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2015  Automatic Classification of Project Documents on the Basis of Text Content

2015  Semantic NLP-Based Information Extraction from Construction Regulatory Documents for Automated Compliance Checking

2014  Influence of Organizational and Project Practices on Design Error Costs

2014  So, Why Do You Want to Write a GBR?

2013  Document Discourse for Managing Construction Project Documents

2013  Document Management in Construction: Practices and Opinions

2013  Facility Management Handover Model View

2013  Preparation of Construction Specifications for Civil Projects

2013  Reconnaissance Documentation of Geologic Structure Using Close-Range Terrestrial Photogrammetry

2012  As-Built Documentation of Structural Components for Reinforced Concrete Construction Quality Control with 3D Laser Scanning

2012  Direct-Push Delivery of Dye Tracers for Direct Documentation of Solute Distribution in Clay Till

2012  Document Management in Construction for Shorter Project Lead Time Using Web-Based Software

2012  Extraction of Construction Regulatory Requirements from Textual Documents Using Natural Language Processing Techniques

2012  Framework for Production of Ontology-Based Construction Claim Documents

2012  Inuvik Super School VR Documentation: Mid-Project Status

2012  Machine Vision-Based Infrastructure As-Built Documentation Using Edge Points

2012  Recovering the 3D Structure of Poorly Textured Infrastructure Scenes Using Point and Line Features

2012  Testing of Depth-Encoded Hough Voting for Infrastructure Object Detection

2012  What to Do When Faced with Defective Contract Documents Can Be a Costly Decision

2011  The Collaborative Process for Developing Project Definition Documents for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

2011  Comparison of Image-Based and Manual Field Survey Methods for Indoor As-Built Documentation Assessment

2011  Metrics for Quantifying the Similarities and Differences between IFC Files

2011  Unstructured Construction Document Classification Model through Support Vector Machine (SVM)

2010  Automatic Extraction of Apparent Semantic Structure from Text Contents of a Structural Calculation Document

2010  Case Studies—Documentation to Support a Separate Structural Engineering Practice Act

2010  Design Error Classification, Causation, and Prevention in Construction Engineering

2010  Investigation of Geotechnical Failures and Documentation

2010  Revisiting the Strengths and Limitations of Regulatory Contracts in Infrastructure Industries

2010  Short Takes: Connecticut Section Receives Citation for Online Archives, Collaboration

2009  Enabling More Human-Oriented Exploration of Complex Building Information Models

2009  Riverside-Quindaro Bend Levee (L-385) on the Missouri River: The Essential Role of O&M and Documentation

2009  Synopses of Court Verdicts: Not Finding Anything Different and Not Reviewing All Documents Defeats DSC Claim

2008  Answer Keys

2008  Automated People Mover Standards, Part 4, Security; Emergency Preparedness; System Verification and Documentation; Operation, Maintenance, and Training; Operational Monitoring

2008  Back Matter

2008  Basic Laboratory Tests

2008  The Classification of Soil

2008  Computer Applications in Intelligent Compaction

2008  Exploration Techniques and Sampling Methods

2008  Field Density Tests

2008  Front Matter

2008  Geology for the Technician

2008  Geotechnical Testing, Observation, and Documentation

2008  Glossary of Geotechnical-Related Terms

2008  Index

2008  Integrating Construction Process Documentation into Building Information Modeling

2008  Loss Prevention

2008  Project Management for the Technician

2008  The Pursuit of Infiltration and Inflow Reduction Case Study Documents Quantifiable Success

2008  Putting It All Together: An Example Project

2008  Safety in the Field

2008  Sample Field Forms and Details

2008  Soil Engineering for the Technician

2008  A Technician’s Quick Reference

2007  Capturing Implicit Structures in Unstructured Content of Construction Documents

2007  Subcontractor Schedule Control Method

2006  In-Service Durability Performance of Water Tanks

2006  The New England Coastal Basins Observatory: Documentation of Hydrologic Transport Processes

2005  Data Collection and Documentation of Flooding Downstream of a Dam Failure in Mississippi

2005  Development of Knowledge Document Management System (KDMS) for Sharing Construction Technical Documents

2005  Keeping Better Site Records using Intelligent Bar Charts

2005  Regulation-Centric, Logic-Based Compliance Assistance Framework

2004  Allowances and Contingencies

2004  An Approach to Developing Construction Documents for a Complex Waterfront Facility

2004  Back Matter

2004  Building a Set of Construction Drawings

2004  Certifying Construction Drawings

2004  Characterization of Project Site

2004  Civil Design Drawings

2004  Computer-Aided Drafting

2004  Construction Specifications Institute Format

2004  Contract Documents

2004  Design Changes and Record Drawings

2004  Designing with the Metric System

2004  Drawing Production Techniques

2004  Evaluation of Bids

2004  Example Specifications for Reference Data Presentation

2004  Front Matter

2004  Good Specification-Writing Process

2004  Graphical Representation of Civil Design

2004  Index

2004  Layout of a Civil Design Plan

2004  Legend, Abbreviations, and Notes

2004  Measurements and Payment Provisions

2004  Presenting Reference Data

2004  Price Estimate

2004  Principles of Applied Civil Engineering Design

2004  Purpose and Scope

2004  Purpose and Use

2004  Purpose and Use

2004  Quantity Estimate

2004  References

2004  Technical and Design Issues

2004  Types of Construction Specifications

2003  Agent-Based Document Control for Large Projects

2003  Framework for a Point-N-Click Interface System for 3D CAD Construction Visualization and Documentation

2003  Integration of Construction Documents in IFC Project Models

2003  Sustainability in Public Facilities: Analysis of Guidance Documents

2003  Tiny Committee Tackles a Gargantuan Project

2003  Water Resources: Document Outlines Wetlands Mitigation Policy for Federal Highway Projects