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Found 61 Records with the keyword term of "Deserts"

2014  Measuring Fatigue Damages from an Instrumented Pavement Section due to Day-Night and Yearly Temperature Rise and Fall in Desert Land of the West

2014  News2Note

2012  Ancient Refrigerator (Earth Architecture): A Sustainable Solution to Desert Architecture in Iran—Case Study in Kerman

2012  Daylighting Efficiency of External Perforated Solar Screens: Effect of Screen Axial Rotation under Clear Skies

2012  Effectiveness of External Wall Shading in Reducing the Energy Consumption of Desert Buildings

2012  The Mojave Subsurface Bio-Geochemistry Explorer (MOSBE)

2012  Multiple Innovations for Enhanced Nitrogen Removal—The Hobbs WWTP Transformation

2012  Parameter Estimation Method and Updating of Regional Prediction Equations for Ungaged Sites for the Desert Region of California

2012  Recycled Water for the Thirsty High Desert

2012  Study on the Wind Erosion Resistance Ability and Slope Stability of a Wind-Eroded Desert Roadbed

2010  Management, Design, and Development of Irrigation System in Desert Regions Case Study: Bagh-E-Shazdeh (Prince Garden)

2010  Water Planning under an Unsustainable Condition: Challenges for the Laguna Region, Mexico

2009  Integrated Management of a Finite Water Supply in the Desert

2009  Pre-Study of Leaking Fault of the Oil Pipelines in Maowusu Desert Areas

2009  The Role of the Clast Layer of Desert Pavement in Rainfall-Runoff Processes

2008  Conquering the Arizona Desert: The Theodore Roosevelt Dam

2008  Egyptian Collapsible Soils and Their Improvement

2007  Study on Problems in Sand Consolidation Measures for the Taklimakan Desert Highway

2006  Coupled Environmental Processes in the Mojave Desert and Implications for ET Covers as Stable Landforms

2006  Evaluation of the Bearing Capacity of Compacted Desert Sands

2006  Numerical Simulation of Depleted Uranium Transport in a Desert Environment using a Distributed Parameter Watershed Model

2006  Pressuremeter Testing for Electric Power Transmission Line Structure Foundations in Desert Southwest Soils

2006  Salt Encrusted Desert Flats (Sabkha): Problems, Challenges and Potential Solutions

2006  Value of Instream Recreation in the Sonoran Desert

2005  Characterization of Desert Karst Terrain in Kuwait and the Eastern Coastline of the Arabian Penninsula

2005  Evapotranspiration of Turfgrass Located Adjacent to a Fallow Desert Soil: A Quantitative Assessment of the ”Edge Effect”

2005  San Control Measures and Sand Drift Fences

2005  Use of In Situ Tests to Design Drilled Shafts in Dense and Cemented Soils

2005  Use of In Situ Tests to Design Drilled Shafts in Dense and Cemented Soils

2004  Arable Lands Lost to Erosion Near Beijing, China: Restoration with Municipal Waste

2004  Desertification in Sunite Steppe of Inner Mongolia, China

2004  Desertification of Northeast Tibetan Plateau Grassland and Its Significance

2003  Tapping the Desert

2002  Wastewater: Grand Canyon Treatment Plant Accommodates Desert Conditions

2001  Pavement Design in Takalimakan Desert

1996  Conjunctive Water Use Transforms a California Desert

1996  Dormant Season Alfalfa Water Balance on the NIIP

1996  Prediction of Bed-Load Transport by Desert Flash Floods

1996  Visualizing the Flow

1995  Dealing with Rapid Growth in the Desert Southwest - Las Vegas, Tucson, and Phoenix: A Case Study

1995  Integrated Water Resource Planning in Las Vegas

1995  “Rainfall and Runoff for Southwestern Desert Watersheds: A Characterization”

1994  The Case for Southern Nevada’s Thirst

1994  Characterization of a Desert Soil Sequence at Yucca Mountian, NV

1994  Problems with Indirect Determinations of Peak Streamflows in Steep, Desert Stream Channels

1993  Selected Precipitation Characteristics in Antelope Valley, Mojave Desert, CA

1990  Arabian Desert Challenges Airport Builders

1990  Design Cloudburst and Flash Flood Methodology for the Western Mojave Desert, California

1990  Rainfall-Runoff Forecasting of Desert Flash Floods

1989  Cropland Measurement Using Thematic Mapper Data and Radiometric Model

1988  Early Days of the Long Range Desert Group (1945)

1988  The Movement of Desert Sand (1936)

1988  Structures Beyond Tomorrow

1979  Pipelines in Adverse Desert Environment

1979  Pipelining in the Desert

1979  Problems of Pipelines in Indian Deserts

1978  The Greening of the Desert: What Cost to Farmers—

1975  Large Scale Laboratory Direct Shear Tests on Desert Alluvium

1972  Irrigation Practices in Desert Regions of Chile

1968  The Place of Sprinkler Irrigation in The Automation of Desert Agriculture

1930  Water Supply Problems of a Desert Region