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2015  Test Construction of Cast-in-Place Concrete Energy Pile in Dredged and Reclaimed Ground

2014  Immobilization of Lead, Tungsten, and Phosphate by Steel Slag Fines: Metals Thresholding and Rate Studies

2014  In Situ Localization and Quantification of Sediment Deposits after Dredging and Disposal Interventions in Sydney Harbour, Canada, Using a Dynamic Penetrometer

2014  Methodology to Evaluate the Geotechnical Stability of a Subaqueous Cap Placed on Soft Sediments

2014  Overflow Concentration and Sedimentation in Hoppers

2014  Recycling Dredged Sludge in Asphalt Pavement

2013  Aging Effects in Field-Compacted Dredged Material: Steel Slag Fines Blends

2013  Approach to Remedial Dredging for Legacy Contaminants, Port of Long Beach IR Site 7 West Basin Site

2013  Balancing Engineering and Resource Agency Requirements to Create Shallow Water Habitat

2013  Behavior of Sediment Clouds in Waves

2013  Beneficial Reuse of Dredge Spoils from Squalicum Harbor

2013  Dredged Material Management Planning for Florida’s Intracoastal and Okeechobee Waterways

2013  Dynamics of Particle Clouds in Ambient Currents with Application to Open-Water Sediment Disposal

2013  Earthquake Mitigation at Washington United Terminal Tacoma, WA

2013  Emergency Barge Slip Repair Requires Creative Solutions

2013  EPA Selects Dredging and Capping to Address Contamination in New York’s Grasse River

2013  Estimating Strength of Stabilized Dredged Fill Using Multivariate Normal Model

2013  The Impact on Maintaining Our Federal Channels with Today’s Fiscal Realities

2013  Integrated Modeling and Sedimentation Management: the Case of Salt Ponds Inlet and Harbor in Virginia

2013  Investigation of the Design and Dredging Maintenance for a Rural Marina in Cedar Key, FL

2013  Lower Columbia River Sand Supply and Removal: Estimates of Two Sand Budget Components

2013  Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility: Mitigation Design Including Shore Protection, Reef Creation, and Wetlands Restoration

2013  Port of Anacortes Former Scott Paper Mill Cleanup Project

2013  Port of Long Beach (-)76 MLLW Main Channel Dredging

2012  Assessing Irrigation Water Capacity of Land Use Change in a Data-Scarce Watershed of Korea

2012  Assessment of Sulfate-Induced Swell in Stabilized Dredged Material: Is Ettringite Always a Problem?

2012  Drainage Conditions and Pore Water Pressure’s Change of Dredger Fill

2012  Dredging of Contaminated Sediment in New Jersey’s Passaic River to Begin

2012  Geotechnical Performance of Dredged Material—Steel Slag Fines Blends: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2012  Influence of River Discharge and Dredging on Tidal Wave Propagation: Modaomen Estuary Case

2012  Modeling Transport of Disposed Dredged Material from Placement Sites in Grays Harbor, WA

2012  Near-Field Resuspension Model for a Cutter Suction Dredge

2012  The Performance of Super Soft Foundations under a Modified Vacuum Preloading Method

2012  Shear-Creep Behavior of Dredger Fill Silty Sands under Different Normal Pressure

2012  Web-Based Project Management Framework for Dredging Projects

2011  Application of Integrated Electric Propulsion System in 2000 m3 Dredger

2011  Assessing the Performance of Evapotranspiration Covers for Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Northwestern Ohio

2011  Beneficial Use of Steel Slag Fines to Immobilize Arsenite and Arsenate: Slag Characterization and Metal Thresholding Studies

2011  Buffalo River Dredging Will Remove Contamination, Facilitate Remediation

2011  Engineering Characteristics of Rubber-Added Lightweight Soil as a Flowable Backfill Material

2011  Investigating the Potential for Producing Fired Bricks from Savannah Harbor Dredged Sediment

2011  Lagrangian Model for Simulating the Dispersal of Sand-Sized Particles in Coastal Waters

2011  Masonville Dredged Material Containment Facility: Mitigation Design Including Shore Protection, Reef Creation, and Wetlands Restoration

2011  Pipeline Dredge Analytical Program with Comparison to Field Data

2011  Sediment Flushing at the Nakdong River Estuary Barrage

2011  Subaqueous Cohesive Sediment Gravity Flows from Open Water Pipeline Dredge Disposal: Laboratory Experiments and Mathematical Modeling

2011  Turbidity and Other Effects Resulting from Trafalgar Sandbank Dredging and Palmar Beach Nourishment

2011  Valorization of Stabilized River Sediments in Self Compacting Materials

2010  Characterization of Slag Fines for Use as a Dredged Material Amendment

2010  Comparative Study of Thermal Coal Import Facilities

2010  Consolidating Dredge Soil by Combining Vacuum and Dynamic Compaction Effort

2010  Design and Construction for Optimization of a Dredge Spoil Area

2010  Design of Dredged Material Containment Area Dikes on Soft Foundations

2010  Dredged Material Management Planning for the Intracoastal and Okeechobee Waterways in Florida

2010  Experimental Evaluation of Strength Characteristics of Stabilized Dredged Soil

2010  Experimental Study on Dredged Material Improvement for Highway Subgrade Soil

2010  Geophysics and Dredging in the Giant New York Harbor Deepening Project

2010  Geotechnical Characterization of Dredging Sediments for Valorization in Road Embankments: Case of the Cheurfas Dam (Algeria)

2010  In Situ Capping of Contaminated Sediments with Organophilic Clay

2010  Incorporation of Air Emissions in Dredging Method Selection

2010  Influence of Shear Rate on Undrained Vane Shear Strength of Organic Harbor Mud

2010  Jacksonville Harbor Crosscurrents: Planning Options to Provide a Beneficial Use of Dredged Material Opportunity

2010  Los Angeles Resumes Dredging of Main Channel after Five-Year Hiatus

2010  Masonville Marine Terminal: Port Development, Dredged Material Management, Environmental Restoration, and Mitigation

2010  Mechanical Behavior of Compacted Geomaterial Changed from the Dredged Soil in Nagoya Port by Mixing with Some Stabilizers

2010  Numerical Modeling Studies Supporting Port of Anchorage Deepening and Expansion: Part I; Physical Setting and Dredging Issues

2010  pH Changes in Solidified Dredged Materials

2010  Port of Anacortes Former Scott Paper Mill Clean-Up: Innovative Solution and Challenges

2010  Sediment Entrainment at High Flow Velocity

2010  Stabilized Dredged Material. I: Parametric Study

2010  Stabilized Dredged Material. II: Geomechanical Behavior

2010  Stabilized Dredged Material. III: Mineralogical Perspective

2010  Validations of Hydrodynamic, Wave, and Dredging Simulations in Nearshore Environments

2009  Case Study of Undrained Strength Stability Analysis for Dredged Material Placement Areas

2009  Dynamic Response of Compacted CG, DM, and CG-DM Blends

2009  Effects of Lime-Clay Modification on the Consolidation Behavior of the Dredged Mud

2009  Environmental Aspects of Dredging: What About Air Quality?

2009  Metal Speciation in Phosphate and Thermal Stabilization of Contaminated Dredged Sediments

2009  Peoria Lake Dredging Project Kicks Off Illinois River Basin Restoration

2009  Segregation of the PAH-Contaminated Fraction of Hydraulically Dredged Sediment

2009  Time-Dependent Deformation of Dredged Harbor Mud Used as Backfilling Material

2009  Using Computational Model — ADH to Evaluate Relationship of Water Surface Elevation to Wing Dikes

2008  Advancements in the Management of Dredged Material in the State of New Jersey

2008  Aging of Crushed Glass-Dredged Material Blend Embankments

2008  Beneficial Reuse of Contaminated Dredge Spoils: Capping of a Harborside Railyard Brownfields Site

2008  Crushed Glass-Dredged Material (CG-DM) Blends: Role of Organic Matter Content and DM Variability on Field Compaction

2008  Dredged Material Stabilization: The Role of Mellowing on Cured Properties

2008  Effect of Curing Time on Mechanical Behavior of Crushed Solidified Dredged Material

2008  Feasibility of Treating Contaminated Dredged Sediments Using Ultrasound with Acoustic and Flow Fields

2008  Navigating the Regulatory Environment: Beneficial Use of Dredged Sand in New Bedford Harbor

2008  Populating a ”Dredged Material” Family of Compaction Curves

2008  Returned to Service

2008  Wave Reflection from Nearshore Depressions

2007  Analytical Solutions for Desiccation of Fine-Grained Dredged Sediments

2007  Beach Renourishment through Spoil Disposal Downdrift of a Dredged Entrance Channel

2007  Collaborative Strategy for Dredging and Environmental Restoration Projects: Annapolis, Maryland

2007  Correlations for Zero Effective Stress Void Ratio of Fine-Grained Marine and Riverine Sediments

2007  The Cost of Environmental Protection In Construction Dredging

2007  Cox Creek Dredged Material Containment Facility Design and Construction

2007  Desktop Methodology for Estimating Maintenance Dredging Requirements for Widened and Deepened Navigation Channels