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2015  Application and Pipeline Vertical Displacement Analysis of Chemical Grouting for Pipeline Position Restoration Method

2015  Estimation of Fracture Stiffness, In Situ Stresses, and Elastic Parameters of Naturally Fractured Geothermal Reservoirs

2015  Experimental Response of Beam-Slab Substructures Subject to Penultimate-External Column Removal

2015  Finite-Element Analysis on the Stability of Geotextile Tube-Reinforced Embankments under Scouring

2015  Flexible Lightweight Cable-Spring Support System for ETFE Cushions Spanning between Buildings

2015  Horizontal Support Displacement of a Thin-Tile Masonry Dome: Experiments and Analysis

2015  Interval-Based Approach for Uncertainty Propagation in Inverse Problems

2015  Practical Investigation into Two Types of Analyses in Predicting Ground Displacements Due to Dewatering and Excavation

2015  Seismic Performance of Wide-Beam Infill-Joist Block RC Frames in Turkey

2015  Seismic Response of Masonry Arches Reinforced by Tie-Rods: Static Tests on a Scale Model

2014  Adaptive Plasticity Model for Bucket Foundations

2014  Adherence Energy of Asphalt Thin Films Measured by Force-Displacement Atomic Force Microscopy

2014  Analysis of a 610-mm-Diameter Pipe Installed Using Pipe Ramming

2014  Analysis of Compression Pile Response Using a Softening Model, a Hyperbolic Model of Skin Friction, and a Bilinear Model of End Resistance

2014  Beam Damage Localization Method Considering Random Uncertainty Using Mid-Span Displacement Data

2014  Complete Stresses and Displacements in a Cross-Anisotropic Half-Space Caused by a Surface Vertical Point Load

2014  Corrugated Steel Plate Culvert Response to Service Train Loads

2014  Damage Localization and Quantification from the Image of Changes in Flexibility

2014  Development of an Efficient Zigzag Model with Variable Representation of Displacements across the Thickness

2014  Direct Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Displacement and Strain Field Measurement in Steel and RC Beams Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2014  Displacement Ductility Capacity Assessment for a Fixed-Head Pile in Cohesionless Soil

2014  Displacement Monitoring of Expansion Joints of Long-span Steel Bridges with Viscous Dampers

2014  Displacement of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Displacement-Based Design of Buildings with Torsion: Theory and Verification

2014  Estimating Peak Inelastic Displacement of Steel SMRF Structures Subjected to a Single or Series of Strong Ground Motions with Scaled Response Spectra

2014  Exact Solutions for Stresses, Strains, and Displacements of a Rotating Annular Plate with Variable Thickness Subjected to a Centrifugal Body Force

2014  Improved Geometric Design of Earthquake-Resistant RC Slender Structural Walls. II: Design Implications

2014  Influence of Soil Reinforcement on Horizontal Displacement of MSE Wall

2014  Lateral Force-Displacement Response of Unreinforced Masonry Walls with Flanges

2014  Limit Equilibrium Model for Rock Joints Based on Strain Energies

2014  Localization of Levee Weakening Using Surface Displacements

2014  Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Assemblies under Column-Removal Scenario

2014  Multilinear Regression Equations for Predicting Lateral Spread Displacement from Soil Type and Cone Penetration Test Data

2014  Newly Developed Adhesive Strength Test for Measuring the Strength of Sealant between Joints of Concrete Pavement

2014  Nonhomogenized Displacement Discontinuity Method for Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors for Cracks in Anisotropic FGMs

2014  Nonlinear Behavior and Simulation of Concrete Columns Reinforced by Steel-FRP Composite Bars

2014  Plastic Hinge Model and Displacement-Based Seismic Design Parameter Quantifications for Reinforced Concrete Block Structural Walls

2014  Probabilistic Analysis of Strip Footings Resting on Spatially Varying Soils and Subjected to Vertical or Inclined Loads

2014  Procedure for the Empirical Evaluation of Lateral Spread Displacement Hazard Curves

2014  Rapid-Construction Technique for Bridge Abutments Using Controlled Low-Strength Materials

2014  Recent Advances in Calculation of Shaft Resistance of Drilled-Displacement Piles

2014  Reliability-Based Serviceability Limit State Design of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Researchers Find Use for Bridge Displacement Testing During Construction

2014  Seismic Behavior of FRP-High-Strength Concrete-Steel Double-Skin Tubular Columns

2014  Seismic Design of Rocking Shallow Foundations: Displacement-Based Methodology

2014  Seismic Displacements of Yielding Gravity-Type Earth-Retaining Walls-Results from a FEM study

2014  Shake Table Tests for the Seismic Assessment of Hollow Brick Internal Partitions

2014  Shear Lag Analysis of Thin-Walled Box Girders Adopting Additional Deflection as Generalized Displacement

2014  Specimen Size Effects and Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Cement-Based Foams

2014  Steel Shear Tab Connection Performance at Large Rotations during Blast Loading

2014  Stresses Developed around Displacement Piles Penetration in Sand

2014  Thermally Induced Long-Term Displacement of Thermoactive Piles

2014  Thermo-Mechanical Characterization of a Full-Scale Energy Foundation

2014  Ultimate Shaft Friction and Load-Displacement Response of Axially Loaded Piles in Clay Based on Instrumented Pile Tests

2014  Visualizing Force-Chain Buckling in Stress and Displacement Fields of Granular Assembly Using Photoelastic Measurement

2013  An All-Hazards Approach for Quantifying Loss of Function for Critical Healthcare Infrastructure

2013  Analysis of a simple displacement sensor based on BOTDR optical fiber

2013  Analysis of Surrounding Rock Displacement Induced by Tunnel Excavation in Horizontal Interbedding Rock Mass

2013  Analysis of the Displacement of Buried Pipelines Caused by Adjacent Surcharge Loads

2013  Analytical and Numerical Model of Electro-osmotic Consolidation for Soft Soil Improvement

2013  Analytical Model for Beams on Elastic Foundations Considering the Coupling of Horizontal and Vertical Displacements

2013  Application of a New Analytical-Numerical Framework for Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Earth Structures

2013  Application of Unequal Time Interval Grey Forecast Method on Tunnel Displacement Monitoring

2013  Applications of Maxi Rig Horizontal Directional Drilling for Municipal Sewer/Water Markets

2013  Capacity Design of Retaining Structures and Bridge Abutments with Deep Foundations

2013  Comparison of Bridge Earthquake Resisting System Design in a Moderate Seismic Zone

2013  Composite Tolerable Settlement and Horizontal Displacement Criteria for Reliability-Based Design of Foundations

2013  Cumulative Lateral Soil Displacement Due to Pile Driving in Soft Clay

2013  Deformations of a Rapidly Moving Landslide from High-Resolution Optical Satellite Imagery

2013  Derivation of the McNamee-Gibson Displacement Functions for Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Consolidation Problems

2013  Detection of Shield Segment Displacement of a Natural Gas Pipeline in Yangtze River Tunnel

2013  Development of Kinematic Equations for Racking Performance Evaluation of Four-Sided Structural Sealant Glazing Curtain Wall Systems

2013  Direct Displacement Design of Vertically and Horizontally Irregular Woodframe Buildings

2013  Discussions on the Application of the Pipe Bursting Method for Pipeline Rehabilitation

2013  Displacement Monitoring of Marble Panels Under the Application of Gravity, In-Plane Lateral and Out-of-Plane Lateral Loads

2013  Downslope Ground Movements during Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading in Centrifuge Testing

2013  Estimating Undrained Strength of Clays from Direct Shear Testing at Fast Displacement Rates

2013  Estimation of Design Parameters for Braced Excavation: Numerical Study

2013  Experimental Study on the Dynamic Impacts of Service Train Loads on a Corrugated Steel Plate Culvert

2013  Extension of the Strain Energy Updating Technique to a Multilayered Shell Model with Adaptive Displacements and Fixed DOF

2013  Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis for the Seismic Design of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  Field Performance of Corrugated Steel Plate Road Culvert under Normal Live-Load Conditions

2013  Finite Element Modeling of Displacement Behavior of a Slow-Moving Landslide

2013  Fracture Behavior Analysis on the Effect of Joint and Hydrostatic Pressure to Rock Slope by Displacement Discontinuity Method

2013  Geotechnical Design: Deep Water Pontoon Mooring Anchors

2013  A Hybrid LSSVM-ABC Model for the Determination of the Magnitude of Horizontal in Situ Stresses

2013  Mechanics Performance Test and Seismic Behavior of a Novel 3D Isolation Bearing for Bridges

2013  Mitigating the Effects of Wind on Suspension Bridge Catwalks

2013  Modal Displacement Based Seismic Design of Multi-Story One Way Asymmetric Plan Building Structures

2013  Modeling Ground-Shell Contact Forces in NATM Tunneling Based on Three-Dimensional Displacement Measurements

2013  Modeling the Effect of Polyurethane Stabilization on Rail Track Response

2013  Numerical Analysis of Ground Settlement Induced by a Double-O-Tube (Dot) Shield Tunnel Excavation

2013  Numerical Modeling of New Semiactive Damper Actuator

2013  Opening and Mixed-Mode Fracture Initiation in a Quasi-Brittle Material

2013  Pile-Group Response to Large Soil Displacements and Liquefaction: Centrifuge Experiments versus a Physically Simplified Analysis

2013  Precise Photogrammetric Reconstruction Using Model-Based Image Fitting for 3D Beam Deformation Monitoring

2013  Predicting Time-to-Failure in Slopes from Precursory Displacements: A Centrifuge Experiment

2013  Predicting Wall Displacements for Excavations with Cross Walls in Soft Clay

2013  The Reasonable Layout of Cross Passages for Qianjiang River Tunnel Based on Seismic Analysis