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2014  Analytical Solution of a Model of Contaminant Transport in the Advective Zone of a River

2014  Utilization of Silica Fume to Stabilize the Dispersion of Carbon Nanofilaments in Cement Paste

2013  Alternative Solution for Advective-Dispersive Flow of Reagent Solutes in Clay Liners

2012  Concentration Profiles and Spatial Moments for Reactive Transport through Porous Media

2012  Dispersion in Submerged Vegetated Flow with Coherent Vortices

2012  Fabrication of Piezoresistive CNT/CNF Cementitious Composites with Superplasticizer as Dispersant

2012  Torsional Surface Waves in a Self-Reinforced Medium over a Heterogeneous Half Space

2011  Analysis of Dynamic Wave Model for Unsteady Flow in an Open Channel

2011  Axial Dispersion Coefficients in Laminar Flows of Water-Distribution Systems

2011  Carbon Nanotubes and Carbon Nanofibers for Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Nanocomposite Cementitious Materials

2011  Coupled Consolidation and Contaminant Transport in Compressible Porous Media

2011  Coupling High-Resolution Acoustic Sensor Measurements with Analytical and Numerical Porous Media Solute Transport Modeling

2011  Dispersion Model for Varying Vertical Shear in Vegetated Channels

2011  One-Dimensional Mixing Model for Surcharged Manholes

2010  Dimensionless Method to Characterize the Mixing Effects of Surcharged Manholes

2010  Effects of the Source on Wave Propagation in Pile Integrity Testing

2010  Particle Fluxes into Permeable Sediments: Comparison of Mechanisms Mediating Deposition

2009  Analysis of Virus Transport in Groundwater and Identification of Transport Parameters

2009  Depth-Dependent Dispersion Coefficient for Modeling of Vertical Solute Exchange in a Lake Bed under Surface Waves

2009  Investigation of Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport. II: Experimental and Numerical Results

2009  Numerical Study of Bromide as a Tracer for Aquifer Macrodispersivity Tests: Comparing Conservative Behavior to Mildly Nonlinear Adsorption

2009  Parameterization of Neutrally Buoyant Horizontal Round Jet in Wave Environment

2008  2D Modeling of Heterogeneous Dispersion in Meandering Channels

2008  Adaptive Time Integration for the Convection-Dispersion Equation

2008  Model for Consolidation-Induced Solute Transport with Nonlinear and Nonequilibrium Sorption

2008  Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport through Soils: Case Study

2008  Solute Transport Modeling for Urban Drainage Structures

2008  Strength Properties of Hexametaphosphate Treated Soils

2007  Chloride Transport through Cement-Bentonite Barriers

2007  Comparison between Computed and Experimentally Generated Impulse Waves

2007  Coupled Large Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport. I: Model Development

2007  Coupled Large Strain Consolidation and Solute Transport. II: Model Verification and Simulation Results

2007  Estimating Transverse Mixing in Open Channels due to Secondary Current-Induced Shear Dispersion

2007  Eulerian — Lagrangian Method for Constituent Transport in Water Distribution Networks

2007  Measuring the Dispersion Coefficient with Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers

2007  Modeling Particle Dispersion under Human Activity Disturbance in a Multizone Indoor Environment

2007  Predicting Interfacial Diffusion Coefficients for Fluxes across the Sediment-Water Interface

2007  Study of Generation and Collection of Monodisperse Droplets Flows in Microgravity and Vacuum

2006  Analytical Study of Turbulent Pollutant Dispersion near a Low Hill

2006  Asymptotic Solutions for One-Dimensional Dispersion in Rivers

2006  Comparison of SF6 and Fluorescein as Tracers for Measuring Transport Processes in a Large Tidal River

2006  Design and Dispersion Analysis for Upgrade and Replacement of Beach Outfalls

2006  Evaluation of Dispersion Coefficients in Meandering Channels from Transient Tracer Tests

2006  Exact Analytical Solution to the One-Dimensional Advective-Dispersive Equation with a Decaying Source Term

2006  Generalized Fick’s Law and Fractional ADE for Pollution Transport in a River: Detailed Derivation

2006  An SF6 Tracer Experiment and Support Numerical Simulations in the Houston Ship Channel

2006  A Staggered-Grid Scheme for the Advection-Dispersion Equation

2005  Diameter and Surcharge Effects on Solute Transport across Surcharged Manholes

2005  Dispersion in Varying-Geometry Rivers with Application to Methanol Releases

2005  Dispersion of Short Fibers in Cement

2005  Estimating the Dispersion Coefficient with an Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler

2005  Fractional Kinetic Model for First Flush of Stormwater Pollutants

2005  Impact of Sea Level Rise on Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

2005  Pollutant Trapping at a Coastal Headland

2005  Scaling Dispersion Model for Pollutant Transport in Natural Rivers

2005  Use of Artificial Neural Networks as Explicit Finite Difference Operators

2004  Dispersion Model for Tidal Wetlands

2004  Estimation of Average Stream Velocity

2004  Estimation of the Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient using the Velocity Profile in Natural Streams

2004  Multimodal Approach to Seismic Pavement Testing

2004  Oil Spill Dispersant Effectiveness Protocol. I: Impact of Operational Variables

2004  Oil Spill Dispersant Effectiveness Protocol. II: Performance of Revised Protocol

2004  Tracer Study of Mixing and Transport in the Upper Hudson River with Multiple Dams

2003  Analysis and Prediction of Transverse Mixing Coefficients in Natural Channels

2003  Dispersion Coefficient of Streams from Tracer Experiment Data

2003  Overland Water Flow and Solute Transport: Model Development and Field-Data Analysis

2003  Projected Sulfate Redistribution as Impacted by Lake Level Stabilization Scenarios: Devils Lake, North Dakota

2003  Treatment of Stagnant Zones in Riverine Advection-Dispersion

2002  Advection-Dispersion-Reaction Modeling in Water Distribution Networks

2002  Analytical Solutions for Unsteady Transport Dispersion of Nonconservative Pollutant with Time-Dependent Periodic Waste Discharge Concentration

2002  Effect of Wave Height on Cross-Shore Solute Mixing

2002  Estimating Dispersion Coefficient and Porosity from Soil-Column Tests

2002  Hybrid Finite-Difference Scheme for Solving the Dispersion Equation

2002  Inactivation of Cryptosporidium Oocysts in a Pilot-Scale Ozone Bubble-Diffuser Contactor. I: Model Development

2002  Laboratory Study on Dispersant Effectiveness in Alaskan Seawater

2002  Persistence of Skewness in Longitudinal Dispersion Data: Can the Dead Zone Model Explain It after All?

2002  Real Porous Media: Local Geometry and Transports

2002  Reducing Dispersion of Linear Triangular Elements for the Helmholtz Equation

2002  Scale-Dependent Dispersion from a Pit

2002  Simulation of Bed-Load Dispersion Process

2001  An Approach for Investigating Potential Asbestos Exposure Using a Dispersion Model

2001  The Effect of Benching on Longitudinal Dispersion in Surcharged Stepped Manholes

2001  Effect of Fiber Dispersion on Multiple Cracking of Cement Composites

2001  Higher–Order Homogenization of Initial/Boundary–Value Problem

2001  Moment-Based Calculation of Parameters for the Storage Zone Model for River Dispersion

2001  New Parameters for Solution of Two-Well Dispersion Problem

2001  Oil Spill Remediation Using Magnetic Separation

2001  Photoreductive Model of Disperse Orange 11 in Aqueous Acetone and Triethylamine

2001  Scale-Dependent Subsurface Dispersion: A Fractal-Based Stochastic Model

2001  Solute Dispersion and Transport in Pipes under Transient Hydraulic Conditions

2000  Dielectric Dispersion Method for Non-Destructive Quantification of Soil Composition

2000  Dispersion in Sediment-Laden Stream Flow

2000  Empirical Relations for Longitudinal Dispersion in Streams

2000  Insignificant Role of Hydrodynamic Dispersion on Bacterial Transport

2000  Is Dispersion Important in Water Distribution Systems?

2000  A Large Scale Gridded Application of the CALINE4 Dispersion Model

2000  Longitudinal Dispersion Due to Surcharged Manhole

2000  Overlapping Control Volume Method for Solute Transport

2000  Propagation of Waves and Dissolved Compounds in Sewer

2000  Solute Transport Through Unsaturated Soil Due to Evaporation