability Based Design for Drilled Shafts for Slope Stabilization

2013  Robust Geotechnical Design of Drilled Shafts in Sand: New Design Perspective

2013  Robustness of Constant Load and Resistance Factor Design Factors for Drilled Shafts in Multiple Strata

2013  Shaft Resistance of Drilled Shafts in Clay

2013  Yield Acceleration of a Slope Reinforced with a Row of Drilled Shafts

2012  Application of Drilled Shaft Foundations for Utility Scale Wind Turbines in a High Seismic Environment

2012  Configuration Optimization of Drilled Shafts Supporting Bridge Structures: Three Case Studies

2012  Determination of Shaft and Base Resistance Factors for Drilled Shaft Embedded in Rock in Korea

2012  Drilled Shaft Responses under Pre-Torsion Lateral or Vertical Loads

2012  Evaluation of Performance Criteria for Short Laterally Loaded Drilled Shafts

2012  Evaluation of Thermal Soil-Structure Interaction in Energy Foundations Using an Impulse-Response Test

2012  Guidelines for the Application of Base Grouting for Drilled Shafts

2012  Hyperbolic Model for Load Tests on Instrumented Drilled Shafts in Intermediate Geomaterials and Rock

2012  Impact of Spatial Variability on the Design of Drilled Shafts in Weak Carbonate Rocks

2012  Implementation of LRFD of Drilled Shafts in Louisiana

2012  Load and Resistance Factor Design of Drilled Shafts in Sand

2012  Load Transfer Curves from a Large-Diameter Pipe Pile in Silty Soil

2012  Measured versus Predicted Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts in a Heterogeneous Soil Profile

2012  Nondestructive Assessment of Axial Load–Deflection Behavior of Drilled Shafts for a Suspension Bridge

2012  Separated Resistance Factors of Drilled Shafts Based on O-cell Tests

2012  Side Resistance of Drilled Shafts Socketed into Grouted Mine Workings

2012  Use of In Situ Tests for Design of Drilled Shafts in Coarse Granular Deposits

2011  Characterizing Lateral Soil-Structure Interaction of Drilled Shaft in Rock

2011  A Comparative Study of Drilled Shaft Design Using LRFD and Expanded RBD

2011  Comparison of Drilled Shaft Design Methods for Drilled Shafts in Sand, Coarse Gravel, and Cobble Soils

2011  Constructability Considerations When Designing Drilled Shaft Foundations for Bridges

2011  Design and Construction of Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Phoenix Sky Train Project

2011  Expanded Reliability-Based Design Approach for Drilled Shafts

2011  Field Measurements and Predictions of Concrete Temperatures in Large Diameter Drilled Shafts in Hawaii

2011  Impact of Heat Exchange on Side Shear in Thermo-Active Foundations

2011  Improving Prediction of the Load-Displacement Response of Axially Loaded Friction Piles

2011  Influence of Seasonal Changes on Inclined Load Tests on Drilled Shafts

2011  Laterally Loaded Shaft Group Capacities and Deflections behind an MSE Wall

2011  Long-Term Monitoring of a Drilled Shaft Retaining Wall in Expansive Clay: Behavior before and during Excavation

2011  Performance-Based Design of Drilled Shaft Bridge Foundations

2011  Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis of a Raft Foundation Supported by Drilled Shafts in Karst

2011  Stabilization of Deep Slope Failure with Drilled Shafts: Lake Ridge Parkway Station 248; Grand Prairie, TX

2010  1-D Wave Propagation Techniques in Foundation Engineering

2010  Art of Foundation Engineering Practice

2010  Axial Capacity of Drilled Shafts in Clay over Gravel Formation

2010  Back Matter

2010  Base Resistance of Drilled Shafts in Fractured Rock

2010  A Case Study of Drilled Shaft Performance from Excavation Induced Slope Movements

2010  Design of Drilled Shafts for Slope Stabilization

2010  Design of Drilled Shafts to Enhance Slope Stability

2010  Development of Project-Specific p-y Curves for Drilled Shaft Retaining Wall Design

2010  The Drilled Shaft Industry

2010  Drilled Shaft O-Cell Response at Golden Ears Bridge from Seismic Piezocone Tests

2010  Drilled Shaft Response in Piedmont Residuum Using Elastic Continuum Analysis and Seismic Piezocone Tests

2010  Effect of Construction Induced Vibrations on Green Concrete in Drilled Shafts

2010  Effects of Gravels, Cobbles, and Boulders on Drilled Shaft Capacity Cypress Avenue Bridge, Redding, California

2010  Engineering Performance of Thermo-Active Foundations

2010  Estimating Subgrade Reaction Modulus for Transversely Isotropic Rock Medium

2010  Evaluation of Axial Capacity of Post Grouted Drilled Shafts

2010  Evaluation of Base Grouted Drilled Shafts at the Audubon Bridge

2010  Evaluation of Lateral Interpretation Criteria for Drilled Shaft Capacity

2010  Field Behavior of an Integral Abutment Bridge Supported on Drilled Shafts

2010  Field Study of Drilled Shafts Behavior during Surcharge Load Induced Slope Movement

2010  Front Matter

2010  Influence of Spatially Variable Side Friction on Single Drilled Shaft Resistance and LRFD Resistance Factors

2010  Load Capacity of Drilled Shafts Socketed in Andesite Rock

2010  Load Deformation Behavior of Drilled Shafts in Residual Soil

2010  New Installation Method Offers Alternative to Driven Piles, Drilled Shafts

2010  Numerical Study of an Integral Abutment Bridge Supported on Drilled Shafts

2010  Numerical Study of the Effect of Verification Core Hole on the Point Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts

2010  Prediction of Side Resistance in Poor Quality Rock: RQD vs. GSI

2010  p-y Curves for Rock and Intermediate Geomaterials Using Pressuremeter Tests

2010  Relationship between Texas Cone Penetrometer Tests and Axial Resistances of Drilled Shafts Socketed in Clay Shale and Limestone

2010  Reliability Analysis of Extrapolated Ultimate Load of Drilled Shafts Embedded in Weathered Rock

2010  Side Friction along Drilled Shafts in Weak Carbonate Rocks

2010  Static and Dynamic Models for CAPWAP Signal Matching

2010  Studies on Short Drilled Shaft Failures in Expansive Clayey Soils in a Cold Environment

2009  Analytical Method for Load-Transfer Characteristics of Rock-Socketed Drilled Shafts

2009  Axial Shaft Response Using Elastic Continuum and Seismic Piezocone Results

2009  A Case History Evaluation of CSL Access Tube Debonding

2009  The Characteristics of Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts Based on Mobilized Displacement

2009  Contemporary Topics in Deep Foundations

2009  Critical Evaluation of Compression Interpretation Criteria for Drilled Shafts

2009  Designing and Characterizing the LEED Concrete for Drilled Shaft Applications

2009  Drilled Shaft Foundations for James River Crossing in Richmond, Virginia

2009  Drilled Shaft Performance in Cemented Calcareous Formations in the Southeast US