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2015  Ready for Restoration, the U.S. Capitol dome has been encircled in 52 mi of scaffolding that can be lit by 750 light-emitting diodes (LEDs)...

2014  The District’s Deepest Building

2014  Elevated ’Bridge Park’ Design Selected for Washington, D.C.

2014  Express Lanes Ready to Roll near Nation’s Capital

2014  Lessons Learned in the Development and Application of Geotechnical Baseline Reports

2014  A River Runs Through It

2014  Storm Water Pollution Source Identification in Washington, DC, Using Bayesian Chemical Mass Balance Modeling

2014  Underpinning and Shoring of the Historic Howard Theatre in Washington, DC

2014  Volunteers and Donated Materials Combine to Bring a New Face to the National Mall

2014  The Washington Monument reopened on May 12 after a nearly three-year effort to assess and repair the damage to the 555 ft tall obelisk caused by the earthquake that struck on August 23, 2011...

2013  Benefits of Productivity Growth in Rail Transit Construction: The Washington Metro Experience

2013  ’Top-Down’ Approach Resolves D.C. Hotel Project’s Deep Site Challenges

2012  Construction Challenges on Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line (TrAIL) Project

2012  First Person: Monumental Challenge

2012  Integrating an Agent-Based Travel Behavior Model with Large-Scale Microscopic Traffic Simulation for Corridor-Level and Sub-Area Transportation Operations and Planning Applications

2012  Piece-by-Piece Face-Lift Saves National Gallery’s Facade

2012  Quantifying the Self-Selection Effect in Residential Location and Vehicle Use Choices with a Structural Equation Model

2011  The Collaborative Process for Developing Project Definition Documents for the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority

2011  DC Water Awards Design/Build Contract For Biosolids Upgrades At Blue Plains

2011  Forecasting Transportation Network Evolution and Performance under Existing and Alternative Transportation Planning Processes

2011  Levee to Defend Downtown Washington, D.C.

2011  Moving Forward

2011  National Children’s Museum Design Playful, Not Patronizing

2011  Pipeline Rehabilitation amidst Environmentally Sensitive Location

2010  Anacostia Waterfront/Southeast Area, Washington, DC—A Showcase of ITS Technology Demonstration

2010  Cabin John Bridge: Role of Alfred L. Rives, C.E.

2010  Capitol Connections

2010  Century-Old School In Washington, D.C., Completes Addition

2010  Corps Unveils $1.7-Billion Plan for Restoring Anacostia River Watershed

2010  Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden

2010  Immigration and Construction: Analysis of the Impact of Immigration on Construction Project Costs

2010  Jefferson Memorial Seawall Project Is Under Way

2010  Leading the Way: The Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission’s Comprehensive PCCP Management Program

2010  New Code Offers Model for Jurisdictions Seeking to Mandate ’Green’ Construction

2010  NewsBriefs: USGS: Potomac River Cleanest in Decades (The Washington Post)

2010  Short Takes: ASCE Participates in Science and Engineering Expo

2010  Short Takes: Forensic Engineers Gather for Washington D.C., Congress

2010  Short Takes: Volunteer Helps D.C. Fifth Graders Construct Landfills in Fish Tanks

2009  Blue Plains Upgrades Will Reduce Nitrogen Levels, Energy Demand

2009  Design for National Museum of African American History and Culture Unveiled

2009  Ford’s Theatre Rehabilitation Strengthens, Modernizes Historic Site

2009  Immigration and Construction: The Makeup of the Workforce in the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Area

2009  NewsBriefs: New Bike Center Set to Open in D.C.

2009  Newsmaker

2009  Short Takes: History and Heritage Committee Visits Library of Congress, Views Engineering Society Library Collection

2009  Students Showcase Sustainability Prowess on National Mall

2009  Suspended Whale Welcomes Visitors to Smithsonian’s New Ocean Hall

2009  A Tale of Two Cities — Source Water Protection Case Studies for Systems in Rural Settings

2009  The United States Capitol: Forming One Out of Many

2009  The United States Capitol: Forming One Out of Many

2009  Use of Dynamic Measurements to Drive High Capacity Concrete Piles in Washington’s Potomac Formation

2008  Case Histories in Soil and Rock Erosion: Woodrow Wilson Bridge, Brazos River Meander, Normandy Cliffs, and New Orleans Levees

2008  Differential Settlement Besets Jefferson Memorial

2008  District of Columbia Green Building Act of 2006 and Its Implications for Sureties

2008  Enhancement of the Green Build-Out Model to Quantify Stormwater Reduction Benefits in Washington, DC

2008  Impact of Metrorail Stations in Washington, DC on Land Use and Development: Shady Grove Metro Station Case Study

2008  Implementation of Low Impact Development (LID) Practices in the District of Columbia: Lessons Learned

2008  LID in Regulatory Water Pollution Control Programs: The District of Columbia Experience

2008  NewsBriefs: New Use Sought for Smithsonian’s Arts and Industries Building (Smithsonian Institution)

2008  Orchestrating the Obelisk: The Washington Monument

2008  Sediment Erosion Characteristics in the Anacostia River

2008  Structural Engineering: Structural ”Cocoon” Houses New Smithsonian Butterfly Exhibit

2007  Bridling the Potomac: The Washington Aqueduct

2007  DC WASA and Lead in Drinking Water: A Case Study

2007  History as Our Guide

2007  Placing Potomac River Droughts in Context Using Synthetic and Paleoclimatic Data

2007  Proud Witness

2007  Response of Historic Structure to Long-Term Environmental and Construction Vibration Effects

2007  Rock Stars

2007  Wastewater: U.S. EPA Mandates Significant Nitrogen Reductions at Blue Plains

2006  ASCE Members Visit with Congressional Legislators, Press for Support

2006  ASCE Panel Determines That Tunnel Alternative for Tysons Corner Segment of Washington Metrorail Extension is Feasible

2006  Bridges: Ceremony Marks Woodrow Wilson Bridge Opening

2006  Buildings: New U.S. Institute of Peace Building to Occupy Northwest Corner of National Mall

2006  Drinking Water: Research Links Monochloramine to Increased Lead Levels

2006  A New Woodrow Wilson Bridge — ”From the Bottom-Up”

2006  Short Takes: ASCE’s National Capital Section Participates in Engineering Festival

2006  Strock Reflects on Past Five Years, Commends ASCE for Its Work

2005  Anacostia Watershed Restoration Using a Low Impact Development Approach

2005  ASCE Strengthens Partnership with Conference of Mayors

2005  Buildings: Realtor Erect ’Green’ Headquarters in Nation’s Capital

2005  EPA Interim Guidelines to Advance Security of Water Utilities

2005  Flowers Leads Infrastructure Discussion During Homeland Security Summit

2005  How Far?

2005  In the Field: Engineers Discuss Strengthening Large facilities by Design

2005  The Role of Engineers

2005  Short Takes: DiLenge Discusses Infrastructure Priorities

2005  Structural Design: New Embassy Rises On the Potomac

2005  Structural Engineering: Stadium Updated for Washington Nationals

2005  Structures: New Music Center Combines Elegance and Efficiency

2005  Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Security Issues: Impacts on Environmental Engineering Research and Design

2004  The Baltimore & Ohio Railroad’s Washington Branch: The First Rail Link to the Nation’s Capitol

2004  Design, Construction, and Performance of an Anchored Tangent Pile Wall for Excavation Support

2004  Drinking Water: D.C. to Replace More Than 20,000 Lead Service Lines

2004  A Grand Plan

2004  A Partnering Success Story at the Woodrow Wilson Bridge

2004  Preparing for Extreme Droughts: Moving Beyond the Historical Planning Event in the Potomac Basin

2004  Sustaining 21st Century Growth at Washington Metro

2004  Sustaining Washington Metro: Meeting the Twin Challengers of Aging and Growing Pains

2004  Transportation and Land Use Planning in the Metropolitan Washington Region