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Found 69 Records with the keyword term of "Delaminating"

2015  Introduction of a Stress State Criterion to Predict Bond Strength between FRP and Concrete Substrate

2014  Buckling Delamination of a Rectangular Viscoelastic Sandwich Plate Containing Interface Inner Cracks

2014  Damage and Failure of Laminated Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Composite under Low-Velocity Impact

2014  Detection of Delamination in Concrete Bridge Decks by Joint Amplitude and Phase Analysis of Ultrasonic Array Measurements

2014  Effects of Delamination on the Performance of Two-Way Reinforced Concrete Slabs

2014  Macromechanical Approach to Modeling Barely Visible Damage in Braided Composites

2014  Mechanics-Based Approach for Modeling Delamination of Fire Insulation from Steel Structures

2013  Analytical Solution of Interface Shear Stresses in Externally Bonded FRP-Strengthened Concrete Beams

2013  Buckling of Asymmetrically Delaminated Three-Dimensional Twisted Composite Beam: Exact Solution

2013  Comparison of NDT Methods for Assessment of a Concrete Bridge Deck

2013  Improved Interpretation of Vibration Responses from Concrete Delamination Defects Using Air-Coupled Impact Resonance Tests

2012  Nondestructive Bridge Deck Testing with Air-Coupled Impact-Echo and Infrared Thermography

2011  Bending of Delaminated Composite Conoidal Shells under Uniformly Distributed Load

2011  Hail Impact Characteristics of a Hybrid Material by Advanced Analysis Techniques and Testing

2011  Stability Analysis of Composite Plates with Through-the-Width Delamination

2011  Z-Pin Composites: Aerospace Structural Design Considerations

2010  Effects of Solar Loading on Infrared Imaging of Subsurface Features in Concrete

2010  Interface Behavior of a Bimaterial Plate under Dynamic Loading

2010  Local Delamination Buckling of Laminated Composite Beams Using Novel Joint Deformation Models

2010  Measurement and Analysis of PCCP Wire Breaks, Slips, and Delaminations

2009  Fracture Behavior of Multidirectional DCB Specimen: Higher-Order Beam Theories

2009  Interfacial Fracture Mechanics Approach to Delamination Resistance between Cement-Based Materials

2009  Laboratory Investigation of Influencing Factors on Early-Age Delamination in CRC Pavements

2009  Tensile Behavior of FRP Anchors in Concrete

2007  Concrete Delamination Caused by Steel Reinforcement Corrosion

2004  Recurrent Single Delaminated Beam Model for Vibration Analysis of Multidelaminated Beams

2002  Risks of Cracking and Delamination in Patch Repair

2001  Comparison of Inorganic and Organic Matrices for Strengthening of RC Beams with Carbon Sheets

2001  Delamination Failure in Concrete Beams Retrofitted with a Bonded Plate

2001  Delamination Failure of RC Beams Strengthened with FRP Strips—A Closed-Form High-Order and Fracture Mechanics Approach

2001  External FRP PostStrengthening of Scaled Concrete Slabs

2000  Buckling of Delaminated Composite Beams with Shear Deformation Effect

2000  Delamination Buckling and Growth in Rings under Pressure

2000  Ground-Penetrating Radar for Network Level Concrete Deck Repair Management

2000  Overlay for Concrete Segmental Box-Girder Bridges

2000  Seismic Methods in Post Construction Condition Monitoring of Bridge Decks

1999  Exacting Renovation

1999  PVDF Film Sensor and Its Applications in Damage Detection

1999  Rehabilitation of Tunnel Liners with Shotcrete

1998  Buckling of Unilaterally Constrained Infinite Plates

1998  Contribution of Externally Bonded FRP to Shear Capacity of RC Flexural Members

1998  Investigating Performance of Bonded Concrete Overlays

1997  Cyclic Behavior of Steel-Fiber Mortar Overlaid Concrete Beams

1997  What’s Ailing Palau Bridge?

1996  Bridge Monitoring Using An Optical Fibers Sensor System

1996  Delamination Modes in Composite Plates

1994  Cyclic Testing of Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Plastic Beam-Column Rigid Connection

1994  Late Stage Damage in G30-500/PMR-15 Laminates

1994  Rigid Pavement Rehabilitation at the San Marcos Municipal Airport, San Marcos, Texas

1994  Snap Buckling of a Delaminated Layer in a Composite Cylinder

1993  Coating Delamination by Radial Tension in Prestressed Concrete Pipe. I: Experiments

1993  Coating Delamination by Radial Tension in Prestressed Concrete Pipe. II: Analysis

1993  Delamination Effect on Flutter of Homogeneous Laminated Plates

1993  Preventing Coating Delamination in Prestressed Concrete Pipe

1993  Thermal and Fatigue Behavior of Polymer Concrete Overlaid Beams

1992  Analysis of Delamination of Post-Tensioned Silos

1992  Macromodeling of Complex Composites

1991  Analysis of Delamination Onset and Growth in Curved Laminates

1991  Characterizing Mode I Fatigue Delamination of Composite Materials

1991  Delamination Analysis for Laminated Composites. I: Fundamentals

1991  Delamination Analysis for Laminated Composites. II: Numerical Verification

1991  Interlaminar Fracture Toughness Test: Traditional and Modified

1991  NYC Tunnel First With Cathodic Protection

1990  Interlaminar Fracture of Composites Under Tension and Compression

1989  Evaluation and Remediation of Construction Defects in Tilt Wall Panels

1988  Simple and Generalized Residual Strength Model for Damaged Composites

1986  On Thermal Blistering of FRP Chimney Liners

1983  On Stress Singularities in Laminated Composites

1979  Inelastic Shear Instability in Composite Materials Under Compression