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2014  Aging of High-Density Polyethylene Geomembranes of Three Different Thicknesses

2014  Biodegradation of Sulfamethazine by Activated Sludge: Lab-Scale Study

2014  Comparative Analysis of Idaho and Micro-Deval Aggregate Degradation Test Methods

2014  Comparative Study of the Effect of Vacuum-Ultraviolet Irradiation on Natural Organic Matter of Different Sources

2014  Computational Modeling of Existing Damage in Concrete Bridge Columns

2014  Cyclic Degradation of a Multidirectionally Laterally Loaded Rigid Single Pile Model in Compacted Clay

2014  Degradation of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid in an Internal Circulation Three-Phase Fluidized Photoreactor Using N-TiO2/γ-Al2O3 Granule as Adsorbent and Photocatalyst

2014  Degradation of Orange IV Solution by a Fenton-Like Process Using Fe3+/PVDF-PMMA Catalytic Membrane

2014  Enhanced Smooth Hysteretic Model with Degrading Properties

2014  Model of Compressive Strength Degradation of Concrete under Both Freeze-Thaw Cycles and Compressive Loads

2014  Modeling Evolution of Stains Caused by Collection of Dirt in Old Building Facades

2014  Static and Fatigue Behavior of Sandwich Panels with GFRP Skins and Governed by Soft-Core Shear Failure

2014  Stiffness and Damping of Clean Quartz Sand with Various Grain-Size Distribution Curves

2014  Theoretical Load-Transfer Curves along Piles Considering Soil Nonlinearity

2014  Weatherability of Stabilized Soil Masonry Materials

2013  Biodegradation Behavior of Municipal Solid Waste with Liquid Aspects: Experiment and Verification

2013  Chemical Degradation and Compaction Instabilities in Geomaterials

2013  Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Wet Air Oxidation Using Nonnoble Metal-Based Catalysts

2013  Effect of Frequency and Vertical Stress on Cyclic Degradation and Pore Water Pressure in Clay in the NGI Simple Shear Device

2013  Electrochemical Oxidation of Chlortetracycline Using Ti/IrO2 and Ti/PbO2 Anode Electrodes: Application of Experimental Design Methodology

2013  Elevated Temperature Material Degradation of Cold-Formed Steels under Steady- and Transient-State Conditions

2013  Environmental Degradation of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Fasteners in Wood

2013  Experimental Apparatuses for the Determination of Pavement Material Thermal Properties

2013  Hurricane Risk Assessment of Power Distribution Poles Considering Impacts of a Changing Climate

2013  Hygrothermal-Chemical Couplings in Degradation of Cementitious Materials

2013  Influences of Cyclic Loadings on the Properties of Pavement Concrete

2013  LED-Based Photocatalytic Treatment of Pesticides and Chlorophenols

2013  New Integrated Condition-Assessment Model for Combined Storm-Sewer Systems

2013  Numerical Modeling of Crystallization-Induced Fracturing in Porous Limestone

2013  Photodegradation of Dyes Using Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube and Ferrous Ion

2013  Probabilistic Analysis of the Degradation Evolution of Stone Wall Cladding Directly Adhered to the Substrate

2013  Settlement Characteristics of Mechanically Biologically Treated Wastes

2013  Stress-Strain Degradation Response of Railway Ballast Stabilized with Geosynthetics

2012  Assessing the Vulnerability of Ministère des Transports du Québec Infrastructure in Nunavik in a Context of Thawing Permafrost and the Development of an Adaptation Strategy

2012  Experimental Research on Mechanical Properties of Timber in Ancient Tibetan Building

2012  Fate of Endocrine-Disrupting and Pharmaceutically Active Substances in Sand Columns Fed with Secondary Effluent

2012  Features of Permafrost Technogenic Transformation in Northern Enisey Region Cities

2012  Improved Performance of Railway Ballast under Impact Loads Using Shock Mats

2012  Modeling Structural Degradation of RC Bridge Columns Subjected to Earthquakes and Their Fragility Estimates

2012  Monitoring the Thermal and Mechanical Behaviours of Puvirnituq Airstrip, Nunavik, Northern Quebec

2012  Optimization in the Use of Air Convection Embankments for the Protection of Underlying Permafrost

2012  Paint Pavement Marking Performance Prediction Model

2012  Performance of a Thermopile (Long Thermopile) Foundation—50 Years Later

2012  Performance of Modified Electro-Fenton Process for Phenol Degradation Using Bipolar Graphite Electrodes and Activated Carbon

2012  Prediction of Degradation of Interface Fracture Energy from Accelerated Aging Tests and Mode-II Loading

2012  Sensitivity Analysis of Damage in Cement Materials under Sulfate Attack and Calcium Leaching

2012  Using Air Convection Ducts to Control Permafrost Degradation under Road Infrastructure: Beaver Creek Experimental Site, Yukon, Canada

2012  Visible Light Catalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange in Aqueous Solution by Bi 4 TaO 8 X (X= Cl, Br, I)

2011  Correlation between Water Surface Elevations and Bed Elevations for Degradation Analysis

2011  Degradation of Exposed LLDPE and HDPE Geomembranes: A Review

2011  Effect of Leachate Recirculation and Extent of Degradation on the Stability of Bioreactor Landfill Slopes

2011  Effects of Reagent Concentrations on Advanced Oxidation of Amoxicillin by Photo-Fenton Treatment

2011  Evaluation of Strength Properties of Polypropylene-Based Polymers in Simulated Landfill and Oven Conditions

2011  Finite-Element Model for Failure Study of Two-Dimensional Triaxially Braided Composite

2011  Linear Mixed-Effects Models for Paint Pavement-Marking Retroreflectivity Data

2011  Modeling of Biodegradation in an Old Unregulated European Landfill

2011  Performance of Silica-Titania Carbon Composites for Photocatalytic Degradation of Gray Water

2011  Phenol Biodegradation Kinetics in an Anaerobic Batch Reactor

2011  Predicting Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity Using Artificial Neural Networks: Exploratory Analysis

2011  Preparation of TiO2/Hydroxyapatite Composite and Its Photocatalytic Degradation of Methyl Orange

2011  Quantification of the Interrelation between Hydrology Alteration and Degradation of Typical Steppe Using Remote Sensing

2011  Redundancy and Robustness, or When Is Redundancy Redundant?

2011  Uncertainty in Rail-Track Geometry Degradation: Lisbon-Oporto Line Case Study

2011  Water Quality Degradation in the Tributaries of the Brahmaputra-Barak Basin and Their Environmental Management Strategy

2010  Anaerobic Biodegradation of Polyhydroxybutyrate in Municipal Sewage Sludge

2010  Assessment of Existing Structures Based on Identification

2010  Biodegradation of Aqueous Organic Matter over Seasonal Changes: Bioreactor Experiments with Indigenous Lake Water Bacteria

2010  Decolorization and Mineralization of Remazol Red F3B by Fenton and Photo-Fenton Processes

2010  Degradation of Chlorobenzene in Water Using Nanoscale Cu Coupled with Microwave Irradiation

2010  Effect of Cocontaminants on the Remediation of PCB-Impacted Soils by Hydrogen Peroxide

2010  Effect of Post-Earthquake Bed Degradation on Bridge Stability

2010  Engineered Well Injection and Extraction to Enhance Mixing in Aquifers

2010  Evaluation of UV LEDs Performance in Photochemical Oxidation of Phenol in the Presence of H2O2

2010  Experimental and Numerical Study of Railway Ballast Behavior under Cyclic Loading

2010  Fatigue Reliability of Multidimensional Vibratory Degrading Systems under Random Loading

2010  Finite Element Model for Failure Study of Two Dimensional Triaxially Braided Composite and Parameter Study

2010  Fragility Increment Functions for Deteriorating Reinforced Concrete Bridge Columns

2010  The Influence of Non-Uniform Thickness Due to Corrosion on Dynamic Characteristics of Anchored Cylindrical Tanks

2010  Mesomechanical Model for Numerical Study of Two-Dimensional Triaxially Braided Composite

2010  Nonlinear Modeling of the Post Peak Degradation of Nonstructural Components in Light Frame Structural Systems

2010  Numerical Study of the Effect of Verification Core Hole on the Point Bearing Capacity of Drilled Shafts

2010  Quantification of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Residual and Biodegradation Functional Genes in Rain Garden Field Sites

2010  Secondary Compression of Municipal Solid Wastes and a Compression Model for Predicting Settlement of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2010  Stiffness Degradation and Time to Cracking of Cover Concrete in Reinforced Concrete Structures Subject to Corrosion

2010  Undrained Long-Term Cyclic Degradation Characteristics of Offshore Soft Clay

2009  Channel Degradation Downstream from the Three Gorges Project and Its Impacts on Flood Level

2009  Degradation and Mineralization of Simazine in Aqueous Solution by Ozone/Hydrogen Peroxide Advanced Oxidation

2009  Estimate the Permafrost Degradation at Muli Coalfield, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau

2009  Feasibility of Using In Situ FeS Precipitation for TCE Degradation

2009  FEMA P-440A: Effects of Strength and Stiffness Degradation on the Seismic Response of Structural Systems

2009  Kinetics of Pentachlorophenol Degradation in Soil Using Heme and Peroxide

2009  Nonlinear Uniaxial Material Model for Reinforcing Steel Bars

2009  Normalized Resilient Modulus Model for Subbase and Subgrade Based on Stress-Dependent Modulus Degradation

2009  Pavement Marking Degradation Modeling and Analysis

2009  Probing pH Levels in Civil Engineering Materials

2009  Simplified Kinetic Analysis for Composting of Municipal Solid Waste

2008  Analytical Evaluation of Seismic Performance of RC Frames Rehabilitated Using FRP for Increased Ductility of Members

2008  Contributions of Xenobiotic-Degrading Bacterial Endophytes to the Field of Phytoremediation

2008  Degradation of Naphthalene in Aqueous Phase of Saturated Ottawa Sand Using Alternating and Direct Currents

2008  Deterministic Excitation Forces for Simulation and Identification of Nonlinear Hysteretic SDOF Systems