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2015  Protracted Effect: Surveying Teachers’ Experiences in the Aftermath of the Christchurch Earthquakes

2015  Resilience-Based Design of Natural Gas Distribution Networks

2014  Optimal Recovery Plan after Disaster: Continuum Modeling Approach

2013  Indicators of Community Recovery: Content Analysis and Delphi Approach

2013  Modeling and Geo-Visualizing the Role of Infrastructure in Community Disaster Resilience

2012  Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Sea-Level Observing Network for Tsunami Warning

2011  Coastal Resilience: Can We Get Beyond Planning the Last Disaster?

2011  Disaster Recovery Planning: Lessons Learned from Past Events

2011  New Orleans Struggles with Hurricane Recovery

2011  NewsBriefs: Game Based on FEMA Program Garners Awards (Atkins)

2010  Building Community Disaster Preparedness with Volunteers: Community Emergency Response Teams in Illinois

2010  Developing Optimal Hazard Investment Strategies

2010  Dielectric Spectroscopy and ELP-Prediction of Earthquakes

2010  Energy Infrastructure Damage Analysis for Hurricane Rita

2010  Energy Supply System Performance for Hurricane Katrina

2010  A GIS Framework for Construction Equipment Request and Deployment during Emergency Response

2010  Maximizing the Sustainability of Integrated Housing Recovery Efforts

2010  Optimizing Alternative Housing Projects in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

2010  Optimizing Resource Utilization during the Recovery of Civil Infrastructure Systems

2010  Pseudo Excitation Method and Its Application in Seismic Design and Disaster Mitigation of Long-Span Structures

2009  ASCE Set to Adopt Manual on Postdisaster Assessment

2009  Expediting Assessment of Damaged Buildings during Disaster Response Using Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

2009  Materials Distribution for Disaster Relief Based on Transportation Network and Information Integration System

2008  Integrative Technologies in Support of GIS-Based Postdisaster Response

2008  Message from the President: Preparing for the Worst

2007  Ad-Hoc Wireless Networking for Supporting Communication and Onsite Data Collection

2007  Analysis and Modeling of Simultaneous and Staged Emergency Evacuations

2007  A Building Blackbox for Urban Disaster Response and Relief

2007  CEO Forum Addresses Past Disasters, Future Education

2007  Lasting Effects of Hurricane Andrew on a Working-Class Community

2007  Project Management’s Role in Disaster Recovery

2007  Social Science Research Needs: Focus on Vulnerable Populations, Forecasting, and Warnings

2007  Workshop Focuses on Lessons Learned in Disaster Preparation, Response, and Recovery

2006  Disaster Recovery System Model with E-Government Case Study

2006  Infrastructure Discussions Focus on Preparedness and Resilience

2006  Model of a Self-Organizing Traffic Management Hazard Response System

2006  Regional Disaster Resilience, A Guide for Developing an Action Plan

2006  Robust Mobile Ad Hoc Space for Collaboration to Support Disaster Relief Efforts Involving Critical Physical Infrastructure

2005  An Evaluation of Storm Impacts, Cumulative Effects and Short-Term Recovery for Walton County, Florida Shorelines

2005  Hurricane Hugo — 15 Years Later: Beach Response and Relation to Damages

2005  Innovation, Risk and Reward at Ground Zero

2005  Multi-Hazard Mitigation in the Coastal Zone: When Meeting the Minimum Regulatory Requirements Isn’t Enough

2005  Multiparameter Assessment Guide for Emergency Shelters: Disaster Relief Applications

2005  Response of Carteret County, North Carolina, to Five Hurricanes from 1996 to 1999

2004  Designing Safe Systems: Using System Dynamics to Understand Complexity

2004  The Remote Sensing Response to September 11th

2004  A Robotic Rescue Graphical User Interface Integrating Multi-Robot Sensor Fusion

2004  What’s the Problem Here? Institutional and Policy Hurdles in Applying Advanced Remote Sensing Technologies to Response and Recovery

2003  Development of a Shakemap-Based, Earthquake Response System within Caltrans

2003  Development of Disaster Management Equipments in India: A Way towards Resurgence

2003  Disaster Management Plan for the State of Maharashtra, India: Evolutionary Process

2003  Hurricane Mitigation Status and Factors Influencing Mitigation Status among Florida’s Single-Family Homeowners

2003  Integrating Lifelines Engineering with Emergency Management: The New Zealand Approach

2003  Obtaining the Emergency Transportation Network for Rescue and Relief Activities in Large Cities Based on the Life Loss Mitigation Criteria

2003  Prayer in Disaster: Case Study of Christian Clergy

2003  The Use of Simulation in Disaster Response Planning and Risk Management of Ports and Harbors

2002  The Chernobyl Problem

2002  Creating Markets for Mitigation

2002  Disaster Management System for Southwestern Indiana

2002  Leadership in Management Situations of Rapid Uncertain Change

2002  Pre-Positioned Disaster Recovery Contracts Can Benefit Communities

2002  Riding out the Storm: Experiences of the Physically Disabled during Hurricanes Bonnie, Dennis, and Floyd

2002  Rural Roads Vulnerability Reduction Assessment, Mitigation Measures, and Training

2002  Urban Search and Rescue: A Challenge for Autonomous Robots with Application to Planetary Exploration

2001  ASCE Takes Leading Role in Worldwide Disaster Reduction

2001  Discretion without Accountability: Politics, Flood Damage, and Climate

2001  Earthquakes Highlight ASCE’s Role in Disaster Mitigation

2001  Engineering Leaders to Kick Off Disaster Reduction Drive

2001  Envisioning Sustainable Communities: The Question of Disasters

2001  Experts Begin Worldwide Disaster Reduction Plans

2001  Guest Editorial: The Role of Natural Hazards Review as an Agent for Change

2001  Modeling Human Behavior for Evacuation Planning: A System Dynamics Approach

2001  Natural Hazards: Landslides May Threaten Machu Picchu

2001  “One Way Out”: Contraflow Freeway Operation for Hurricane Evacuation

2001  Reuters Launches Disaster Satellite Imagery Service

2001  Safe in the ’Hood: Earthquake Preparedness in Midcity Los Angeles

2001  Second Hazards Assessment and Sustainable Hazards Mitigation: Disaster Recovery on Montserrat

2001  When Disasters and Age Collide: Reviewing Vulnerability of the Elderly

2000  Back to the Future: Charting the Course for Project Impact

2000  Business and Disasters: Empirical Patterns and Unanswered Questions

2000  Dealing with Debris

2000  Disasters as Agents of Social Change in Recovery and Reconstruction

2000  An International Disaster Recovery Business Alliance

2000  Long-Term Strategy Possible for Disaster Assistance Worldwide

2000  Modeling Disaster Response Planning

2000-2010  Natural Hazards Review

2000  Recovery of EDTA from Power Plant Boiler Chemical Cleaning Wastewater

2000  Strategies for Improving Response and Recovery in the Future

2000  World Bank’s Role in Reducing Impacts of Disasters

1999  FEMA Director Witt Becomes ASCE Honorary Fellow

1999  Super-Dense Real-Time Disaster Mitigation System

1998  Flooding Gets Most Federal Disaster Aid

1997  1994 Alaska Flood Recovery Project Management of a Disaster Recovery by a General Contractor

1997  Benefits and Costs Associated with Flood Mitigation in the United States

1997  Biopositive City as Means for Natural Disaster Reduction

1997  The Car as a Wind Shelter for Mobile Home Residents

1997  The Caribbean Disaster Mitigation Project: Introducing Disaster Mitigation in Highly Vulnerable Small Islands

1997  Community Involvement in Hazard Mitigation

1997  Community Preparedness and Disaster Response The City of Los Angeles: Community Emergency Response Team Program

1997  The Debris Management Cycle: An Overview