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2015  FE² Method for Coupled Transient Diffusion Phenomena in Concrete

2014  Experiments of Chloride Ingression in Loaded Concrete Members under the Marine Environment

2013  Effective Medium Approach for Evaluating the Oxygen Diffusivity of Concrete

2013  Inverse Analysis of Related Parameters in Calculation of Concrete Drying Shrinkage Based on ANSYS Design Optimization

2012  Analytical Model of Surface Flow on Hillslopes Based on the Zero Inertia Equations

2012  Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling of Chloride Diffusion through Soils

2012  Heat Wave Driven by Nanoscale Mechanical Impact between C60 and Graphene

2012  Influences of Polymer Modification and Exposure Conditions on Chloride Permeability of Cement Mortars and Composites

2012  Modeling the Diffusion of Chloride Ion in Concrete Using Cellular Automaton

2012  Oxygen Permeability of FRP-Concrete Repair Systems

2012  Prediction of the Effective Diffusion Coefficient of Chloride Ions in Cement-Based Composite Materials

2012  Simulating Bromide Transport from Soil to Overland Flow: Application and Evaluation of Interfacial Diffusion-Controlled Model

2012  Using Viscosity Modifiers to Reduce Effective Diffusivity in Mortars

2011  Analytical Solution for Diffusion of VOCs through Composite Landfill Liners

2011  Comparison of Three Air Transport Models for Safety Applications under Diffusive Conditions Using Full-Scale Experimental Data: EPIcode, ALOHA, and SCIPUFF

2011  Coupled Reactive Transport Model for Heat and Density Driven Flow in CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers

2011  Effect of Cold Temperature on the Chloride-Binding Capacity of Cement

2011  Effect of External Loads on Chloride Transport in Concrete

2011  Experimental Measurement of Water Diffusion through Fine Aggregate Mixtures

2011  Experiments on Marine Wastewater Diffusers with Multiport Rosettes

2011  Hydrological Applications of the Approximate Convection-Diffusion Equations

2011  Near-Field Mixing Downstream of a Multiport Diffuser in a Shallow River

2011  Oxygen Permeability of Fiber-Reinforced Polymers

2011  Particle Image Velocimetry Measurements and Numerical Modeling of a Saline Density Current

2011  Solute Transport along Temporally and Spatially Dependent Flows through Horizontal Semi-Infinite Media: Dispersion Proportional to Square of Velocity

2010  Analytical Solutions for Contaminant Diffusion in Double-Layered Porous Media

2010  Contaminant Diffusion, Solubility, and Material Property Differences between HDPE and PEX Potable Water Pipes

2010  Diffusive Transport of VOCs through LLDPE and Two Coextruded Geomembranes

2010  Experimental Measurement and Numerical Simulation of Water Vapor Diffusion through Asphalt Pavement Materials

2010  Service Life Prediction for Concrete Structures by Time-Depth Dependent Chloride Diffusion Coefficient

2009  Influence of High-Permeability Layers for Enhancing Landfill Gas Capture and Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions from Landfills

2009  Sorptive and Reactive Scavenger-Containing Sandwich Membranes as Contaminant Barriers

2008  Analytical Solution for the Chloride Diffusivity of Hardened Cement Paste

2008  Deep Mixing Induced Property Changes in Surrounding Sensitive Marine Clays

2008  Improved Discharge Configurations for Brine Effluents from Desalination Plants

2008  Measurement of Solute Diffusion Behavior in Fractured Waste Glass Media

2008  Metal Transport Parameters of a Gneiss Saprolitic Silty Soil for Liner Design

2008  Numerical Modeling of Contaminant Transport through Soils: Case Study

2008  Outflow Uniformity along a Continuous Manifold

2008  Time-Dependent Dispersivity of Linearly Sorbing Solutes in a Single Fracture with Matrix Diffusion

2007  Buoyant Surface Discharges into Water Bodies. I: Flow Classification and Prediction Methodology

2007  Dissolved Oxygen Downstream of an Effluent Outfall in an Ice-Covered River: Natural and Artificial Aeration

2007  Estimating Transverse Mixing in Open Channels due to Secondary Current-Induced Shear Dispersion

2007  Long-Term Compression Performance of a Pultruded GFRP Element Exposed to Concrete Pore Water Solution

2007  Modeling Laboratory Observations on Stream-Aquifer Interaction

2007  Simulations of Dye Releases off the Coast of New Jersey: Development and Validation of an Ocean Outfall Mixing Model

2006  Application of Fractal Models to Water and Solute Transport in Unsaturated Soils

2006  Aquifer Diffusivity Estimation from Response to Stream Stage Variation

2006  Estimation of Diffusion Coefficients and Solubilities for Organic Solvents Permeation through High-Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

2006  High-Density Polyethylene Membrane Containing Fe0 as a Contaminant Barrier

2006  Microcosm Approach to Study Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyls in Sediment

2006  Monitoring Chemical Diffusion in a Porous Media using Electrical Resistivity Tomography

2006  Numerical Modeling and Analysis of Solute Velocity and Macrodispersion for Linearly and Nonlinearly Sorbing Solutes in a Single Fracture with Matrix Diffusion

2006  Peel and Shear Fracture Characterization of Debonding in FRP Plated Concrete Affected by Moisture

2006  Porochemoelastic Solution for an Inclined Borehole in a Transversely Isotropic Formation

2006  Predicting Residual Strength in Unsaturated Concrete Exposed to Sulfate Attack

2006  Probabilistic Service Life Assessment and Maintenance Planning of Concrete Structures

2006  Quantification of Air Diffusion Through High Air-Entry Ceramic Disks

2006  Removal of Toluene Vapor with Dispersed Activated Carbon

2006  Steady-State Diffusion — Advection by Exponential Finite Elements

2005  Advection, Diffusion, and Sorption Characteristics of Inorganic Chemicals in GCL Bentonite

2005  Analyzing Diffusion by Analogy with Consolidation

2005  Application of an Intraparticle Diffusion Model to Describe the Release of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons from Field Soils

2005  Bench-Scale Investigation of Inclined Dense Jets

2005  BTEX Diffusion and Sorption for a Geosynthetic Clay Liner at Two Temperatures

2005  Composite Damage Models for Diffusivity of Distressed Materials

2005  Diffuse Vs. Localized Instability in Compacting Geomaterials Under Undrained Conditions

2005  Diffusive Behavior of Bedform-Induced Hyporheic Exchange in Rivers

2005  Dispersion in Varying-Geometry Rivers with Application to Methanol Releases

2005  Effect of Surface Fluorination on Diffusion through a High Density Polyethylene Geomembrane

2005  Estimation of Mass Transport Parameters of Organic Compounds through High Density Polyethylene Geomembranes Using a Modified Double-Compartment Apparatus

2005  Field and Laboratory Validation of High-Flow Air Bubbler Mechanics

2005  Fluid-Induced Seismicity: Theory, Modeling, and Applications

2005  Fractional Steps Scheme of Finite Analytic Method for Advection.Diffusion Equation

2005  High-Order Compact Difference Scheme for Convection–Diffusion Problems on Nonuniform Grids

2005  Hydraulic Conductivities and Effective Diffusion Coefficients of Geosynthetic Clay Liners with Organobentonite Amendments

2005  Optimal Design of a Compacted Soil Liner Containing Sorptive Amendments

2005  Oxygen Demand by a Sediment Bed of Finite Length

2005  Porochemothermoelastic Solution for an Inclined Borehole in a Transversely Isotropic Formation

2005  Predicting Longitudinal Dispersion Coefficient in Natural Streams by Artificial Neural Network

2005  Stress Diffusion Experiment in Sand

2005  Three-Dimensional Model for Moisture and Volume Changes Prediction in Expansive Soils

2005  Vertical Dispersion of Fine and Coarse Sediments in Turbulent Open-Channel Flows

2004  Automated Systems for Oxygen Diffusion Measurements in Porous Media at 1g and 0g

2004  Benzene Nonaqueous Phase Liquids Removal under Air-Sparged Conditions

2004  Characteristics Method using Cubic-Spline Interpolation for Advection–Diffusion Equation

2004  Characterizing Polyurethane Foam as a Sink for or Source of Volatile Organic Compounds in Indoor Air

2004  Double Diffusive Effect on Desalination Discharges

2004  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. I: Unstratified Stationary Water

2004  Marine Wastewater Discharges from Multiport Diffusers. II: Unstratified Flowing Water

2004  Method for Calculating the Edge Moisture Variation Distance

2004  Pore Blockage Effects on Atrazine Adsorption in a Powdered Activated Carbon/Membrane System. I: Model Development

2004  Predicting Solute Flux through a Clay Membrane Barrier

2004  Release of Polychlorinated Biphenyls from River Sediment to Water under Low-Flow Conditions: Laboratory Assessment

2003  Anomalous Diffusion as a Way the Stochastic Advection Manifests Itself

2003  Application of FTIR-ATR to Characterization of Bitumen Rejuvenator Diffusion

2003  Aquifer Response to Linearly Varying Stream Stage

2003  Characterization of Cement-Based Materials using Diffuse Ultrasound

2003  Chloride Penetration in Nonsaturated Concrete

2003  Decontamination of Radionuclides from Concrete by Microwave Heating. I: Theory