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Found 54 Records with the keyword term of "Distortion"

2007  Experiments on Distortional Buckling of I-Beams

2007  Limiting Tolerable Settlement and Angular Distortion for Building Foundations

2005  Fatigue Performance of Stringer-to-Floor-Beam Connections in Riveted Railway Bridges

2003  Accuracy of Time History Analysis of Impulses

2003  Distorted Polyester Lines for Reduced Model Testing of Offhore Mooring Lines

2003  Measurement and Analysis of Distortion-Induced Fatigue in Multigirder Steel Bridges

2003  Review of Stabilization of Clays and Expansive Soils in Pavements and Lightly Loaded Structures—History, Practice, and Future

2002  Response of Building Adjacent to Stiff Excavation Support System in Soft Clay

2002  Review of Stabilization of Clays and Expansive Soils in Pavements and Lightly Loaded Structures—History, Practice, and Future

2001  Repair of Fatigue Cracking due to Out-of-Plane Distortion

2000  Distortion and Warping at Beam Supports

1999  Damage and Distortion Criteria for Residential Slab-on-Grade Structures

1999  Laterally Braced Cold-Formed Steel Flexural Members with Edge Stiffened Flanges

1998  Lateral Buckling Strengths of Cold-Formed Channel Section Beams

1998  Local Scour Increment by Successive Bridge Construction

1998  Misplacement of Launching Bearings in PC Launched Bridges

1997  Generalized Elastic Buckling of Restrained I-beams by FEM

1997  Lateral-Distortional Buckling of Hollow Flange Beams

1996  Lateral Distortional Buckling of Monosymmetric Beams under Point Load

1995  Design of Steel Beams in Cantilever-Suspended-Span Construction

1995  Distortional Buckling of Thin-Walled Beams/Panels. I. Theory

1995  Distortional Buckling of Thin-Walled Beams/Panels. II. Design Methods

1995  EBEF Method for Distortional Analysis of Steel Box Girder Bridges

1995  Plastic-Hinge Analysis for Frames by Virtual Distortions

1995  Quantitative Evaluation of Effect of Gravity on Small-Scale Modeling

1995  Rubber-Sheeting Algorithm for Cadastral Maps

1995  Strength of Thin-Walled Box Girders Curved in Plan

1994  Parameters Affecting Distortional Buckling of Tapered Steel Members

1994  Rotational Centers of Plates Regulating Distortion of Box Girders

1993  Distorted Physical Models for Mixing Studies

1993  Distortional Buckling Curves for Composite Beams

1993  Thin-Walled Finite Element for Curved Multicell Box Girders

1993  Web-Flange Interaction in Cold-Formed Steel Z-Section Columns

1992  Distortional Buckling Solutions for Continuous Composite Beams

1991  Distortion of Concrete Box Beams Due to Eccentric Transverse Loads

1991  Finite Element Analysis of Prestressed and Reinforced Concrete Structures

1991  Thin-Walled Multicell Box-Girder Finite Element

1991  Torsion of Box Girders with Deformable Cross Sections

1990  Elastic-Viscoplastic Model for Large Deformation of Soils

1989  Distortion of Steel Tanks Due to Settlement of Their Walls

1988  Behavior Study of Curved Composite Box Girders

1988  Lateral Distortional Buckling: Predicting Elastic Critical Stress

1987  Validity of Distortion-Energy-Based Strength Criterion for Timber Members

1985  Distortional Buckling of Steel Storage Rack Columns

1983  Lateral Stability of Beams on Seats

1982  Mixing in Surface Jets Under Distorted Model Conditions

1980  Condition Evaluation of Jointed Concrete Airfield Pavement

1980  Web Distortion and Flexural-Torsional Buckling

1978  Local, Distortional, and Lateral Buckling of I-Beams

1975  Diaphragms for Curved Box Beam Bridges

1974  Analysis and Prediction of Photogrammetric Residual Errors

1974  Warping and Distortion at I-Section Joints

1972  Ultimate Design of Hollow Thin-Walled Box Girders

1971  Stiffened Mats on Expansive Clay