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2015  Containing the Cost of Complex Adjudications

2015  Developments in the United Kingdom Dispute Resolution Process

2015  Late Deliverables to Construction: How Understanding the Impacts Can Benefit Dispute Prevention and Resolution

2015  Performance of Mediator Tactics in Building Management Disputes

2015  Successful Collaborative Negotiation over Water Policy: Substance versus Process

2015  Use of the Security of Payment Act in Resolving Disputes in Victoria, Australia

2015  Withholding Retention: What Constitutes a Good Faith Dispute?

2014  Arbitration in Kuwait: Study of Current Practices and Suggestions for Improvements

2014  Balancing Harmful Impacts of the Petroleum Industry with Internal Dispute Prevention and External Sustainable Development Initiatives

2014  Bargaining Models for Optimal Design of Water Distribution Networks

2014  Best Practice in the Training, Appointment, and Remuneration of Members of Dispute Boards for Large Infrastructure Projects

2014  Biddability, Constructability, Operability, and Environmental Checklist: Potential Role in Reducing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes

2014  Determining the Optimal Premium for ADR Implementation Insurance in Construction Dispute Resolution

2014  Legal Disputes and Building Defects: Data from Tuscany

2014  Mediation in Coastal and Water Resource Disputes

2014  NEC Contracting: Evaluation of the Inclusion of Dispute Review Boards in lieu of Adjudication in the Construction Industry in the United Kingdom

2014  Review of Best Practice in Construction Disputes: Avoidance, Management and Resolution by Dr. Paula Gerber and Brennan J. Ong

2013  Alignment Partnering: A Bridge to ADR Processes?

2013  An Analysis of Causes of Disputes in the Construction Industry Using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)

2013  Analysis of Construction Dispute Review Boards

2013  Anatomy of Construction Disputes

2013  Arbitration Awards Are Seldom Overturned

2013  Arbitration Still Best Road to Binding Dispute Resolution

2013  Class Arbitration and the Construction Dispute: Analysis of Current Jurisprudence and Practical Tips for the Construction Practitioner

2013  Conflict: Philosophy and Culture

2013  A Creative Proposal for Dispute Systems Design for Construction Projects Employing BIM

2013  Cross-Cultural Interviewing and Counseling: Client-Oriented Perspective between Japanese and American Partners

2013  Employing Data Warehousing for Contract Administration: e-Dispute Resolution Prototype

2013  Engineering a Successful Negotiation

2013  Going Green: Researching in Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution

2013  Legal Review of Conditions Precedent to Dispute Resolution in Construction Contracts

2013  Predicting Disputes in Public-Private Partnership Projects: Classification and Ensemble Models

2013  Risk Allocation and Dispute Resolution Mechanisms in Chinese Public Projects: An Empirical Study

2013  Workers’ Compensation in Construction: Workers’ Benefits under Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems

2012  Application of Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Theory to Examining the Choice of Tactics in Construction Dispute Negotiation

2012  The Civil Engineer’s Role in Mitigating ADA Disputes in California

2012  Contract Administration Guidelines for Managing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes under World Bank-Funded Projects

2012  A Delphi Study on the Effects of Culture on the Choice of Dispute Resolution Methods in International Construction Contracts

2012  German Court Authorizes Seizure of Thai Prince’s Plane in Pursuit of Arbitral Award: Walter Bau AG v. Kingdom of Thailand

2012  Insurance as a Risk Management Tool for ADR Implementation in Construction Disputes

2012  Judiciary’s Use of the Critical Path Method to Resolve Construction Claims

2012  Litigation Outcome Prediction of Differing Site Condition Disputes through Machine Learning Models

2012  Managing the Period Preceding the Calling for a DAB’s Decision

2012  Mediating and Moderating Effect of Tension on Withdrawal-Commitment Relationship in Construction Dispute Negotiation

2012  Modified Time Impact Analysis Method

2011  Analysis of Critical Parameters in the ADR Implementation Insurance Model

2011  Analytical Framework for the Choice of Dispute Resolution Methods in International Construction Projects Based on Risk Factors

2011  Application of Equity Sensitivity Theory to Problem-Solving Approaches in Construction Dispute Negotiation

2011  The Art of Negotiation in Construction Contract Disputes

2011  Behavioral Studies of Project Dispute Negotiation in Engineering and Construction: Visit to Bandura’s Self-Efficacy Theory

2011  Computerizing ICBF Method for Schedule Delay Analysis

2011  Construction Dispute Management and Resolution in Zambia

2011  Dispute between Finland and Denmark on Shipping through the Great Belt

2011  DRB Enhanced Partnering on the Marquette Interchange: Case Study

2011  Effective Management of Construction Dispute Resolution

2011  Efficacy of Partnering on the Woodrow Wilson Bridge Project: Empirical Evidence of Collaborative Problem-Solving Benefits

2011  Engineer’s Study Notes for Understanding the Arbitration Process

2011  Evolution of Common Law: Promissory Estoppel

2011  How Do Personality Traits Affect Construction Dispute Negotiation? Study of Big Five Personality Model

2011  Legal Impact and Dispute Resolution of Disaster in Taiwan: Lessons Learned from Typhoon Aere

2011  Lessons Learned from Principled Negotiation in International Construction Projects

2011  Moderating Effect of Equity Sensitivity on Behavior-Outcome Relationships in Construction Dispute Negotiation

2011  Resolving Disputes over Reservoir-River Operation

2011  Special Issue on Construction Dispute Negotiation: Nuts and Bolts of Negotiation as a Means of Construction Dispute Resolution

2011  To Be or Not to Be—That Is the Question: Is a DRB Right for Your Project?

2011  Withdrawal in Construction Project Dispute Negotiation

2010  Analysis of Dispute Review Boards Application in U.S. Construction Projects from 1975 to 2007

2010  The Application of Utility Theory in the Decision-Making Process for Investing in ADR Insurance

2010  Case for Expanding the Claim Dispute Resolution Training of TxDOT Personnel

2010  Case Studies on Negotiation and Mediation for Coastal Zone Conflicts

2010  Caspian Sea Negotiation Support System

2010  Considering Attitudes in Strategic Negotiation over Brownfield Disputes

2010  Construction Mediation Landscape in the Civil Justice System in Hong Kong

2010  Effect of Culture on Selection of Dispute Resolution Methods in International Contracts

2010  Exploring the Potential for Predicting Project Dispute Resolution Satisfaction Using Logistic Regression

2010  Hybrid Model Incorporating Real Options with Process Centric and System Dynamics Modeling to Assess Value of Investments in Alternative Dispute Resolution Techniques

2010  Impact of the EU Mediation Directive on the German Construction Sector

2010  Judging Unreasonable Litigation Behavior at the Interface of Mediation in the English Jurisdiction

2010  Mediation—Past, Present, and Prospects: Hong Kong Perspective

2010  Multiagent System for Construction Dispute Resolution (MAS-COR)

2010  Predicting the Outcome of Construction Litigation Using an Integrated Artificial Intelligence Model

2010  Study of Real Options with Exogenous Competitive Entry to Analyze Dispute Resolution Ladder Investments in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Projects

2009  Applying Insurance Pricing Theory for Pricing ADR as an Insurance Product

2009  Arbitral Tribunal Proceedings Case Study: Egyptian Large-Scale Construction Project

2009  Avoiding and Mitigating Delay and Disruption Claims Conflict: Role of Precontract Negotiation

2009  Case Study as to the Effectiveness of Dispute Review Boards on the Central Artery/Tunnel Project

2009  Construction Litigation, U.S. General Services Administration, 1980-2004

2009  Contingent Use of Negotiators’ Tactics in Construction Dispute Negotiation

2009  Contractual Approach for Facilitating the Resolution of Dispute over a Contractor’s Failure to Comply with Time Limit for Notice of Delays

2009  Developing Best Practices for Computer Aided Dispute Resolution

2009  Developing Case-Based Communities of Practice for Teaching the Legal Aspects of Construction: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

2009  Does Collaborative Modeling Lead to Better Management of Our Water Resources?

2009  Efficacy of Trust-Building Tactics in Construction Mediation

2009  Factors Affecting Litigation Outcomes of Differing Site Conditions (DSC) Disputes: A Logistic Regression Models (LRM)

2009  Influences of Chinese Cultural Orientations and Conflict Management Styles on Construction Dispute Resolving Strategies

2009  Isolated Collapsed But-For Delay Analysis Methodology

2009-  Journal of Legal Affairs and Dispute Resolution in Engineering and Construction

2009  Option Pricing Model to Analyze Cost — Benefit Trade-Offs of ADR Investments in AEC Projects

2009  The Potential Use of Insurance As a Risk Management Tool for ADR Implementation in Construction Disputes

2009  Risk Index Model for Minimizing Environmental Disputes in Construction