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2014  Baltimore Facility Will Feature World’s Largest Denitrification Filter System

2014  Enhanced Nitrogen Removal by Rice Husk Amended Dynamic Membrane Bioreactors

2013  Modeling and Calibration of Drainage Denitrification Bioreactor Design Criteria

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. I: Model Development

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. II: Model Application

2012  Laboratory Investigation of Ammonium and Nitrate Removal in Vertical-Flow Regimes in Planted and Unplanted Wetland Columns

2011  Influence of COD/N Ratios on Simultaneous Removal of C and N Compounds in Biological Wastewater Treatment in Sequencing Fed-Batch Reactor and Kinetic Analysis

2011  Pilot-Scale Evaluation of Denitrification Drainage Bioreactors: Reactor Geometry and Performance

2011  Potential Design Methodology for Agricultural Drainage Denitrification Bioreactors

2010  Aerobic Methane Oxidation Coupled to Denitrification: Kinetics and Effect of Oxygen Supply

2010  Distribution of the Microbial Community Structure in Sulfur-Based Autotrophic Denitrification Columns

2010  Effect of Dynamic Loading on Biological Nutrient Removal in a Pilot-Scale Liquid-Solid Circulating Fluidized Bed Bioreactor

2010  Hydraulic Test of a Bioretention Media Carbon Amendment

2010  Performance of Nitrogen-Removing Bioretention Systems for Control of Agricultural Runoff

2010  Reclamation of Tile Effluent: Denitrifying Woodchip Bioreactors

2010  Simultaneous Desulfurization and Denitrification by Microwave Catalytic over FeCoCu/Zeolite 5A Catalyst

2009  Denitrifying Bioreactors for Treatment of Tile Drainage

2009  Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal from High-Strength Industrial Wastewater Using Aerobic Granular Sludge

2009  Stimulating In Situ Hydrogenotrophic Denitrification with Membrane-Delivered Hydrogen under Passive and Pumped Groundwater Conditions

2008  Enhancing Rain Garden Design to Promote Nitrate Removal via Denitrification

2008  Investigation of Denitrification Kinetics Using Various Carbon Sources in Sequencing Batch Reactors at Cold Temperature

2008  Nutrient Retention in Mature Vegetated Bioretention Systems under Elevated Nutrient Loads

2008  Nutrient Retention in Vegetated and Nonvegetated Bioretention Mesocosms

2008  Optimization of Internal Bypass Ratio for Complete Ammonium and Phosphate Removal in a Dephanox-Type Two-Sludge Denitrification System

2008  Overview of the Field Test of Innovative On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems during the La Pine National Demonstration Project

2007  Horizontal-Flow Biofilm System with Step Feed for Nitrogen Removal

2007  Kinetics of Phosphorus Release and Uptake in a Membrane-Assisted Biological Phosphorus Removal Process

2007  Nitrogen Removal in Recirculating Sand Filter Systems with Upflow Anaerobic Components

2007  Single-Submerged Attached Growth Bioreactor for Simultaneous Removal of Organics and Nitrogen

2007  Strategy for Complete Nitrogen Removal in Bioreactor Landfills

2006  Capability of Immobilized Mix Culture Technique as a Bio-Eco Engineering for River Basin Management

2006  Combined Removal of Carbon and Nitrogen in an Integrated UASB-Jet Loop Reactor Bioreactor System

2006  Contrasting the Benefits of Primary Clarification versus Prefermentation in Activated Sludge Biological Nutrient Removal Systems

2006  Development of a Response Surface for Prediction of Nitrate Removal in Sulfur — Limestone Autotrophic Denitrification Fixed-Bed Reactors

2006  Effect of Metallic Iron Concentration on End-Product Distribution during Metallic Iron-Assisted Autotrophic Denitrification

2006  Enhancement of Denitrification in Upflow Sludge Bed Reactors with Sludge Wasting

2006  Initial Alkalinity Requirement and Effect of Alkalinity Sources in Sulfur-Based Autotrophic Denitrification Barrier System

2006  Nitrogen Transformations during Soil–Aquifer Treatment of Wastewater Effluent — Oxygen Effects in Field Studies

2006  Operational Optimization and Mass Balances in a Two-Stage MBR Treating High Strength Pet Food Wastewater

2006  Simultaneous Removal of Organic Matter and Nitrogen Compounds in Autoaerated Biofilms

2005  Optimization of Biological Nutrient Removal in a Membrane Bioreactor System

2005  Simultaneous Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in a Continuously Fed and Aerated Membrane Bioreactor

2005  Simultaneous Wastewater Nutrient Removal by a Novel Hybrid Bioprocess

2005  Zero-Valent Iron-Assisted Autotrophic Denitrification

2004  Spatial Distribution of Ions in Groundwater under Agricultural Land

2004  Treatment of High Nitrate-Containing Wastewaters by Sequential Heterotrophic and Autotrophic Denitrification

2003  Four-Substrate Design Model for Single Sludge Predenitrification System

2003  Influence of COD:N:P Ratio on Nitrogen and Phosphorus Removal in Fixed-Bed Filter

2003  Nitrogen Removal using Combined Ultracompact Biofilm Reactor-Packed Bed System

2003  Optimizing Bio-retention Design to Improve Denitrification in Commercial Site Runoff

2003  Oxidation-Reduction Potential as a Monitoring Tool in a Low Dissolved Oxygen Wastewater Treatment Process

2002  Case Study of Aeration Performance under Changing Process Conditions

2002  Effect of Dissolved Oxygen on Oxic/Anoxic Diauxic Lag of P. denitrificans

2002  Mathematical Modeling of Encapsulated Buffer Performance in Sand Columns

2002  Modeling Enhanced In Situ Denitrification in Groundwater

2002  Nitrate Removal in Sulfur: Limestone Pond Reactors

2001  Anoxic Biological Phosphorus Uptake/Release with High/Low Intracellular Polymers

2001  Model-Based Evaluation of Denitrifying P Removal in Two-Sludge System

2001  Nitrification/Denitrification in Intermittent Aeration Process for Swine Wastewater Treatment

2001  Reaction Kinetics of Immobilized-Cell Denitrification. I: Background and Model Development

2001  Reaction Kinetics of Immobilized-Cell Denitrification. II: Experimental Study

2001  SBR System for Phosphorus Removal: ASM2 and Simplified Linear Model

2001  Soil Nitric Oxide Emissions from Nitrification and Denitrification

2001  Sulfur, A Plausible Contributor to Microbial Denitrification in Lightly Loaded Constructed Treatment Wetlands?

2001  Use of Sequencing Batch Reactor for Biological Denitrification of High Nitrate-Containing Water

2000  A Characteristic Solution to Nitrate Transport and Fate in Ground Water in Agricultural Watersheds

2000  Fertilizer 15N Presence in Lysimeter Drainage Water

2000  Improvement of Submerged Biofilter Process by Bioelectrochemical Method

2000  Intracellular Polymers in Aerobic Sludge of Sequencing Batch Reactors

2000  Performance Enhancement of SBR Applying Real-Time Control

1999  Acetate Limitation and Nitrite Accumulation during Denitrification

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Editor’s Note

1999  Implementation of a Successful Nitrogen Removal Program at the Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment (AWT) Plant in Washington, D.C.

1999  Interactions of Methanogens and Denitrifiers in Degradation of Phenols

1999  Nitrate Removal with Sulfur-Limestone Autotrophic Denitrification Processes

1999  Single-Sludge Nitrogen Removal Model: Calibration and Verification

1998  Biological Nutrient Removal from Dairy Wastewater

1998  Biological Treatment of a Seafood Processing Wastewater

1998  Measurement of Denitrification Rates in a Constructed Wetland Receiving Municipal Solid Waste Landfill Leachate

1998  Nitrogen Removal in Intermittently Aerated Biofilm Airlift Reactor

1998  Plant Converts to Nitrification-Denitrification System

1998  Remediation of Nitrate Contaminated Surface Water Using Sulfur and Limestone Autotrophic Denitrification

1998  Vinegar and Bacteria Remove Nitrates

1998  Wastewater Treatment with Zero Dissolved Oxygen

1997  Comparison between Anaerobic-Anoxic-Oxic and Anoxic-Oxic Systems for Coke Plant Wastewater Treatment

1997  Control of External Carbon Addition to Predenitrifying Systems

1997  Enhanced TEX Biodegradation in Nutrient Briquet-Peat Barrier System

1997  Environmental Impacts of Nutrient Removal Processes: Case Study

1997  New Sensor Based on pH Effect of Denitrification Process

1997  Nitrate Removal from Drinking Water—Review

1997  Posttreatment of Effluent from Coke-Plant Wastewater Treatment System in Sequencing Batch Reactors

1997  Water Table Depth and Rainfall Timing Effect on BR– and NO3– Transport

1996  Anaerobic Biodegradation of High Energetics in Digestion Sewage Sludge

1996  Denitrification Incorporating Microporous Membranes

1996  Editor’s Note

1996  Evaluation of the Nitrogen Cycle in a Tidal Flat

1996  Production of Nitrous Oxide Gas under Sequencing Batch Reactor System

1995  Aerated Anoxic Oxidation-Denitrification Process

1995  Development of Methodology for the Optimal Operation of Soil Aquifer Treatment Systems