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2015  Vertical Cylinder Density and Toppling Effects on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2014  Hydraulic Resistance of Emergent Macroroughness at Large Froude Numbers: Design of Nature-Like Fishpasses

2014  Influence of Solid Area Distribution on the Drag of a Two-Dimensional Lattice Frame

2014  Interactional Properties between Drag Anchor and Installation Line

2014  Measurements of Fluctuation in Drag Acting on Rigid Cylinder Array in Open Channel Flow

2013  Calculation of Drag Coefficient for Arrays of Emergent Circular Cylinders with Pseudofluid Model

2013  Flow Resistance and Velocity Structure in Shallow Lakes with Flexible Vegetation under Surface Shear Action

2013  Flow Resistance of Vegetated Weirlike Obstacles during High Water Stages

2013  Leaf Area Index as Vegetation Density Measure for Hydraulic Analyses

2013  Simulation of the Influence of Aspect Ratio on the Aerodynamics of Rectangular Prisms

2013  U-Tube Method of Identification of Drag Parameters for High Permeability Materials

2012  Crossbar Block Ramps: Flow Regimes, Energy Dissipation, Friction Factors, and Drag Forces

2012  Drag Characteristics of Two-Dimensional Sills in Forced Hydraulic Jumps

2012  Optimal Design on the Drag Reduction Structure for the Cylinder of Percussion-Compact DTH Hammer

2012  Silt Concentration Scale Research on Pipeline Sediment Transporting Model

2011  Depth-Averaged Drag Coefficient for Modeling Flow through Suspended Canopies

2011  Drag and Added-Mass Coefficients of Large Sandbags

2011  Dynamic Routing of Flow Resistance and Alluvial Bed-Form Changes from the Lower to the Upper Regime

2011  Exploratory Study of Submerged Hydraulic Jumps with Blocks

2011  Hydraulic Radius for Evaluating Resistance Induced by Simulated Emergent Vegetation in Open-Channel Flows

2011  Performance Data Collected from Instrumentation on a Mn/DOT Bridge Abutment Foundation Subject to Downdrag

2011  Prediction of Drag Coefficient and Secondary Motion of Free-Falling Rigid Cylindrical Particles with and without Curvature at Moderate Reynolds Number

2011  Simulation Analysis of Drag-Reduction Characteristics of Heavy Oil Flow by Aqueous-Base Foam

2010  Accelerometer-Based Force Balance for High Enthalpy Facilities

2010  Experimental Study of Particle Motion on a Smooth Bed under Shoaling Waves Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2010  Experimental Study on the Characteristics of Weak Corrosive Surfactant Drag Reducer

2010  Hydrodynamic Forces Generated on a Spherical Sediment Particle during Entrainment

2010  Turbulent Flow through Idealized Emergent Vegetation

2009  Bubble Movement in Downward-Inclined Pipes

2009  Low-Frequency Variations of Force Coefficients on Square Cylinders with Sharp and Rounded Corners

2009  Quasi-Static Response of Fixed Offshore Platforms to Morison-Type Wave Loadings

2009  Test of a Method to Calculate Near-Bank Velocity and Boundary Shear Stress

2009  Turbulent Stresses and Secondary Currents in a Tidal-Forced Channel with Significant Curvature and Asymmetric Bed Forms

2008  Backwater Prediction due to the Blockage Caused by a Single, Submerged Spur Dike in an Open Channel

2008  Experimental Investigation of Flow Past a Square Cylinder at an Angle of Incidence

2008  Laboratory Investigation of Mean Drag in a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Cylinders

2007  Numerical Modeling of Flow and Hydrodynamic Forces around a Piggyback Pipeline near the Seabed

2007  Subelement Form-Drag Parameterization in Rough-Bed Flows

2006  Drag Force on Single Piles in Clay Subjected to Surcharge Loading

2006  Probability Density Function of Instantaneous Drag Forces and Shear Stresses on a Bed

2005  Bed Drag Coefficient Variability under Wind Waves in a Tiday Estuary

2005  Energy Model to Predict Suspended Load Deposition Induced by Woody Debris: Case Study

2005  Experimental Study of Drag and Lift Forces on Prototype Scale Models of Large Wood

2005  Measurement of Fluctuating Pressures on Coarse Bed Material

2005  Viscous Flow Past a Porous Spherical Shell—Effect of Stress Jump Boundary Condition

2004  Incorporation of Wind Effects into Boussinesq Wave Models

2004  Least-Squares, Moment-Based, and Hybrid Polynomializations of Drag Forces

2004  Modeling the Effects of Bed Drag Coefficient Variability under Wind Waves in South San Francisco Bay

2003  Hydrodynamic Loading on River Bridges

2003  Numerical Solution of Fully Developed Flow with Vegetative Resistance

2003  Rolling and Lifting Probabilities for Sediment Entrainment

2003  Settling Characteristics of Calcareous Sand

2003  Sphere Drag and Settling Velocity Revisited

2002  Applications of Drag-Reducing Polymers in Sprinkler Irrigation Systems: Sprinkler Head Performance

2002  Surface Wave Forces Acting on Submerged Logs

2001  Predicting Drag Coefficient of Pneumatic Capsule

2000  Turbulent Boundary Layer over Symmetric Bodies with Rigid and Flexible Surfaces

1999  El Niño Storms and the Morphodynamic Response of Two Cobble Beaches

1999  Form Drag of Fences Placed in Disturbed Turbulent Boundary Layers

1999  Practical Approaches in Offshore Engineering

1999  Variation of Roughness Coefficients for Unsubmerged and Submerged Vegetation

1998  Drag and Diffusivity Within Emergent Vegetation

1998  Nonlinear Wave Loading and Dynamic Response of Drag-Dominated Offshore Platforms

1998  Resistance and Drag Reduction of Flows of Clay Suspensions

1998  Simulation of Ringing in Offshore Systems under Viscous Loads

1998  A Tiltable Windtunnel for Investigating Icing of Planar Surfaces

1998  Wave Effects on Inner Shelf Wind Drag Coefficients

1997  An Analysis of Particle Saltation Dynamics

1997  Effect of Concentration on Settling Velocity of Sediment Particles

1997  Effect of Wave-Enhanced Bottom Friction on Storm-Driven Circulation in Massachusetts

1997  Erosional Creep of Fluid-Saturated Granular Medium

1997  Hydraulic Resistance Exerted on Dense Nonaqueous Phase Liquid Droplets Moving Through Saturated Porous Media

1997  Hydrodynamic Forces on Piggyback Pipeline Configurations

1997  Simplified Settling Velocity Formula for Sediment Particle

1997  Train/Vehicles Wind-Induced Hazard and Its Mitigation

1997  Wind-Induced Waves and Currents in a Nearshore Zone

1996  Field Measurement of Boulder Flow Drag

1996  Stochastic Response of Offshore Structures Excited by Drag Forces

1996  Tilt of Stationary Capsule in Pipe

1996  Vegetation-Induced Drag: An Experimental Study

1995  Effects of Southern California Kelp Beds on Waves

1995  Environmental Hydraulics of Large Woody Debris in Streams and Rivers

1995  Fall Velocity of Sea Shells as Coastal Sediment

1995  Granular-Fluid Chute Flow: Experimental and Numerical Observations

1995  A Model for the Buffer Region of the Turbulent Flow Over Sand Bed

1995  Moment-Based Probability Models for Wind Engineering Applications

1995  Numerical Experiments in Ringing and Springing of Offshore Platforms

1995  Performance of Different Methods to Compute Flow Using LES

1995  Responses of Articulated Loading Platform in Irregular Waves

1995  Simulating Water-Drop Movement from Noncircular Sprinkler Nozzles

1994  Behavior of Hydraulic Jump Basins

1994  Forces on Vibrating Cylinder Near Wall in Current and Waves

1994  The Impacts of Roughness Bars on the Mixing Processes

1994  Measurements of the Hydrodynamic Lift and Drag Forces Acting on Riprap Side Slope

1994  New Airfoil-Design Concept with Improved Aerodynamic Characteristics

1994  A Probabilistic Approach to the Response of Tall Buildings to Wind Loadings

1994  Unexploded Ordnance (UXO) and Dredging

1993  Approximate Solutions for Cables Under Generalized Hydrodynamic Loadings

1993  The Concept of “Local Euler Number” as an Aid for Sizing Pitot Tubes

1993  Drag Characteristics of Coarse Sediment in Clay Suspensions