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2015  Chemical Stabilization of VHMS for Disaster Recovery Applications

2015  Measuring the Performance of Transportation Infrastructure Systems in Disasters: A Comprehensive Review

2014  Asce First Generation Testbed for Evaluating Resilience of Structures

2014-  ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part A: Civil Engineering

2014  Disaster Resilience of Drinking Water Infrastructure Systems to Multiple Hazards

2014  Do Hazard Mitigation and Preparedness Reduce Physical Damage to Businesses in Disasters? Critical Role of Business Disaster Planning

2014  Impact of Road Conditions and Disruption Uncertainties on Network Vulnerability

2014  Material Convergence: Important and Understudied Disaster Phenomenon

2014  Maximizing the Computational Efficiency of Temporary Housing Decision Support Following Disasters

2014  Multiobjective Stochastic Inoperability Decision Tree for Infrastructure Preparedness

2014  Museum Exhibit Explores How Engineers, Architects Design ’For’ Disasters

2014  Quantification and Valuations of Resilience for Emergency Management

2014  Restoration and Impacts from the September 8, 2011, San Diego Power Outage

2014  Role of Explicit and Implicit Practices in the Production of Situated Preparedness for Disasters

2014  Structures Congress 2014

2014  Trapped under the Sea: One Engineering Marvel, Five Men, and a Disaster Ten Miles into the Darkness By Neil Swidey. New York City: Crown Publishers, 2014

2013  Advancing Optimization of Hybrid Housing Development Plans Following Disasters: Achieving Computational Robustness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency

2013  Computing a Displacement Distance Equivalent to Optimize Plans for Postdisaster Temporary Housing Projects

2013  Developing a Tool to Measure and Compare Organizations’ Resilience

2013  Disaster Resilience and Sustainable Design: Quantifying the Benefits of a Holistic Design Approach

2013  Disaster Resilience of hospitals considering emergency ambulance services

2013  Efficient Analysis and Optimization of Reconstruction Plans for Damaged Transportation Networks Following Disasters

2013  Identifying Critical Components in Infrastructure Networks Using Network Topology

2013  Modeling and Geo-Visualizing the Role of Infrastructure in Community Disaster Resilience

2013  Multisensor Data Fusion for Determining Hallway Blockages in a Building during Evacuation

2013  News2Note

2013  Passenger Train Operation Adjustment Method of Railway Networks in Mountainous Areas under Disaster Conditions

2013  Routing Algorithm of Wireless Sensor Networks in Railway Disaster Monitoring System

2013  Typical Disaster Chains and Cascading Effect Caused by 2012 Xinyuan Ms 6.6 Earthquake and 2008 Wenchuan Ms 8.0 Earthquake of China

2012  The 5 Rs: Reliable Postdisaster Exposure Assessment

2012  Agent-Based Risk Assessment and Mitigation for Urban Public Infrastructure

2012  Analysis of Green Space Planning and Functions for Urban Gardens Based on the Concept of Disaster Reduction

2012  Construction Research Congress 2012, Construction Challenges in a Flat World

2012  Creating a Community-Based Housing Response Pool

2012  Disaster and Recovery: Processes Compressed in Time

2012  A Dynamic Evaluation Model for Emergency Logistics Support Capability

2012  Educating the Next Generation to Respond to a Bioterrorism Event

2012  Emergency Logistics Network Optimization of Natural Disaster

2012  Expanding Role of Public Works in Emergency Management

2012  Freight Resilience Measures

2012  Hazard Management: Integrated Framework for Engineering and Public Policy

2012  Hydraulic Modeling for Emergency Water Supply and Disaster Planning

2012  Impact of Large-Scale Disasters on the Built Environment

2012  Large-Scale Disasters: Leadership and Management Lessons

2012  Large-Scale Disasters: Vigilance for the Future

2012  Managing the Victim Dimension of Large-Scale Disasters

2012  Measuring Community Resilience and Recovery: A Content Analysis of Indicators

2012  Modeling Dynamics of Post-Disaster Recovery

2012  Modeling Risk from Large-Scale Disasters by Integrating Fragmented Knowledge: Decision Tool

2012  Modeling the Cooperation Network Formation Process for Evacuation Systems Design in Disaster Areas with a Focus on Japanese Megadisasters

2012  New Soldiers in the War on Disasters

2012  Optimal Resilience- and Cost-Based Postdisaster Intervention Prioritization for Bridges along a Highway Segment

2012  Planning for Resiliency: Evaluation of State Hazard Mitigation Plans under the Disaster Mitigation Act

2012  Possible Critical Structural Safety Factors: A Literature Review

2012  Providing Guidance for Evacuation during an Emergency Based on a Real-Time Damage and Vulnerability Assessment of Facilities

2012  Reaction to Disasters

2012  Reliability Analysis of Highway Evacuation Network Post-Earthquake Disaster

2012  Reverse 911 as a Complementary Evacuation Warning System

2012  Risk-Based Strategies for Upgrading Existing Nonconforming Wooden Houses and Risk Information for Promoting Upgrading

2012  Spatial Incidence of Economic Benefit of Road-Network Investments: Case Studies under the Usual and Disaster Scenarios

2012  Strengthen America

2012  Supporting Civil Engineers during Disaster Response and Recovery Using a Segway Mobile Workstation Chariot

2012  Systems-Based Approach to Preparedness for, Response to, and Recovery from Natural and Human-Made Disasters

2012  Toward Long-Term Recovery in Mississippi: Understanding the Impact of the Transportation System on Economic Resilience

2012  Transportation Infrastructure Disaster Impact and Lessons Learned after Typhoon MORAKOT

2012  True Cost of Hurricanes: Case for a Comprehensive Understanding of Multihazard Building Damage

2011  Application of Coastal Engineering Principles in Response to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster: Lessons Learned in Coastal Alabama

2011  Based on the Theory of Catastrophe Ultra-Shallow Railway Tunnel Construction Process of Numerical Simulation

2011  Civil-Military Collaboration in Humanitarian Logistics

2011  A Combination Weighting Method for Public Transportation Safety Evaluation Index System of Multi-Disasters about Large Passenger Terminals

2011  Coordination of Converging Construction Equipment in Disaster Response

2011  Decentralized Approach Considering Spatial Attributes for Equipment Utilization in Civil Engineering Disaster Response

2011  Disaster Management Planning for Health Organizations in a Developing Country

2011  Framework for Modeling Mass Disasters

2011  Measuring, Monitoring, and Evaluating Post-Disaster Recovery: A Key Element in Understanding Community Resilience

2011  Performance Evaluation of Railway Transport Enterprises Based on Catastrophe Theory

2011  Preparedness of Finnish Electricity Users against Major Disturbances in Supply of Electric Power

2011  The Role of Critical Infrastructure in Community Resilience to Disasters

2011  Simulation and Analysis of Time-Consumption of Emergency Supplies Loading Services Based on Queue Theory

2011  Statistically Detecting Clustering for Rare Events

2011  Understanding the Demand for Flood Insurance

2010  Collaboration in Humanitarian Logistics

2010  Development of an Index to Rate the Completeness and Quality of Mitigation Project Definition

2010  Environmental Surveillance for Disaster Prevention

2010  Facets and Scope of Large-Scale Disasters

2010  How to Build the Performance Evaluation Indicators of the Disaster Rescue Logistics System

2010  Layout Model of Logistics Corridor for Disaster Emergency Based on Reliability Analysis

2010  A Location-Routing Model on Relief Distribution Centers in Earthquake Disasters

2010  Mobile Ad Hoc Network-Enabled Collaboration Framework Supporting Civil Engineering Emergency Response Operations

2010  A Model of Disaster Emergency Logistics Based on Third-Party Logistics Participation

2010  Multi-Objective Optimization Problem in Multimodal Transshipment Scheduling of Interregional Relief Materials

2010  A Multi-Period Model for Relief Resource Allocation Based on Dynamic Vulnerability of Affected Areas

2010  Natural Disaster Response Lessons Learned for Water and Wastewater Utilities

2010  Obstacles and Disaster Risk Reduction: Survey of Memphis Organizations

2010  An Optimal Decision-Making Model for Distribution of Emergency Materials for Incomplete Put-Out Disasters with Pulse Need

2010  Relief Supplies Reserves Considered Based on Two Types of Disaster Incidents

2010  Research on 3S Integrated Technology in Emergency Logistics Distribution under Public Emergency

2010  Research on Emergency Material Demand Forecasting Model in Disaster Based on MLR-CBR

2010  Study on Emergency Distribution Strategy Based on Ant Colony Algorithm with RBF Neural Network Model

2010  Study on Two-Phase Method of Emergency Logistics Distribution