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2015  Dimensional Stability of Grout-Type Materials Used as Connections between Prefabricated Concrete Elements

2014  Estimating Suspended Sediment Concentration in Streams by Diffuse Light Attenuation

2014  Fundamental Mode Estimation for Modern Cable-Stayed Bridges Considering the Tower Flexibility

2013  Experimental Study of the Stage-Discharge Relationship for an Upstream Inclined Grid with Longitudinal Bars

2013  Numerical Investigation of Flow in Triangular Gutters

2012  New Theoretical Solution of the Stage-Discharge Relationship for Sharp-Crested and Broad Weirs

2011  Application of Incomplete Self-Similarity Argument for Predicting Bed-Material Load Discharge

2011  Dimensional Response Analysis of Bilinear Systems Subjected to Non-pulselike Earthquake Ground Motions

2011  Simplified Physically Based Model for Estimating Effective Floc Density

2010  Dimensional Analysis of the Earthquake Response of a Pounding Oscillator

2010  Dimensional Response Analysis of Multistory Regular Steel MRF Subjected to Pulselike Earthquake Ground Motions

2010  Discharge Coefficient for a Water Flow through a Bottom Orifice of a Conical Hopper

2010  Generalized Method for Storm-Water Pumping Station Design

2010  Multiple Linear Regression Model Approach for Aerosol Dispersion in Ventilated Spaces Using Computational Fluid Dynamics and Dimensional Analysis

2010  Thermal Scale Modeling by FEM and Test

2009  Assessment of Hydrodynamic Separators for Stormwater Treatment

2009  Dimensional Analysis of Bridges from a Single Image

2009  Generalized Flow Rating Equations at Prototype Gated Spillways

2009  Generalized Numerical Solution for Detention Basin Design

2009  Improved Algorithm to Analyze One-Dimensional Collision

2009  On the Quantification of the Bed Development Time of Alluvial Meandering Streams

2009  Performance Evaluation of Double-Hub Paddle Wheel Aerator

2008  Dimensional Analysis of Linear Soil-Foundation-Structure System Subjected to Near-Fault Ground Motions

2008  Dimensional Response Analysis of Inelastic Structures

2008  Field Testing of a Simple Flume (SMBF) for Flow Measurement in Open Channels

2007  Flow Intensity Parameter in Pier Scour Experiments

2007  Full-Flowing Collection Conduits with Nonuniform Inflow

2007  Hydraulic Considerations in Geosynthetic and Aggregate Subsurface Drains

2007  Parameter Identification and Analysis of a Slab Track System Using 3D ABAQUS Program

2007  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements of the Mean Flow Characteristics in a Bubble Plume

2007  Simple Flume for Flow Measurement in Sloping Open Channel

2006  Dimensionless Stage – Discharge Relationship in Radial Gates

2006  Hydrodynamics of Mesotidal Estuary in Winter

2005  Construction Forum: Comments on Using Dimensional Limestone ... Books ... Conferences

2005  Design Characteristics of Single Hub Paddle Wheel Aerator

2005  Flow Resistance Law in Channels with Flexible Submerged Vegetation

2005  Prediction of 28 Days Compressive Strength 53-Grade Cements using Dimensional Analysis

2005  Role of Slip Velocity in the Behavior of Stratified Multiphase Plumes

2004  Collection Conduits Including Subsurface Drains

2004  Comparison of One- and Two-Dimensional Hydraulic Habitat Models for Simulation of Trout Stream Habitat

2004  Dimensional Analysis of Bilinear Oscillators under Pulse-Type Excitations

2004  Dimensional Analysis of Rigid-Plastic and Elastoplastic Structures under Pulse-Type Excitations

2004  Evaluation of Peak Ground Velocity as a ’Good’ Intensity Measure for Near-Source Ground Motions

2004  Minimization of Short-Circuiting Flow through Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor

2004  Scour on Alluvial Bed Downstream of Grade-Control Structures

2003  Dimensional Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Pure Torsion

2002  Dimensional Analysis of Reaeration Rate in Streams

2002  Dimensional Ratios for Stone Aggregates from Three-Dimensional Laser Scans

2002  Environmental Fluid Mechanics by Hillel Rubin and Joseph Atkinson

2002  Pressure-Impulse Diagram for Blast Loads Based on Dimensional Analysis and Single-Degree-of-Freedom Model

2001  What is a ‘Massive’ Concrete Structure at Early Ages? Some Dimensional Arguments

2000  Computational-Reach Length for Prismatic Channels

2000  Determining Angular and Linear Distortions on the Map Base

2000  On the Process of Performance-Based Dimensioning

2000  Simultaneous Flow over and Under a Gate

1999  Complete 2D and Fully Nonlinear Analysis of Ideal Fluid in Tanks

1999  Effects of Temperature Changes on Emitter Discharge

1999  Inception of Sediment Transport on Steep Slopes

1999  Influence of Design and Operation Parameters on Bag-Cleaning Performance of Pulse-Jet Baghouse

1999  Northern Red Oak Glued-Laminated Timber Bridge

1999  Shear Strength Prediction for Concrete Members

1999  Stability of Near-Bed Rubble-Mound Structures

1999  Stage-Discharge Assessment in Compound Meandering Channels

1998  Calculating Average Filling Rock Diameter for Gabion-Mattress Channel Design

1998  Small-Scale Accelerated Pavement Testing

1998  Supporting Dimensional Control by Information Technology

1997  Fine Sediment Transport Rates Measured by Laser Profiling

1997  Phreatic Line and Dynamic Impact in Laboratory Debris Flow Experiments

1997  Scaling Laws for Hydrodynamic Separators

1996  Derivation of New Dispersion Coefficient Equation for Natural Streams

1996  Dimensional Analysis of Bond Modulus in Fiber Pullout

1996  Dimensional Analysis of Colloid-Facilitated Ground-Water Contaminant Transport

1996  New Metric Guide Stresses “Preferred Numbers” to Aid in Building Construction

1995  Dimensional Variations in Reinforced-Concrete Members

1995  Dimensionless Expression of Peak Flows from an Institutionalized Rainfall-Runoff Model

1995  Mean Annual Flood Estimation

1995  Performance Curves for Border Irrigation

1994  Lateral Load Analysis of Single Piles and Drilled Shafts

1994  Principal Components Time Spectra of Suspended Sediment in Random Waves

1994  Range Determination Using Target Images

1994  A Self-Balancing Laminate

1994  Specimen Geometry and Toughness of Steel-Fiber–Reinforced Concrete

1993  Bridge Abutment Scour in a Floodplain

1993  Mechanistic Design Models of Loading and Curling in Concrete Pavements

1993  New Stability Formula for Dolosse

1993  Post-Irradiation Fuel Assembly Dimensions for Transportation and Storage Cask Designs

1993  Stability of Riprap at Bridge Piers

1992  Analysis and Design of Doweled Slab-on-Grade Pavement Systems

1992  Cohesionless Fine-Sediment Bed Forms in Shallow Flows

1992  Dimensional Analysis of Buckling of Stiffened Composite Shells

1992  Softening and Snap-Through Behavior of Reinforced Elements

1991  Prediction of the Dimensions of a Rip Current System on a Coast With Bars

1990  Dimensional Analysis in NDT Rigid Pavement Evaluation

1990  Lunar Surface Mobility Studies, Past and Future

1990  Minimum Reinforcement in High-Strength Concrete

1990  Optimization Method for Dimensioning a Geological HLW Waste Repository

1990  SI Conversion

1990  Three-Dimensional Scale Model of Groundwater Solute Transport

1989  The Area of Scour Hole Around Bridge Piers

1989  Effect of Sediment Density on Bed Load Transport