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Found 64 Records with the keyword term of "Diagnosis"

2015  Diagnosis and Intervention Criteria in Slabs Damaged by Severe Corrosion of Prestressed Joists

2015  In Situ Characterization of Damaging Soluble Salts in Wall Construction Materials

2015  Influence of Design on the Service Life of Pitched Roofs’ Cladding

2015  Inspection, Diagnosis, and Rehabilitation System of Painted Rendered Façades

2014  Automated Diagnostics and Visualization of Potential Energy Performance Problems in Existing Buildings Using Energy Performance Augmented Reality Models

2014  Forensic Diagnosis on Flood-Induced Bridge Failure. II: Framework of Quantitative Assessment

2013  Calculating the Cost of Heating and Cooling Loss for Building Diagnostics Using EPAR (Energy Performance Augmented Reality Models)

2013  Inspection and Diagnosis System for Wood Flooring

2012  Effect of Water on the Degradation of Gypsum Plaster Coatings: Inspection, Diagnosis, and Repair

2012  Fault Diagnosis Method for Marine Hydraulic System

2012  Health Diagnosis Technology for Offshore Oil Pipelines—A Case Study

2012  Nondestructive Quality Control of Reinforced Masonry Buildings

2012  Study Situation and Analysis of Oil and Gas Pipeline Health Detection Technology

2011  Diagnosis and Countermeasures Study on Cross-River Traffic Problem Based on Analysis of Traffic Supply and Demand Coupling

2011  Inspection and Defect Diagnosis System for Natural Stone Cladding

2011  Inspection and Diagnosis of Gypsum Plasterboard Walls

2011  Potential of Transient Tests to Diagnose Real Supply Pipe Systems: What Can Be Done with a Single Extemporary Test

2011  Public Transit Service Bottleneck Diagnosis Index System Based on Automated Data Collection

2011  Standard and Application by Using Non-Contact Magnetic Tomography Method for Pipeline Technical Conditions Diagnosis

2011  Use of Wavelet-Based Damage-Sensitive Features for Structural Damage Diagnosis Using Strong Motion Data

2010  Determination of the Transverse Resistance Characteristics in Railway Track

2010  Fast Transients As a Tool for Partial Blockage Detection in Pipes: First Experimental Results

2010  Identifying Key Factors Affecting Students’ Travel Modes Using the Multi-Perspectives Diagnosis Approach

2010  Inspection and Repair of Ceramic Tiling within a Building Management System

2010  Nondestructive Investigation of Wet Building Material: Multimethodical Approach

2010  Predictive and Diagnostic Load Rating Model of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge

2010  Vehicle Remote Fault Diagnosis and Monitoring System Based on CAN Bus

2009  Identification and Diagnosis of Building Façade Failures

2009  Sensor Fault Detection in Power Plants

2008  Reasoning Mechanism for Construction Nonconformance Root-Cause Analysis

2007  Health Assessment and Maintenance Strategy for Bridge Management Systems: Lessons Learned in Taiwan

2007  PCM in Taiwan: A Diagnosis Knowledge-Base in PCM Plan/Design Phase

2007  Self-Diagnosis and Self-Repair of an Active Tensegrity Structure

2006  Strong Diagonals

2005  Probability-Based Diagnosis of Defective Geotechnical Engineering Structures

2005  Supporting Engineers During System Identification

2005  Using Diagnostic Load Tests for Accurate Load Rating of Typical Bridges

2003  Condition Assessment and Performance of 50-Year Old LCP

2003  Condition Assessment of 60-Inch PCCP in Houston, TX

2003  Condition Assessment of an 84-Inch PCCP, A Case Study

2003  Hydraulic Performance Index of a Sewer Network

2003  Minimal Invasive Methods of Diagnostics and Restoration of Steel Bridges

2003  An Overview of Current and Developing Technologies for Pipe Condition Assessment

2003  Research into a Management System for Diagnosis, Maintenance, and Repair of Concrete Structures

2002  Diagnosis of Reinforced Concrete Structural Damage Base on Displacement Time History Using the Back-Propagation Neural Network Technique

2001  Researchers Develop Remote Diagnostic Systems for Pipes

2001  Smart Online Structural Monitoring and Diagnosis

2001  Structural Health Monitoring and Symptom-Based Reliability

2000  Bayesian Belief Networks for Diagnosing Asphalt Paving Construction Problems

2000  Concrete Deterioration Diagnosis

1999  Progressions in Stator Winding Diagnostic Testing

1997  Diagnostic Evaluation of Turbine Efficiency Profiles and Data

1995  Machine Condition Monitoring

1993  Building Object-Oriented Systems for Diagnostic Problems in Civil Engineering

1993  Masonry Cladding, an Expert System for Distress Diagnosis

1993  PDS: An Expert System for Distress Diagnosis of Flexible Pavements in Taiwan

1993  Shaft Vibration Monitoring on Vertical Units

1992  Cathodic Protection Diagnostics for Corrosion Mitigation of Infrastructure Components

1990  Development of a Deep Knowledge Based Expert System for Structural Diagnostics

1990  Problem Identification Phase in Transportation System Management

1988  Early Detection of Rotor Cracks—Monitoring & Methodology

1988  NSF Debates Diagnostics Without Destruction

1987  A Review of Selected State of the Art Applications of Diagnostic Measurements for Radon Mitigation Planning

1980  Diagnostic Testing of a Bridge