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2015  Adapting Urban Infrastructure to Climate Change: A Drainage Case Study

2015  Characterization of Undrained Porous Pavement Systems Using a Broken-Line Model

2015  City Growth and Urban Drainage Alternatives: Sustainability Challenge

2015  Design Phase Maintenance Checklist for Water Supply and Drainage Systems

2015  Effects of Passive Hydration on Surface Water and Groundwater Storages in Drained Ranchland Wetlands in the Everglades Basin in Florida

2015  Evaluation of Surface and Subsurface Processes in Permeable Pavement Infiltration Trenches

2015  Optimal Layout of Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2015  Substrate Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment on the Maintenance of Tunnel Drainage Systems. I: Feasibility Tests

2015  Substrate Modification and Magnetic Water Treatment on the Maintenance of Tunnel Drainage Systems. II: Field Tests

2015  Tall Oedometer Testing: Method to Account for Wall Friction

2014  Comparison between CFD and Surface Overflow Rate Models to Predict Particulate Matter Separation in Unit Operations for Combined Sewer Overflows

2014  Corn Yield Simulation Using the STICS Model under Varying Nitrogen Management and Climate-Change Scenarios

2014  Cost Optimization of Hydraulic and Structural Rehabilitation of Urban Drainage Network

2014  Damage to HDPE Geomembrane from Interface Shear with Gravel Drainage Layer and Protection Layer

2014  Degree of Turbulence of Flow in Geosynthetic and Granular Drains

2014  Drainage and Mechanical Behavior of Highway Base Materials

2014  Drainage-Process Analyses for Agricultural Non-Point-Source Pollution from Irrigated Paddy Systems

2014  DRAINMOD-DSSAT Simulation of the Hydrology, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Plant Growth of a Drained Corn Field in Indiana

2014  Effective Approach to Calculate Groundwater Return Flow to a River from Irrigation Areas

2014  Finite Difference Analyses for Sand Drain Problems

2014  Hydrologic Performance of Three Partial-Infiltration Permeable Pavements in a Cold Climate over Low Permeability Soil

2014  Interface Shear Damage to a HDPE Geomembrane. II: Gravel Drainage Layer

2014  Long-Term Performance of a Capillary-Barrier Cover with Unsaturated Drainage Layer in a Humid Climate

2014  Modeling Consistency for Small and Large Watershed Studies

2014  Modeling Flow Exchanges between a Street and an Underground Drainage Pipe during Urban Floods

2014  Overland Flow Hydrograph Analogy: Filling and Draining a Permeable Bag

2014  Postoperation Performance of the Tai Hang Tung Storage Scheme in Storm Events: 2D Hydraulic Analysis and Field Verification

2014  Potential Reuse of Slag from the Kambara Reactor Desulfurization Process of Iron in an Acidic Mine Drainage Treatment

2014  Probabilistic Modeling of Reinforced Landfill Final Covers for Sustainable Drainage

2014  Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Ground Surface Deformation of Compacted Clay Test Sections

2014  Simulating Agricultural Drainage Water Reuse Using QUAL2K Model: Case Study of the Ismailia Canal Catchment Area, Egypt

2014  Simulation of a Right Abshar Irrigation Network and Its Cropping Pattern Using a System Dynamics Approach

2014  Simulation of Drainage Water Quantity and Quality Using System Dynamics

2014  Undrained Behavior of Sand-Fines Mixtures and Their State Parameter

2014  Use of Expanded Shale Amendment to Enhance Drainage Properties of Clays

2014  Using a Rowe Cell to Establish Horizontal Drainage Properties of Soft Soils

2014  Water Quality Capture Volume for Storm Water BMP and LID Designs

2013  Assessing the Most Important Drains in the Known Universe: Experience at Major Beer Brewing Facilities

2013  Climate Change Impacts on Rainfall Extremes and Urban Drainage: a State-of-the-Art Review

2013  A Comprehensive Water Quality Model of Boston’s Drainage Systems

2013  Consolidation for Radial Drainage under Time-Dependent Loading

2013  Design and Construction of Deep Mixing at Orleans Avenue Canal, New Orleans

2013  Development of a New Asymmetric Anchor Plate for Prefabricated Vertical Drain Installation via Centrifuge Model Tests

2013  Discharge Coefficients for Orifices Cut into Round Pipes

2013  Effect of the Capillary Fringe on Steady-State Water Tables in Drained Lands. II: Effect of an Underlying Impermeable Bed

2013  Effects of Squirt-Flow in Cracks on Drained Bulk Modulus of Porous Media

2013  Empirical Correlations: Drained Shear Strength for Slope Stability Analyses

2013  The Estimate of Influence of Drainage Pipe Network Operation on Influent of WWTP

2013  Evaluation and Prediction of 17th Street Canal I-Wall Stability Using Numerical Limit Analyses

2013  Failure Caused by Inappropriate Construction Methods: An Expensive Lesson

2013  Fastest Rapid Loading Methods of Vertical and Radial Consolidations

2013  Global Sensitivity Analysis of Variably Saturated Flow and Transport Parameters and Its Implication for Crop Yield and Root Zone Hydrosalinity

2013  Ground Improvement at the Port of Brisbane, Australia Using Vertical Drains and Vacuum Assisted Preloading

2013  Have Urban Drainage System Maintenance Practices Made BMPs Passé in a TMDL Toolbox?

2013  Horizontal Drains - State of Practice The Past Seven Decades in the US

2013  Hydrologic Effects of Size and Location of Fields Converted from Drained Pine Forest to Agricultural Cropland

2013  Improved Boussinesq Equation-Based Model for Transient Flow in a Drainage Layer of Highway: Capillary Correction

2013  Inca Foundations, Site Preparation, and Drainage at Machu Picchu

2013  Influencing Factor of Hydrodynamic Pressure on Tire in Wet Weather Based on Fluent

2013  Integrated Design of Drilling Rig for Gas Drainage in Underground Coal Mines Based on Virtual Prototype

2013  Interpretation of the Bearing Capacity of Unsaturated Fine-Grained Soil Using the Modified Effective and the Modified Total Stress Approaches

2013  Long-term Viscoplastic Behaviour of Embankments Built on Improved Soft Soil Using Vertical Drains

2013  Loop-by-Loop Cutting Algorithm to Generate Layouts for Urban Drainage Systems

2013  Major Accident Factors for Effective Safety Management of Highway Construction Projects

2013  Methodology to Estimate the Hydraulic Efficiency of Nontested Continuous Transverse Grates

2013  Modeling and Designing Control Flow Systems for Drainage Channels at McMurdo Station, Antarctica

2013  Modeling Effect of Geocomposite Drainage Layers on Moisture Distribution and Plastic Deformation of Road Sections

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. I: Model Development and Testing

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. II: Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of Root-Zone Hydrosalinity and Crop Yield

2013  Naturalized Storm Water Structures for Roadside Drainage in India

2013  Particulate Study of Drained Diffuse Instability in Granular Material

2013  Performance of Slope Stabilization Works with Drainage and Buttress

2013  Pipelines for Water Conveyance and Drainage

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of Soil Consolidation via Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2013  Probabilistic Hydrologic Model to Simulate Response of Urban Drainage System to Implementation of Low Impact Development Stormwater Practices

2013  A Rational Approach to the Design of Vertical Drains Considering Soil Disturbance

2013  Recent Advances in Prefabricated Vertical Drains

2013  Road Drainage in Sweden: Current Practice and Suggestions for Adaptation to Climate Change

2013  Second-Moment Characterization of Undrained Shear Strengths from Different Test Procedures

2013  Self-Organizing Gaussian-Based Downscaling of Climate Data for Simulation of Urban Drainage Systems

2013  Simulation of Horizontal and Vertical Drainage Systems to Combat Waterlogging Problems along the Rohri Canal in Khairpur District, Pakistan

2013  Simulation-Optimization Model for Intermediate Reuse of Agriculture Drainage Water in Egypt

2013  Soil Moisture Status in an Irrigated Pecan Field

2013  Some Advice on Vertical Draining Channels in Settlement Calculation of Soft-Soil Roadbed with Finite Element Method (Vacuum Preloading)

2013  Standard Guidelines for the Design, Installation, and Operation and Maintenance of Urban Subsurface Drainage, Three Complete Standards: Standard Guidelines for the Design of Urban Subsurface Drainage (ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 12-13); Standard Guidelines for the Installation of Urban Subsurface Drainage (ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 13-13); Standard Guidelines for the Operation and Maintenance of Urban Subsurface Drainage (ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 14-13)

2013  Storm Event Characteristics Based on IETD for Different Climatic Regions within United States

2013  Study on External Water Quantity Calculation of Drainage Systems Based on Conductivity Measurement

2013  The Study on the Influences of Drainage Way Arrangements on the Law of Seepage Flow in the Slope

2013  Surface Subsidence Induced by Groundwater Drainage Tunneling in Granite Residual Soils (Burata Railway Tunnel, Spain)

2013  Turbulence Characterization in a Gully with Reverse Flow

2013  Using Local Weather Radar Data for Sewer System Modeling: Case Study in Flanders, Belgium

2013  Wick Drains and Piling For Cai Mep Container Port, Vietnam

2012  Analysis of the Contribution of Linear Parks in Urban Flood Control

2012  Analytical Solution for Drainflows from Bilevel Multiple-Drain Subsurface Drainage Systems

2012  Analytical Solutions for a Single Vertical Drain with Vacuum and Time-Dependent Surcharge Preloading in Membrane and Membraneless Systems

2012  Applications of Drainage Consolidation Techniques Treating the New Reclaimed Land

2012  Artificial Neural Network Simulation of Combined Permeable Pavement and Earth Energy Systems Treating Storm Water

2012  Automation System Design and Lab Testing to Facilitate Tunnel Boring Machine Guidance in Construction of Large-Diameter Drainage Tunnels

2012  Behavior of Suction Embedded Plate Anchors during Keying Process

2012  Boussinesq Equation-Based Model for Flow in the Drainage Layer of Highway with Capillarity Correction