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2014  Collaborative Approach to Calibration of a Riverine Water Quality Model

2014  Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Applying Stepwise Regression and a Template-Based Fuzzy Logic System

2013  Comparison of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas Dissipation with Dissolved Oxygen Dissipation and Reaeration

2013  In-Stream Dissolved Oxygen Impacts and Sediment Oxygen Demand Resulting from Combined Sewer Overflow Discharges

2013  Modeling Effects of Sediment Diagenesis on Recovery of Hypolimnetic Oxygen

2013  Oxygen Transfer by Air Injection in Horizontal Pipe Flow

2012  An Enhanced Numerical Model for Material Cycling and Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics in Tokyo Bay, Japan

2012  Estimating Dissolved Oxygen Depletion from Anthropogenic and Riverine Loading Using a Three-Dimensional Water Quality Model

2012  Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration Using Different Neural Network Techniques in Foundation Creek, El Paso County, Colorado

2012  VART Model–Based Method for Estimation of Instream Dissolved Oxygen and Reaeration Coefficient

2011  Contribution of Oxides, Salt, and Carbonate to the Sonication of Some Hydrophobic Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons and Toxicity in Petrochemical Industry Wastewater in I\agzmir, Turkey

2011  Depth-Integrated Estimation of Dissolved Oxygen in a Lake

2011  Dissolved Oxygen Demand at the Sediment-Water Interface of a Stream: Near-Bed Turbulence and Pore Water Flow Effects

2011  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on DO Transfer at a Rough Sediment Surface

2011  Forecasting Hypoxia in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas, by Model Fusion

2011  In Situ Characterization of Resuspended-Sediment Oxygen Demand in Bubbly Creek, Chicago, Illinois

2011  Thin-Layer Gravity Current with Implications for Desalination Brine Disposal

2010  Dissolved Oxygen Impairment and BMP Effectiveness in Mermentau River Basin

2010  Evaluation of the Advection Scheme in the HSPF Model

2010  Influence of Physical Forcing on Bottom-Water Dissolved Oxygen within Caloosahatchee River Estuary, Florida

2010  Modeling Framework for Organic Sediment Resuspension and Oxygen Demand: Case of Bubbly Creek in Chicago

2010  Water Quality Modeling of a Hypoxic Stream

2009  Assessment of Nitrogen and Phosphorus Control Trade-Offs Using a Water Quality Model with a Response Surface Method

2009  Case Study of Steady Oxygen Concentration Gradients in a Groundwater Plume from a Highway Infiltration Basin

2009  Dissolved Oxygen and pH Modeling of a Periphyton Dominated, Nutrient Enriched River

2009  Effects of Hydrodynamic Conditions on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experimental Study Based on Three Methods

2009  Flow Augmentation for Dissolved Oxygen Improvement in Chicago Waterways

2009  High-Frequency Diel Dissolved Oxygen Stream Data Modeled for Variable Temperature and Scale

2009  Incorporating Both Physical and Kinetic Limitations in Quantifying Dissolved Oxygen Flux to Aquatic Sediments

2009  Numerical Simulation of Dissolved Oxygen Concentration in the Downstream of Three Gorges Dam

2009  A Study on Spatial Distribution of Water Quality and the Behavior of Do Concentration in Tidal Area of Urban Rivers

2009  Wastewater Utilities: Are You Ready for Kansas’ Nutrient Removal Policy?

2008  Spatial-Dynamic Modeling of Algal Biomass in Lake Erie: Relative Impacts of Dreissenid Mussels and Nutrient Loads

2008  Spillway and Metal Toxicity Influenced Stream Reaeration

2008  Using Turbulence Model Results to Quantify Oxygen Reaeration in an Estuary Dissolved Oxygen Model

2007  Atmospheric Reaeration in Open Channel Flow

2007  Calibration and Validation of an Empirical Dissolved Oxygen Model

2007  Comparative Parameterization of Dissolved Oxygen by an Extended Stochastic Harmonic Analysis (ESHA) Algorithm

2007  Density Intrusion and Variation in Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in a Bay with a Sill at Its Mouth

2007  Development of Refined BOD and DO Models for Highly Polluted Kali River in India

2007  Dissolved Oxygen Downstream of an Effluent Outfall in an Ice-Covered River: Natural and Artificial Aeration

2007  Eutrophication Model for the Patuxent Estuary: Advances in Predictive Capabilities

2007  Lactate Transport in Soil by DC Fields

2007  Robotic Monitoring to Assess Impacts of Zebra Mussels and Assimilative Capacity for a River

2006  Artificial Neural Network Modeling of Dissolved Oxygen in a Wetland Pond: The Case of Hovi, Finland

2006  Comparative Absorption of Crude Oil from Fresh and Marine Water using Recycled Rubber

2006  Dissolved Oxygen Modeling of Lake Ogallala: A Midwest Hydropower Tailwater Reservoir Using CE-QUAL-W2, Version 3

2006  Integrated Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Modeling System to Support Nutrient Total Maximum Daily Load Development for Wissahickon Creek, Pennsylvania

2006  Jackson River Modeling: 50-Year Perspective

2006  Long-Term Dynamic Modeling Approach to Quantifying Attached Algal Growth and Associated Impacts on Dissolved Oxygen in the Lower Truckee River, Nevada

2006  Multiobjective Optimal Waste Load Allocation Models for Rivers using Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm-II

2006  Response of a Tropical Reservoir to Bubbler Destratification

2006  Temporal Variation of Dissolved Oxygen in a Mountain Stream Plunge Pool: An Example from Northern Turkey

2005  Air – Water Mass Transfer on a Stepped Waterway

2005  Field Comparison of Optical and Clark Cell Dissolved-Oxygen Sensors

2005  Incremental Improvements in Chesapeake Bay Environmental Model Package

2005  Parameter Sensitivity and Predictive Uncertainty in a New Water Quality Model, Q²

2005  Rapid Calculation of Oxygen in Streams: Approximate Delta Method

2004  Case Study: Particle Velocimetry in a Model of Lake Ogallala

2004  Model Assessment of Dissolved Oxygen and Flow Dynamics in the San Joaquin River Near Stockton, California

2004  Optimal Wasteload Allocation Procedure for Achieving Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Objectives. I: Sensitivity Analysis

2004  Optimal Wasteload Allocation Procedure for Achieving Dissolved Oxygen Water Quality Objectives. II: Optimal Load Control

2004  Oxygen Sag Models for Multiorder Biochemical Oxygen Demand Reactions

2003  A CE-QUAL-W2 Model of Neuse Estuary for Total Maximum Daily Load Development

2003  Dissolved Oxygen-State Titration Respirometry: Principle of Operation and Validation

2003  Evaluation of Oxygen Transfer at Stepped Cascade Aerators

2003  Periodic Diffusional Mass Transfer near Sediment/Water Interface: Theory

2003  Wind and Stream Flow Induced Reaeration

2002  Calculating Stream Reaeration Coefficients from Oxygen Profiles

2002  Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on Oxic/Anoxic Diauxic Lag of P. denitrificans

2002  Laboratory and Field Investigations of Low Temperature Microbial Activity in Rivers

2002  Measurement of Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen in a Lake under the Ice Cover

2002  Optimization of In-Stream Dissolved Oxygen Via Control of CBOD Loadings Using the Adjoint Method

2001  Nitrification at Low Oxygen Concentration in Biofilm Reactor

2001  Pyrite Oxidation Model for Assessing Ground-Water Management Strategies in Acid Sulfate Soils

2001  Removal of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Sanitary Gravity

2001  River Dissolved Oxygen Model with Zebra Mussel Oxygen Demand (ZOD)

2001  TMDL: Sensitivity of CBOD Point and Non-Point Sources on DO using the Adjoint Method

2001  TMDL: Sensitivity of CBOD Point and Non-Point Sources on DO Using the Adjoint Method

2000  Aeration Performance of Rectangular Planform Labyrinth Weirs

2000  Dissolved Oxygen Measurements for Water Quality in a Harbour Area near Athens, Greece

2000  Modeling Water Quality for Dredged Material Disposal

2000  Observations on Some Physical-Chemical Characteristics of River-Ice Breakup

2000  Water Quality Modeling and Risk Analysis of the Chi-Shui River

1999  CSO Control Project Modifications Based on Water Quality Studies

1999  Diffusional Mass Transfer at Sediment-Water Interface

1999  Diurnal Variation in Dissolved Oxygen Measurements During Late Winter Ice-Covered Period in Sleeper’s River, Vermont

1999  Impacts of CSO Swirl Concentrator on Dissolved Oxygen Concentrations in the Anacostia River

1999  Lagrangian Modeling and Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Development in Low-Gradient Streams

1999  Modeling Impact of Storage Zones on Stream Dissolved Oxygen

1999  Overview of Reservoir Release Improvements at 20 TVA Dams

1999  Renewed Use of BOD/DO Models in Water Quality Management

1999  Stormwater Impacts on Ground Water Quality via Detention Basins

1999  Subsurface Biological Activity Zone Detection Using Genetic Search Algorithms

1999  Turbine Venting for Dissolved Oxygen Improvements at Bull Shoals, Norfork, and Table Rock Dams

1998  Aeration Performance of Triangular Planform Labyrinth Weirs

1998  Channel Rehabilitation for Water Quality Improvement

1998  Design of Field Program and Use of Field Measurements to Calibrate a Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Model of an Estuarine River System

1998  Determination of Oxygen Diffusion Coefficient in Wastewaters

1998  Effect of Flow Velocity on Sediment Oxygen Demand: Experiments