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2015  Durability of FRP Concrete Bonds and Its Constituent Properties under the Influence of Moisture Conditions

2015  Effects of Wetting and Drying Cycles on Thaumasite Formation in Cement Mortars

2015  Geotextile Tube Dewatering

2015  Pore Network Investigation on Hysteresis Phenomena and Influence of Stress State on the SWRC

2015  Possible Role of Simple Ionic Solutions on the Water Transport Kinetics and Mechanical Properties of Hydrated Lime Mortars

2015  Practical Investigation into Two Types of Analyses in Predicting Ground Displacements Due to Dewatering and Excavation

2015  Shrinkage Characteristics of Alkali-Activated Slag Cements

2014  Aspects Related to the Small Strain Shear Modulus Behavior of Compacted Soils Subjected to Wetting and Drying

2014  Consolidation and Hydraulic Conductivity of Oil Sand Mature Fine Tailings Dewatered by Using Super Absorbent Polymer

2014  Effect of Characteristic Lengths of Fracture on Thermal Crack Patterns

2014  Effect of Wet-Dry Cycling on the Mechanical Properties of Stabilized Subgrade Soils

2014  Effects of Water-Binder Ratio and Coarse Aggregate Content on Interior Humidity, Autogenous Shrinkage, and Drying Shrinkage of Concrete

2014  Long-Term Behavior of Lime-Treated Clayey Soil Exposed to Successive Drying and Wetting

2014  Shear Strength of Unsaturated Soils under Multiple Drying-Wetting Cycles

2014  Slope-Stability Charts for Stacked Geotextile Tubes

2014  What Should Be the 95th Percentile Rainfall Event Depths?

2013  Delayed Strains of Cementitious Materials - Impact of Heterogeneities and Creep on Cracking Induced by Drying

2013  Desiccation Shrinkage of Large Structures: Is there a Size Effect?

2013  Development of Comprehensive Platform for the Estimation of Volume Change and Damage in Cementitious Material

2013  Effect of Depth of Desiccation Cracks on Earth Embankments

2013  Evidences of Hierarchy in Cracking of Drying Soils

2013  Experimental Analysis of Drying Shrinkage Cracking in Coating Mortars by Digital Image Correlation

2013  Fragmentation due to Desiccation and Shallow Failures in Clay Slopes

2013  Infinitesimal Shrinkage as Determined by Inverse Analysis Based on Drying and Shrinkage Tests

2013  Influence of Confining Stress on the Effective Stress Parameter

2013  Inverse Analysis of Related Parameters in Calculation of Concrete Drying Shrinkage Based on ANSYS Design Optimization

2013  Long-Term Performance of SMA Mixtures Added with Crumb Rubbers in Dry Process

2013  A Micro-Macro Model for the Mortar with Drying Effect

2013  Micro-Scale Study of Rupture in Desiccating Granular Media

2013  Multi-Scale Approach to Cracking Criteria for Drying Silty Soils

2013  New Methodology for Density and Water Content by Time Domain Reflectometry

2013  Numerical Analysis of Cracking Induced by Drying Shrinkage in Concrete using a Mesoscopic Approach: Influence of Aggregates Restraint and Skin Effect

2013  Origin and Mechanism of Cracks Seen at the Bottom of a Desiccating Soil Specimen

2013  Potential for Desiccation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Used in Barrier Systems

2013  Quantification and Characterization of Temperature Effect on Desiccation Crack Network in Soil

2013  Simulation of Early-Age Cracking due to Drying Shrinkage Based on a Multi-Scale Constitutive Model

2013  Simulation of Time-dependent Tensile Behavior of Concrete under Various Loading and Drying Path

2013  Study of Desiccation Cracks in Soils Using A 2D Laser Scanner

2012  1D–2D Coupled Numerical Model for Shallow-Water Flows

2012  Characterizing Lightweight Aggregate Desorption at High Relative Humidities Using a Pressure Plate Apparatus

2012  Effect of Natural Wollastonite Microfibers on Early-Age Behavior of UHPC

2012  Interior Humidity of Concrete under Dry-Wet Cycles

2012  Municipal Wastewater Sludge Stabilization and Treatment Using Electrochemical Oxidation Technique

2012  Oil Sands MFT Properties and Freeze-Thaw Effects

2012  Rapid Heating of Concrete: Is Spalling an Issue of Poromechanics?

2012  Role of Mixing Energy in the Flocculation of Mature Fine Tailings

2012  Simple Procedure for Determining Long-Term Chemical Shrinkage for Cementitious Systems Using Improved Standard Chemical Shrinkage Test

2012  A Technique to Reduce Moisture Content Using Freeze-Thaw Action in Cold Climatic Conditions

2012  Transient Two-Dimensional Simulation of Real Flood Events in a Mediterranean Floodplain

2011  Comparative Dewatering Performance of Slurries Conditioned with Synthetic Polymers vs. Eco-Friendly Polymers

2011  A Comparison of Test Methods Adopted for Assessing Geotextile Tube Dewatering Performance

2011  Development and Evolution of Key Industry Dewatering Tests (HBT, Cone, RDT, GDT) and Their Accuracy in Predicting Full Scale Results

2011  Dewatering Rock Crushing Fines Using Geotextile Tubes

2011  Effect of GCL Properties on Shrinkage When Subjected to Wet-Dry Cycles

2011  Effects of Temperature and Moisture Gradients on Slab Deformation for Jointed Plain Concrete Pavements

2011  Estimating Hydraulic and Thermal Conductivities of Crushed Granite Using Porosity and Equivalent Particle Size

2011  Experimental Investigation of the Desiccation Cracking Behavior of Soil Layers during Drying

2011  Finite Volume Model for Two-Dimensional Shallow Environmental Flow

2011  High-Strength Geopolymer Using Fine High-Calcium Fly Ash

2011  Influence of Newly Built Tunnel of High-Speed Railway Dewatering Excavation on Existing Tunnel

2011  Investigation of the Cause of Disintegration of Alkali-Activated Slag at Temperature Exposure of 50°C

2011  Investigations of Geotextile Tube Dewatering

2011  A Multi-Scale Multi-Physics Model of Soil Drying

2011  Scaling Characteristics of Precipitation Data over Texas

2011  Shaking Table Tests on Dry and Saturated Sand with Large Embedded Objects

2011  Shrinkage of Polypropylene Fiber-Reinforced High-Performance Concrete

2011  Stop Logs for Emergency Spillway Gate Dewatering

2011  Turn-Key Dewatering Management: Design, Feasibility, and Operations

2011  Use of Cement-Stabilized Granite Mill Tailings as Pavement Subbase

2011  The Value of Chemical Conditioning with Geotextile Tube Dewatering

2010  ADAPTATION: Block 75 Redevelopment Shoring and Dewatering

2010  Analysis of Engineering Properties of Red Clay during Drying Process

2010  Deformation Regularity and Simplified Calculation Method for Foundation Pit with Confined Water during Excavation and Dewatering

2010  Design Framework for Electrokinetically Enhanced Dewatering of Sludge

2010  Effect of Pore-Size Distribution on Shrinkage of Concretes

2010  Evaporation, Unsaturated Flow, and Salt Accumulation in Multilayer Deposits of "Paste" Gold Tailings

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Influence of Moisture on the Bond Behavior of FRP to Concrete Interfaces

2010  Innovative Inspection of Critical Large Diameter PCCP Pipelines without Completely De-Watering and under a River Crossing for Dallas Water Utilities

2010  Modeling Stability of Stacked Geotextile Tubes

2010  Numerical Study of the Effect of Verification Core Hole on the Point Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts

2010  Rheological Characterization of Sludges during Belt Filtration Dewatering Using an Immobilization Cell

2010  Shear Strength Equations for Unsaturated Soil under Drying and Wetting

2010  Soil Water Characteristic Curves of Compacted Clay Subjected to Multiple Wetting and Drying Cycles

2010  SSPRSD Using a Filamentous Fungal Strain Penicillium expansum BS30 Isolated from Wastewater Sludge

2010  Strength Deterioration of Plain and Metakaolin Concretes in Aggressive Sulfate Environments

2010  Structural Stability and Filling Materials on Geotube Dams

2010  Wetting and Drying Unsaturated Soil Moisture Diffusivity Parameters

2009  Deterioration of High Performance Hybrid Fibers Reinforced Expansive Concrete Exposed to Magnesium Sulfate Solution

2009  Dewatering of Tunneling Slurry Waste Using Electrokinetic Geosynthetics

2009  Dry Air Drying Used in Natural Gas Pipeline and Influencing Factors Analysis

2009  Drying Shrinkage Model of Airfield Pavement Concrete in Windy, Dry, and Torrid Regions

2009  Experimental Research on the Combined-Method of Vacuum Well-Point Dewatering and Preloading

2009  Relevance of Expression Phase in Dewatering of Sludge with Chamber Filter Presses

2009  Research on Dry-Shrinkage Performance of Cement-Treated Base Materials

2009  Segregation of the PAH-Contaminated Fraction of Hydraulically Dredged Sediment

2009  Shrinkage Behavior of Foam Concrete

2009  Theoretical Assessment of Increased Tensile Strength of Fibrous Soil Undergoing Desiccation

2009  Trial Research on Cement-stabilized Macadam Anti-crack Evaluation Coefficient Based on Environment and Load

2008  Analysis of Effect of Dewatering with Diaphragm Wall in Xiamen East Passageway

2008  Cracking in Asphalt Concrete under Wet and Dry Conditions