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2015  Applying Method of Moments to Model the Reliability of Deteriorating Performance to Asphalt Pavement under Freeze-Thaw Cycles in Cold Regions

2015  Calibrating Markov Chain-Based Deterioration Models for Predicting Future Conditions of Railway Bridge Elements

2015  Concrete Surface Topography as a Function of Freeze-Thaw Exposure and Abrasive Blasting

2015  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Using Finite-Length Plastic Hinge Force-Based Beam-Column Elements

2015  Determining Remaining Strength Capacity of Deteriorating RC Bridge Substructures

2015  First-Generation ABC System, Evolving Design, and Half a Century of Performance: Michigan Side-by-Side Box-Beam Bridges

2015  Inertial Sensor Sample Rate Selection for Ride Quality Measures

2015  Interactive Effect of Mechanical Fatigue Load and the Fatigue Effect of Freeze-Thaw on Combined Damage of Concrete

2015  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Types by Deterioration Trends

2015  Pavement Deterioration Model Incorporating Unobserved Heterogeneity for Optimal Life-Cycle Rehabilitation Policy

2015  Performance of RC Columns Affected by ASR. I: Accelerated Exposure and Damage

2015  Physics-Based Stochastic Model to Determine the Failure Load of Suspension Bridge Main Cables

2015  Precision Bounds of Pavement Deterioration Forecasts from Connected Vehicles

2015  Precision Bounds of Pavement Distress Localization with Connected Vehicle Sensors

2015  Prediction of Long-Term Bridge Performance: Integrated Deterioration Approach with Case Studies

2015  Risk-Based Maintenance Optimization of Deteriorating Bridges

2015  Seismic Performance of Steel Plate Shear Walls Considering Two Different Design Philosophies of Infill Plates. I: Deterioration Model Development

2015  Updated Inventory and Assessment of Curbs and Gutters in Denver, Colorado

2015  Using Count Data to Model Infrastructure Distress Initiation and Progression

2014  Application of Contemporary Technology to the Rehabilitation of Deteriorated Cooling Towers

2014  Computational Approach for Collapse Assessment of Concentrically Braced Frames in Seismic Regions

2014  Damage Detection on Structures Using Texture Mapped Laser Point Clouds

2014  Damage/Deterioration Detection for Steel Structures Using Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Sensors

2014  Decision Model for Repair Prioritization of Reinforced-Concrete Structures

2014  Detection of Localized Deterioration Distributed along Single Pipelines by Reconstructive MOC Analysis

2014  Development of a Long-Term Bridge Element Performance Model Using Elman Neural Networks

2014  Development of an Integrated Method for Probabilistic Bridge-Deterioration Modeling

2014  Development of Load Rating Procedure for Railroad Flatcar Bridges through Use of Field Instrumentation. I: Data Collection and Analysis

2014  Development of Load Rating Procedure for Railroad Flatcar Bridges through Use of Field Instrumentation. II: Procedure Development

2014  Disaster Resilience of Drinking Water Infrastructure Systems to Multiple Hazards

2014  Effect of Deck Deterioration on Overall System Behavior, Resilience and Remaining Life of Composite Steel Girder Bridges

2014  Effect of Deterioration on the Performance of Corrugated Steel Culverts

2014  Effects of Delamination on the Performance of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2014  Effects of Simulated Corrosion and Delamination on Response of Two-Way Slabs

2014  Explaining Heterogeneity in Pavement Deterioration: Clusterwise Linear Regression Model

2014  Fatigue Reliability Assessment of Deteriorated Bridges under Vehicle Dynamic Impacts

2014  A General Framework for Probabilistic Risk-Based Optimization of Life-Cycle Management of Infrastructure Systems under Gradual and Sudden Deterioration

2014  Graphitization Effects on High Temperature Ductwork

2014  Inspection and Nondestructive Evaluation of Concrete Bridge with Environmental Deterioration

2014  Investigation of Material Improvements to Mitigate the Effects of the Abrasion Mechanism of Concrete Crosstie Rail Seat Deterioration

2014  Life-Cycle Performance of Structural Systems under Uncertainty

2014  Life-Time Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Highway Bridges Under Deterioration Processes

2014  Operational Structural Performances of Bridge Materials by Deterioration Trends

2014  Optimization of Life-Cycle Maintenance of Deteriorating Bridges with Respect to Expected Annual System Failure Rate and Expected Cumulative Cost

2014  Performance Evaluation of Different Repair Concretes Proposed for an Existing Deteriorated Jetty Structure

2014  Performance of NDT Technologies in Detection and Characterization of Reinforced Concrete Deck Deterioration

2014  Potential Deicer Effects on Concrete Bridge Decks: Developing Exposure Maps

2014  Study on the Performance Deterioration of Asphalt Overlays on Rigid Runway Pavement- Case Study at Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

2014  Sulfur Storage Pits in Petrochemical Plants: Deterioration Mechanism, Materials Selection, and Repair

2013  Application of Gamma Process for Building Deterioration Prediction

2013  Assessment of Extent of Capacity Loss in Deteriorated Highway Bridges

2013  Assessment of Risk Using Bridge Element Condition Ratings

2013  The Challenge of Replacing Existing Infrastructure

2013  Collapse Assessment of Steel Moment Frames Based on E-Defense Full-Scale Shake Table Collapse Tests

2013  Comparative Experimental Performance of Bridge Deck Slabs with AFRP and Steel Precast Panels

2013  Comparison of Markov Chain and Semi-Markov Models for Crack Deterioration on Flexible Pavements

2013  Concrete Deterioration Mechanisms under Combined Sulfate Attack and Flexural Loading

2013  Corrosion Assessment of RC Deck in a Jetty Structure Damaged by Chloride Attack

2013  Crossroads between Trenchless Construction and Contaminated Ground Conditions

2013  C-STM Modeling of Bridge Piers without and with ASR/DEF Deterioration

2013  Decision Tree-Based Deterioration Model for Buried Wastewater Pipelines

2013  Detection of Distributed Deterioration in Single Pipes Using Transient Reflections

2013  Detection Without Danger

2013  Deterioration Prediction of Timber Bridge Elements Using the Markov Chain

2013  Determining the Internal Wall Condition of a Water Pipeline in the Field Using an Inverse Transient

2013  Development and Utilization of Structural Component Databases for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

2013  Effects of Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Seawater Corrosion on the Behavior of Reinforced Air-Entrained Concrete Beams with Persistent Loads

2013  External and Internal Corrosion of Large-Diameter Cast Iron Mains

2013  Forensic Investigation of Deteriorated Concrete in Plantation East Culverts, City of Benbrook, Texas

2013  Fuzzy- versus Simulation-Based Life-Cycle Cost for Sewer Rehabilitation Alternatives

2013  Hazard-Based Optimum Lifetime Inspection and Repair Planning for Deteriorating Structures

2013  Health Monitoring and Bayesian Updating of Deteriorating Bridge Infrastructures

2013  Ingenious Infill

2013  Integrating Semiparametric and Parametric Models in Survival Analysis of Bridge Element Deterioration

2013  Large Diameter Penstock Condition Assessment & Replacement: Two Case Studies

2013  Markovian Bridge Maintenance Planning Incorporating Corrosion Initiation and Nonlinear Deterioration

2013  Material Condition and Deterioration Assessment Program for a 3rd Century Roman Temple

2013  Modeling of Pavement Deterioration in Cold Regions

2013  Numerical Modeling of High-Speed Train/Track System to Assess Track Vibrations and Settlement Prediction

2013  Numerically and Experimentally Based Reliability Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Subjected to Chloride-Induced Deterioration

2013  Operational Structural Performance of Bridge Types by Areas

2013  Reliability-Based Dynamic Amplification Factor on Stress Ranges for Fatigue Design of Existing Bridges

2013  Retroreflectivity and Deterioration Characteristics of Sheeting Used for In-Service Guide Signs

2013  Risk-Based Approach for Optimum Maintenance of Bridges under Traffic and Earthquake Loads

2013  Service Life Predicting of Dam Systems with Correlated Failure Modes

2013  Simulating Freight Traffic between Atlantic Canada and Québec to Support Pavement Management on New Brunswick’s Regional Highways

2013  Time-Variant Strength Capacity Model for GFRP Bars Embedded in Concrete

2013  Use of Aggressivity Functions in the Dimensioning of Simple-Span HSR Bridges

2012  Application of Fuzzy Concepts to the Visual Assessment of Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Structures

2012  Assessment of Deteriorated Concrete Cover by Combined While-Drilling Techniques

2012  Computational Modeling of Fatigue Performance of an Integrated Crosstie System for Advanced Rapid Transit

2012  Cracking Risks, Durability, and Life-cycle Costs for RC Bridges Subject to Carbonation-induced Corrosion

2012  Cross-Entropy as an Optimization Method for Bridge Condition Transition Probability Determination

2012  Damage Evaluation for Concrete Bridge Deck by Means of Stress Wave Techniques

2012  Deterioration of Wood Structures—Basic Forensic Considerations

2012  The Development of a Novel Steel Reinforced Composite (SRC) Liner for the Rehabilitation of Deteriorated PCCP

2012  Effects of Instantaneous Live Load on the Performance of Constructed Concrete Members in Cold Regions

2012  Estimating Residual Strength of Deteriorated 96" Interceptor and Strength Enhancement Provided by Lining Methods Using Computer Modeling and Forensic Investigation Tools

2012  The Influence of Climate on Libyan Roads Deterioration

2012  Instantaneous Load Intensities Incorporated with a Cold Region Environment for CFRP-Confined Concrete in Axial Compression