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2011  Combined Seepage and Slope Stability Analysis of Rapid Drawdown Scenarios for Levee Design

2010  Modeling the Transient Pumping from Two Aquifers Using MODFLOW

2010  Rapid Drawdown of Water Table in Layered Soil Column

2009  Calculation of Pipeline Hydraulic in High Water Cut Stage of Oil Field

2009  Drawdown due to Pumping a Partially Penetrating Large-Diameter Well Using MODFLOW

2009  Drawdown due to Temporally Varying Pumping Discharge: Inversely Estimating Aquifer Parameters

2009  Effective Procedure for Determination of Aquifer Parameters from Late Time-Drawdown Data

2009  Simple Model for Analyzing Transient Pumping from Two Aquifers without Cross Flow

2008  Approximation of M Function for Partially Penetrating Wells

2008  Approximation of Well Function and Identification of Leaky Aquifer Parameters

2008  Aquifer Parameters from Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells: Unsteady Pumping

2008  Diagnostic Curve for Confined Aquifer Parameters from Early Drawdowns

2008  The Effect on Stability of Slope under Drawdown Conditions

2008  Estimating Aquifer Parameters from Early Drawdowns in Large-Diameter Wells

2008  Identifying Head Loss from Early Drawdowns

2008  Improved Spring Depletion Solution and Analysis

2008  Modeling Bioretention Basins to Meet Water Quality Drawdown Requirements

2008  Simple Model for Analyzing Transient Pumping from Two Aquifers with Cross Flow

2008  Simulating the Well Function for Large-Diameter Wells Using MODFLOW

2008  Transient Seepage Analyses of Soil-Cement Uplift Pressures during Reservoir Drawdown

2007  Approximation of Well Function for Large Diameter Wells

2007  Optimizing Aquifer Parameters from Drawdowns in Large Diameter Wells

2007  Semianalytical Model for Drawdown due to Pumping a Partially Penetrating Large Diameter Well

2007  Simple Approximation of Well Function for Constant Drawdown Variable Discharge Artesian Wells

2006  Installation of Horizontal Wells in Landfilled Waste using Directional Drilling

2006  Simplified Kernel Method for Flow to Large Diameter Wells

2005  Determination of the Phreatic-Line under Reservoir Drawdown Condition

2005  Preliminary Study of Instability Behavior of Levee on Soft Ground during Sudden Drawdown

2004  Aquifer Parameters Estimation using Artesian Well Test Data

2004  Drawdowns due to Intermittent-Pumping Cycles

2003  Statistical Interpretation of Transient Radial Flow in Heterogeneous Formations

2003  Storage Coefficient and Transmissivity from Residual Drawdowns

2002  Discharge-Drawdown Relationship of Eccentric Wells

2002  Drawdown Distribution around Large Diameter Well in Double Porosity Medium

2002  Leaky One-Dimensional Flow with Storage and Skin Effect in Finite-Width Sink

2002  Well Loss Estimation: Variable Pumping Replacing Step Drawdown Test

2001  Abrupt Drawdown Observed in Sandstone-Shale Interbedded Layers Surrounding Underground LPG Cavern

2001  Confined Aquifer Parameters from Temporal Derivative of Drawdowns

2001  Simulating Barge Drawdown and Currents in Channel and Backwater Areas

2000  Assessment of Stability of Slopes under Drawdown Conditions

2000  Dam Removal Sedimentation Evaluation

2000  Determining Ground Water System Well Losses

2000  Simple Approximation for Flowing Well Problem

2000  Simple Method for Confined-Aquifer Parameter Estimation

1998  A Canal Drawdown Experiment for Determination of Aquifer Parameters

1997  Comparison of Analytical Solutions for One- and Two-Layer Aquifers

1997  Desilting Reservoir Sediment Deposits by Drawdown Flushing

1997  The Development of Equilibrium Profiles for Flushing Channels

1997  Extreme Hydraulic Gradient Statistics in Stochastic Earth Dam

1997  Modeling the Impacts of Reservoir Emptying

1996  Effects of Ignoring Well Losses on the Specific Capacity Function

1996  Mammoth Well Gurgles to Life

1996  Nonsteady-State Drawdowns in Two Coupled Aquifers

1996  Rethinking Well Efficiency

1996  Sensitivity Analysis of Flow in Multilayered Leaky Aquifer Systems

1996  Statistics of Free Surface Flow through Stochastic Earth Dam

1995  Analysis of Hydraulic Barriers for Ground Water in Stream-Aquifer Systems

1995  Modeling of Groundwater Management Alternatives for the City of Florence, South Carolina

1995  Reservoir Drawdown: Case Study in Flow Changes to Potentially Improve Fisheries

1995  Response of Ideally Controlled Canals to Downstream Withdrawals

1994  An Attempt of an Aquifer Model with Lack of Data

1994  Drawdowns for Leaky-Aquifer Flow with Storage in Finite-Width Sink

1994  Non-steady-Flow Type Curves for Strip Aquifers with Constant Drawdown

1994  Transient Radius of Influence Model

1993  Drawdown Stability of a Compacted Shale Rockfill

1993  Hydraulic Desiltation for Noncohesive Sediment

1993  Removal of Tidal Fluctuations from Pumping Test Data

1993  Selective Withdrawal Using Circular, Partly Submerged Intake Structures

1993  Snake Reservoir Drawdown — A Brief Progress Report

1993  Snake Reservoir Drawdown: A Progress Report

1992  Characteristics of Waves and Drawdown Generated by Barge Traffic on the Upper Mississippi River System

1992  Drawdowns for Nonleaky Aquifer Flow with Storage in Finite-Width Sink

1992  Groundwater Management in Southern Florida

1992  Movement of Slopes During Rapid and Slow Drawdown

1992  Return Flows in Large Rivers Associated with Navigation Traffic

1992  Study of Groundwater Availability in Case of Drought

1991  Critical Submergence in Two-Layer Stratified Flow

1991  Predicted Fluvial Response to Dam Removal in the Kalamazoo River Valley, Michigan

1991  Withdrawal from Two-Layer Fluid Through Line Sink

1990  Drawdowns for Constant-Discharge One-Dimensional Leaky Aquifer

1990  Efficiency Testing of Water Wells

1990  Numerical Modelling of the Influence of a Hood on Axisymmetric Withdrawal from a Density Stratified Environment

1990  Rehabilitation of Water Wells

1990  Unsteady Drawdown of Water Table

1989  Nonlinear Flow Toward Wells

1989  Sedimentation in Mud Mountain Reservoir at High Discharge

1989  Spreadsheet Applications to Analytical Groundwater Modeling of the Floridan Aquifer

1989  The Utility of Supercomputers for Ground-Water Flow Modeling in the North Carolina Coastal Plain

1988  Boundary-Element Analysis for Unconfined Seepage Problems

1988  Infiltration Wells in the Lakes Around the Future Markerwaard Polder

1988  Macro-Spreadsheet Programming Applied to Well Drawdown

1988  Performance of an Artesian Glacial Drift Aquifer with Induced Recharge

1987  Boundary Element Method in Drawdown Seepage Analysis for Earth Dams

1987  Evaluting the General Well Function

1987  Finite Element Microcomputer Well Drawdown System

1987  Transport Model for Aquifer Reclamation Management

1986  Modification of the Step Drawdown Test for Pump Selection

1985  Numerical Determination of Aquifer Constants

1985  Volumetric Approach to Type Curves in Leaky Aquifers

1982  Recovery in Large Diameter Wells