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2015  Causes of Delay in Construction Projects in the Oil and Gas Industry in the Gulf Cooperation Council Countries: A Case Study

2015  Fuzzy Assessment Model to Estimate the Probability of Delay in Turkish Construction Projects

2015  Revisiting U.K. Delay and Disruption Protocol: Distinguished Features for Contract Drafting

2015  Role of Communication and Coordination in Project Success: Case Study

2014  Analysis of Causes of Delay and Time Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Delay Time Model at Unsignalized Intersections

2014  Design and Validation of Novel Teleoperation Rendezvous and Docking System

2014  Root-Cause Analysis of Construction-Cost Overruns

2014  Time At Large within the Common Law Legal System: Application to Standard Forms of Contract

2014  Understanding Construction Delay Analysis and the Role of Preconstruction Programming

2013  Causes of Construction Delays for Engineering Projects: An Egyptian Perspective

2013  Contract Administration Guidelines for Effectively and Efficiently Applying Different Delay Analysis Techniques under World Bank-Funded Projects

2013  Discussion of Passenger-Dedicated Line Station Operating Plan Adjustment Method

2013  Engineer Faces Potential Liability for Contractor’s Project Delays

2013  Estimation of Delay Induced by Downstream Operations at Signalized Intersections over Extended Control Time

2013  Influence of Project and Marketing Management on Delays, Penalties, and Project Quality in Slovene Organizations in the Construction Industry

2013  Left-Turning Conflict Delay Models under Straight-Line Priority

2013  Method to Implement Delayed Product Differentiation in Construction of High-Rise Apartment Building Projects

2013  Need for Alternative Research Approaches in Construction Management: Case of Delay Studies

2013  Nonlinear Analysis for the Lateral Vibration of Footbridges Induced by Pedestrians

2013  Optimum Design Strategy for H∞ Control of Time-Delayed Direct Velocity Feedback Systems

2013  Quantification of Delay Factors Using the Relative Importance Index Method for Construction Projects in Turkey

2013  Road Transition Zones between the Rural and Urban Environment: Evaluation of Speed and Traffic Performance Using a Microsimulation Approach

2012  Applying Delay Analysis Techniques to the World Bank Funded Projects

2012  Causes of Delay in Road Construction Projects

2012  Empirical Assessment of the Likelihood and Duration of Highway Project Time Delays

2012  Modified Isolated Delay Type Technique

2012  Modified Time Impact Analysis Method

2012  New Approach to Model Material-Related Problems Contributing to Project Delays Using Rotational Fuzzy Set

2012  Research on Delay Diffusion Critical Value and Mode in Logistics Network

2012  Research on Intersection Signal Timing Model Considering Emissions Effects

2012  Study of Setting Conditions of Bus Bay Stop of Single Driveway

2012  Throughput Capacity Estimation for Convoy Movement in Linked Roads

2011  Computerizing ICBF Method for Schedule Delay Analysis

2011  Concurrent Delays and Apportionment of Damages

2011  Development and Validation of Arrival-Based Uniform Delay Models for Oversaturated Signalized Intersections

2011  Positive Research on Flight Delays Based on Data Mining

2011  A Regression Car-Following Model Based on Time Delay Differential Equation on Expressway

2011  Study of Queue Length and Delay Calculation Based on Taxi GPS Data

2011  A Traffic Capacity Improvement Example of Urban Road Intersection

2010  Analysis of Adverse Weather for Excusable Delays

2010  Causes, Effects, Benefits, and Remedies of Change Orders on Public Construction Projects in Oman

2010  Causes of Delay in the Planning and Design Phases for Construction Projects

2010  Critical Concerns of Production Control System on Projects with Labor Constraints: Lessons from a Residential Case Study

2010  Delay Correlation of Mechanical Hysteresis and Damping

2010  Delay Function for Signalized Intersections in Traffic Assignment Models

2010  Free and Secure Trade Commercial Vehicle Crossing Times at the Pacific Highway Port of Entry

2010  Freeway Traffic Incident Delay Analysis Based on Toll Data

2010  An Improved Model for Signalized Intersections

2010  Integrated Framework for Quantifying and Predicting Weather-Related Highway Construction Delays

2010  Intersection Signal Timing Method Based on the Optimization of Average People Delay

2010  A Multiple Attributive Decision–Making Method for the Number of Lanes Based on Delay Cost

2010  The Reasoning Process of Qualitative Reasoning Model of Pedestrian Disturbing Delay

2010  Revisiting Delay Model of Signalized Intersections

2010  Study on Unsignalized Access Points Using Microscopic Traffic Simulation

2010  Time Delay of Earthquake Excitation in High-Rise Building

2010  Train Dynamic Model of Delay Propagation in Railway Operation

2009  The Analysis of the Vehicle Delay Model Using Comprehensive Method

2009  Avoiding and Mitigating Delay and Disruption Claims Conflict: Role of Precontract Negotiation

2009  The Comparison of Three Getting Signal Control Delay Video Methods at Signalized Intersection

2009  Consultants’ Perceptions on Construction Delay Analysis Methodologies

2009  Contractual Approach for Facilitating the Resolution of Dispute over a Contractor’s Failure to Comply with Time Limit for Notice of Delays

2009  Experimental Studies on Real-Time Testing of Structures with Elastomeric Dampers

2009  How to Determine Construction Project Rain Delay Times Using Local Rainfall Databases in Asheville, NC

2009  Impacts of Intercycle Demand Fluctuations on Delay

2009  Isolated Collapsed But-For Delay Analysis Methodology

2009  Microscopic Analysis of Service Delay at Uncontrolled Intersections in Mixed Traffic Conditions

2009  Modeling Airport Operations Affected by a Large-Scale Disruption

2009  Monitoring of Construction Performance Using Daily Progress Photograph Logs and 4D As-Planned Models

2009  NewsBriefs: Flight Delays Expected to Worsen as Economy Improves

2009  Public Transport Incident Prediction Method by Road Traffic Delays

2009  Railway Timetable Optimization Using Non-Proportional Distributed Allowance Arrangement Method

2009  Scheduling Landings Using Ant Algorithm within Two Separation Standards

2009  Solving the Train Delay Problem with the Periodic Train Diagram

2009  A Study on the Bus Delay Model at Bus Stops

2009  Synopses of Court Verdicts: Clear and Unambiguous Language of the Contract Nixes Delay Claim

2008  The Airfield System Capacity Evaluation and Delay Analysis Based on Simmod Simulation

2008  Analysis Methods in Time-Based Claims

2008  Assessing Construction Engineering-Related Delays: Egyptian Perspective

2008  Causes of Delay in Building Construction Projects in Egypt

2008  Delay Analysis under Multiple Baseline Updates

2008  Delay Analysis within Construction Contracting Organizations

2008  FLORA: New Forensic Schedule Analysis Technique

2008  General Regression Neural Network Method for Delay Modeling in Dynamic Network Loading

2008  Improvement of Slot Assignment Algorithms in Ground Delay Program Enhancements

2008  Liquidated Damages: Review of Current State of the Practice

2008  A Model to Predict the Impact of Excusable and Non-Excusable Delay on Selected Construction Projects

2008  Piecewise Optimum Delay Estimation for Intersection Control

2007  Alternative for Quantifying Field-Overhead Damages

2007  Analyze Bus Delay Severity Using Ordered Probit Model

2007  Dealing with Stochastic Dependence in the Modeling of Train Delays and Delay Propagation

2007  Delay Time Analysis in Microtunneling Projects

2007  Developments in the Analysis of Extensions of Time

2007  Schedule Analysis under the Effect of Resource Allocation

2007  Semiactive Control of Nonlinear Isolated Bridges with Time Delay

2007  Train Delay Propagation Simulation in Rail Transit System

2007  Using Time-Delay Neural Network Combined with Genetic Algorithms to Predict Runoff Level of Linshan Watershed, Sichuan, China

2007  Vehicle Delay Model with Colony of Pedestrian Signal Noncompliance at Signalized Intersections in Developing Cities

2006  Avoiding and Minimizing Construction Delay Claim Disputes in Relational Contracting

2006  Compaction Delay Effects on Properties of Lime-Treated Soil