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2015  Approach to Digital Elevation Model Correction by Improving Channel Conveyance

2015  Messy Talk in Virtual Teams: Achieving Knowledge Synthesis through Shared Visualizations

2015  Peridynamics-Based Digital Image Correlation Algorithm Suitable for Cracks and Other Discontinuities

2015  Using Augmented Reality to Facilitate Piping Assembly: An Experiment-Based Evaluation

2014  Active Monitoring and Control of Light Fixtures during Building Construction and Operation: Cyber-Physical Systems Approach

2014  Digital Modeling of Construction Site Terrain Using Remotely Sensed Data and Geographic Information Systems Analyses

2014  Digital Tool Helps First Responders React to Blasts

2014  Grid-Size Dependency of Evapotranspiration Simulations in Shallow Aquifers: An Optimal Approach

2014  Image-Aided Element Shape Generation Method in Discrete-Element Modeling for Railroad Ballast

2014  Sleeper End Resistance of Ballasted Railway Tracks

2014  Visualization of Active Mode of Failure behind Flexible Walls under Pure Rotation Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Watershed Characteristics Extraction and Subsequent Terrain Analysis Based on Digital Elevation Model in Flat Region

2013  Digital Simulation Analysis of PA10

2013  Error-Correction Methods for Construction Site Image Processing under Changing Illumination Conditions

2013  Experimental Analysis of Drying Shrinkage Cracking in Coating Mortars by Digital Image Correlation

2013  NickolayLamm has used prediction and topographical maps to create a series of images that show what cities in the United States will look like in the future...

2013  Study on 3-D Stereo of Marine Features on UAV High Resolution Remote Sensing Images

2013  The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business By Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen. New York City: Alfred A. Knopf, 2013

2013  Tracking Secondary and Temporary Concrete Construction Objects Using 3D Imaging Technologies

2013  Using Animated Augmented Reality to Cognitively Guide Assembly

2012  Characterization of Epoxy Resin Including Strain Rate Effects Using Digital Image Correlation System

2012  Development of Pipe Digital Management System for Cigarette Manufactory

2012  Digital Generation of Non-Gaussian Spiky Excitations Using Spectral Representation with Additive Phase Structure

2012  Digital Imaging Technique Aids Gusset Plate Loading Research

2012  Evaluation of Commercially Available Remote Sensors for Highway Bridge Condition Assessment

2012  FRP-Masonry Debonding: Numerical and Experimental Study of the Role of Mortar Joints

2012  An Integrated Digital Image Processing Pavement Management Information System

2012  Rapid 3D Energy Performance Modeling of Existing Buildings Using Thermal and Digital Imagery

2012  Robust Algorithm for Registration of Building Point Clouds Using Planar Patches

2012  Use of Digital Image Modeling for Evaluation of Concrete Pavement Macrotexture and Wear

2011  Analysis of Digital Data Obtained from Raster and Vector Maps

2011  Application of Digital Image Processing Technique to Simulate the Macro-Mechanical Behavior of Asphalt Concrete

2011  Construction Engineering Requirements for Integrating Laser Scanning Technology and Building Information Modeling

2011  Design and Measured Behavior of a Hybrid Precast Concrete Wall Specimen for Seismic Regions

2011  Detection of Flood-Prone Areas Using Digital Elevation Models

2011  Distributed-Controlled Multiagent Mobile Platform with Digital Actuation Concept for Space Applications

2011  Edge-Based Close-Range Digital Photogrammetry for Structural Deformation Measurement

2011  Great Lakes Research Benefits from Three-Dimensional Visualizations

2011  Hole Damage in Drilling of Reactive Powder Concrete

2011  Linking Surveying, Engineering, GIS, and Computer Science into Geomatics through a Digital Terrain Modeling Course

2011  Plane and Vertical Section CAD System of Subway Line

2011  A Stability Evaluation Based on Monitoring and Digital Analyzing for Zhangmu Ancient Landslide of China-Nepal Highway

2010  Detection of Terrain Morphologic Features Using GPS, TLS, and Land Surveys: "Tana della Volpe" Blind Valley Case Study

2010  Evaluation of Methods for Representing Urban Terrain in Storm-Water Modeling

2010  Front and Side View Image Correlation Measurements on FRP to Concrete Pull-Off Bond Tests

2010  Modern Determination of Vertical Deflections Using Digital Zenith Cameras

2010  Object Recognition in Construction-Site Images Using 3D CAD-Based Filtering

2010  Reliability of Crack Detection Methods for Baseline Condition Assessments

2010  Tracking Control of a Piezo Positioning Stage with Scalar Sign Function and Digital Redesign Technique

2010  Two Methods to Estimate the Spot Size of Terrestrial Laser Scanners

2010  Using Outcrop-Scale Digital Images for Size Distribution of Boulders and Blocks

2009  Application of a Developed Grid-Xinanjiang Model to Chinese Watersheds for Flood Forecasting Purpose

2009  Application of Fractal Theory in Pavement Surface Texture Measurement

2009  Evaluating Alternative Methods for Capturing As-Built Data for Existing Facilities

2009  Evaluation and Measurement of Exposed-Aggregate Cement Concrete Pavement Surface Texture Depth with Digital Image Technique

2009  FEMA Flood Map Accuracy

2009  From the Conventional Total Station to the Prospective Image Assisted Photogrammetric Scanning Total Station: Comprehensive Review

2009  Gauge-Based Adjustment of Historical Multi-Sensor Quantitative Precipitation Fields and Resulting Effects on Hydrologic Simulations

2009  High Resolution Radar Precipitation Evaluation

2009  Influence of Soil Strength on Reinforced Slope Stability and Failure Modes

2009  Observations of Stresses and Strains in a Granular Material

2009  Visualization and Analysis of Microstructure in Three-Dimensional Discrete Numerical Models

2008  Comparison of Runoff Parameterization Schemes with Spatial Heterogeneity across Different Temporal Scales in Semihumid and Semiarid Regions

2008  Digital Mapping of Waterway Hydrodynamics, Banks, and Floodplain Using Imagery

2008  Digital Pipeline Image Scanning and Intelligent Data Management for Sewer Pipelines

2008  Experimental Study of Interfacial Shear Stresses in FRP-Strengthened RC Beams

2008  High Resolution Coastal Data for Hawaii

2008  NewsBriefs: San Francisco Will Have an All-Digital Planetarium

2008  Remote Characterization of Rock Exposures Using Terrestrial LiDAR

2008  Shape-Based Retrieval of Construction Site Photographs

2008  Study of Hydrological Simulation on th eBasis of Digitized Basin

2008  Study on Operation Safeguard System of Digital Urban Railway Transit

2008  Synthesis of Unit Hydrographs from a Digital Elevation Model

2008  Virtual Reality Learning System for Digital Terrain Model Surveying Practice

2007  The Application Norm Research to the Digital Signature Technology of the Hospital Information System

2007  Assessing Flood Hazard Zones in the Absence of Digital Floodplain Maps: Comparison of Alternative Approaches

2007  Calibration of Soil Constitutive Models with Spatially Varying Parameters

2007  Design and Application of the Digital Tracks Management Model on the Sea Based on Agents

2007  Digital Image Analysis in Geotechnical Engineering Education

2007  Digital Image Processing Technique to Indirect Tensile Test of Asphalt Mixtures

2007  Geo-Spatial HSPF Model Creation: Toward a Digital Watershed

2007  Research on Digital Road Traffic Guarantee System

2007  Rock Stars

2007  SLAC Vertical Comparator for the Calibration of Digital Levels

2007  Using Hue, Saturation, and Value Color Space for Hydraulic Excavator Idle Time Analysis

2006  Automated Estimation of Average Stopped Delay at Signalized Intersections using Digitized Still-Image Analysis of Actual Traffic Flow

2006  Digital Form-Finding: A Case Study in Complex Geometry

2006  Dynamic Activity-Travel Diary Data Collection Using a GPS-Enabled Personal Digital Assistant

2006  Effect of Digital Elevation Model (DEM) Resolution on the Hydrological and Water Quality Modeling

2006  Experimental Investigation and Fracture Analysis of Debonding between Concrete and FRP Sheets

2006  Experimental Observation of Shear Deformation Patterns in Sands using Digital Photogrammetry

2006  Exploratory Map Animation for Post-Event Analysis of Wildfire Protective Action Recommendations

2006  Geographic Information Systems/National Elevation Data Route Mileage Verification

2006  Paving the Way to the Vision of Digital Construction: A Strategic Raodmap

2006  Principles and Applications of Digital Photogrammetry for Geotechnical Engineering

2006  Semiautomatic Rock Mass Discontinuity Detection Using Digital Images

2006  Use of Digital Imaging Technique for Studying Strain Localizations

2006  Use of Digital Photography to Analyze Foil Strain Gages on Geosynthetics

2005  Automatic Plotting of Architectural Facades with Multispectral Images

2005  An Automatic Project Progress Monitoring Model by Integrating Auto CAD and Digital Photos