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Found 89 Records with the keyword term of "Dilution"

2015  Assimilative Capacity and Flow Dilution for Water Quality Protection in Rivers

2014  Mixing of 30° and 45° Inclined Dense Jets in Shallow Coastal Waters

2014  Numerical Modeling of Turbulent Buoyant Wall Jets in Stationary Ambient Water

2012  Indirect Electrochemical Oxidation of Chlorophenols in Dilute Aqueous Solutions

2011  Near-Field Dilution Characteristics of a Negatively Buoyant Hypersaline Jet Generated by a Desalination Plant

2009  Case Study: Intermediate Field Mixing for a Bank Discharge in a Natural River

2009  Experimental Studies on Vertical Dense Jets in a Flowing Current

2007  Buoyant Surface Discharges into Water Bodies. II: Jet Integral Model

2007  Simulations of Dye Releases off the Coast of New Jersey: Development and Validation of an Ocean Outfall Mixing Model

2006  Critical Analysis of Computing Equations for Determination of BOD by Dilution Methods

2006  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. III: Stratified Stationary Water

2006  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. IV: Stratified Flowing Water

2004  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. I: Unstratified Stationary Water

2004  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. II: Unstratified Flowing Water

2002  Application of Three-Dimensional Laser-Induced Fluorescence to Thermal Diffusers

2002  Field Observations of Ipanema Beach Outfall

2002  Jet Integral-Particle Tracking Hybrid Model for Single Buoyant Jets

2001  Graphical Sizing and Analysis of Ocean Outfalls with Buoyant Plumes

2001  Mixing in Stratified Jets

2001  Performance of Tee Diffusers in Shallow Water with Crossflow

1999  Modeling Mamala Bay Outfall Plumes. I: Near Field

1999  Modeling Mamala Bay Outfall Plumes. II: Far Field

1999  Prediction of Near Field Plume Characteristics Using Far Field Circulation Model

1998  Dilution of Circular Turbulent Nonbuoyant Surface Jets in Crossflows

1998  Dilution of Multiple Nonbuoyant Circular Jets in Crossflows

1998  Effect of Lateral Confinement on Initial Dilution of Vertical Round Buoyant Jet

1998  Initial Dilution Equations for Buoyancy-Dominated Jets in Current

1998  Shape and Initial Dilution of Sand Island, Hawaii Sewage Plume

1997  Behavior of Merging Plumes from Ocean Outfalls

1997  Dilution Achieved by Diffusers Parallel to Current Using EPA UM Model

1997  Mixing in Inclined Dense Jets

1997  Numerical Model of Dilution in a Dense Bottom Jet in Cross Currents

1997  Tracing Discharges in Ocean Environments Using a Rare Earth Tracer

1996  Comparison of Near-Field Dilutions Derived from In Situ Measurements and Simulated Dilutions at the Sand Island Sewage Outfall Plume, HI

1996  Dilution of Dense Bottom Plumes

1996  Transport Modeling of the Coastal Waters of Oahu, Hawaii

1995  Artificial Ground-Water Recharge in Las Vegas Valley, Clark County, Nevada: Storing Today, Treating Tomorrow?

1995  Determination of Acute Dilution Factors Based on a 1-Hour Exposure of a Drifting Aquatic Organism

1995  The Dilution Processes of Alternative Horizontal Buoyant Jets in Wave Motions

1995  Influencing Ground Water by Dilution

1995  Mixing Region of Circular Turbulent Wall Jets in Cross Flows

1995  Mixing-Zone Modeling for Toxic Waste-Load Allocations

1994  Field Tests on Small Marine Outfall

1994  Initial Dilution of Southeast Florida Ocean Outfalls

1993  Estimation of Far-Field Dilution in Ocean Waste Discharges

1993  Hydraulic Model Study for Boston Outfall. I: Riser Configuration

1993  Hydraulic Model Study for Boston Outfall. II: Environmental Performance

1992  A Comparison of Glass Reaction at High and Low SA/V: PCT Vs. MCC-1

1991  Design of a Stratified Cooling Channel

1991  Diffuser Design for Water Quality-Based Toxics Control

1990  Iona Outfall Plume Characterization Study

1990  Large-Scale Experiments on the Spreading and Dilution of Cold Gasclouds in a Controlled Environment

1990  Siting the New Boston Harbor Outfall: Near-Field Analysis

1989  Axial Dilution in Obstructed Round Buoyant Jet

1989  Design of Dilution Junctions for Water-Quality Control

1989  Negatively Buoyant Flow in Diverging Channel. IV: Entrainment and Dilution

1989  Ocean Outfalls. I. Submerged Wastefield Formation

1989  Ocean Outfalls. II: Spatial Evolution of Submerged Wastefield

1989  Ocean Outfalls. III: Effect of Diffuser Design on Submerged Wastefield

1989  Siting the New Boston Outfall: Near-Field Considerations

1988  Discharge Measurement by Thermal Dilution

1988  Model of Buoyant-Jet-Surface-Wave Interaction

1987  Influence of Surface Waves on Outfall Dilution

1987  Initial Dilution of Horizontal Jet in Crossflow

1987  Modeling Dilution of Wastewater Outfalls in a Tidal Estuary

1985  Initial Dilution for Outfall Parallel to Current

1985  Outfall Dilution: The Role of a Far-Field Model

1983  Wastewater Field Thickness and Initial Dilution

1982  Evaluation of Selected Initial Dilution Models

1981  Nearfield Performance of River Diffusers

1980  Ocean Outfall Dilution: Effects of Currents

1980  Staged Multiport Diffusers

1979  Line Plume and Ocean Outfall Dispersion

1978  Dilution in a Vertical Round Buoyant Jet

1978  Simple Model for Ocean Outfall Plumes

1977  Mean Behavior of Buoyant Jets in a Crossflow

1976  Wastewater Disposal by Submerged Manifolds

1975  Use of Jet Pumps in Marine Waste Disposal

1972  Model Study of Dense Jet in Flowing Fluid

1972  Radioisotopes and Turbine Flow Measurement

1970  Control of Thermal Effects at Beaver Valley Station

1970  Predicting Effects of Dead Zones on Stream Mixing

1968  Atmospheric Oxygenation in a Simulated Stream

1968  Effluent Disposal in South San Francisco Bay

1968  Numerical Analysis of BOD and DO Profiles

1968  Physical Interpretation of Jet Dilution Parameters

1966  Hydrology of Water Quality Dilution Requirements

1958  An Improved Dilution Method for Flow Measurements

1956  An Improved Dilution Method for Flow Measurements