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2015  3D Finite-Deformation Beam Model with Viscous Damping: Computational Aspects and Applications

2015  Coupled Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Soil-Steel Pipe Structure Interaction

2015  Deformation Analysis in Horizontal Stabilizer Assembly Using FEA Modeling and Multilevel Analysis

2015  Deformation Analysis of Geotextile-Encased Stone Columns

2015  Development of an Innovative Uniaxial Compression Test to Evaluate Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Mixtures

2015  Development of Soil-Water Characteristic Curve for Flexible Base Materials Using the Methylene Blue Test

2015  Experimental Study of the Seismic Behavior of Predamaged Reinforced-Concrete Columns Retrofitted with Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2015  Lessons Learned from Construction of Shanghai Metro Stations: Importance of Quick Excavation, Prompt Propping, Timely Casting, and Segmented Construction

2015  Novel Excavation and Construction Method of an Underground Highway Tunnel above Operating Metro Tunnels

2015  Numerical Analysis of Plate-Load Test Results on Fractured Rocks Using an Equivalent-Continuum Model: Case Study of the Bakhtiary Dam Site

2015  Quantitative Design of Backup Prestressing Tendons for Long-Span Prestressed Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2015  Quantitative Modeling and Decoupling Method for Assembly Deformation Analysis Considering Residual Stress from Manufacturing Process

2015  Rutting Characteristics of Styrene-Ethylene/Propylene-Styrene Polymer Modified Asphalt

2015  Tunnel Design and Modulus of Subgrade Reaction

2015  Using Sewage-Sludge Ash as Filler in Bituminous Mixes

2014  Analysis of the Large Deformation Stability of Elastomeric Bearings

2014  Characteristics and Performance of Cement Modified-Base Course Material in Western Australia

2014  Comparing Results between the Repeated Load Triaxial Test and Accelerated Pavement Test on Unbound Aggregate

2014  Compressive Behavior and Deformation Mechanism of Nanoporous Open-Cell Foam with Ultrathin Ligaments

2014  Cyclic Behavior of Nonconforming Full-Scale RC Columns

2014  Definition of Dynamic Datum for Deformation Monitoring: Carmel Fault Environs as a Case Study

2014  Deformation Regularity of Concrete Beam after Cracking

2014  Detection of High-Speed Railway Subsidence and Geometry Irregularity Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning

2014  Displacement and Strain Field Measurement in Steel and RC Beams Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2014  Drainage and Mechanical Behavior of Highway Base Materials

2014  Evaluation of the Predictive Models for Stiffness, Strength, and Deformation Capacity of RC Frames with Masonry Infill Walls

2014  Exact Analysis of Postbuckling Behavior of Anisotropic Composite Slender Beams Subjected to Axial Compression

2014  Experimental Study on Bond Behavior of Deformed Bars Embedded in Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Lateral Tensile Compressive Stresses

2014  Exploring Complex Spatial Arrangements and Deformations in Virtual Reality

2014  Finite Element Analyses of Offshore Monopile Deflection Accumulation under Harmonic Loading

2014  Formulas for Determining Structural Variables to Control the Maximum Deformations and Stored Energies in Structures with Elastic-Perfectly Plastic Springs under Monotonic Loading

2014  Frequency and Temperature Interactive Effects on Hot Mix Permanent Deformation Using Response Surface Methodology

2014  Generalized Direct CPT Method for Evaluating Footing Deformation Response and Capacity on Sands, Silts, and Clays

2014  Improving Plate Anchor Design with a Keying Flap

2014  Investigation of Nonlinear Bending Analysis of Moderately Thick Functionally Graded Material Sector Plates Subjected to Thermomechanical Loads by the GDQ Method

2014  Longitudinal Restraint of a Double-Cable Suspension Bridge

2014  Long-Term Time-Dependent Behavior of Surcharged Preloaded Embankment

2014  Measurement of Local Deformations in Steel Monostrands Using Digital Image Correlation

2014  Modeling Permanent Deformation under Repetitive Loads

2014  Modeling Slip in Stress-Laminated Timber Bridges: Comparison of Two Finite-Element-Method Approaches and Test Values

2014  Modeling the Beam Deflection of a Gantry Crane under Load

2014  New Deformation-Controlled Design of Reinforced Concrete Flexural Members Subjected to Blast Loadings

2014  Nonlinear Dynamic Responses of a Corrugated Shell Structure under Uniform Load

2014  Nonlinear In-Plane Deformation Mechanics of Timber Floor Diaphragms in Unreinforced Masonry Buildings

2014  Numerical Analyses of a Cracked Straight-Through Flattened Brazilian Disk Specimen under Mixed-Mode Loading

2014  Particle-Scale Insight into Deformation Noncoaxiality of Granular Materials

2014  Post-Fire Strength Assessment of Steel Bridges Based on Residual Out-of-Plane Web Deformations

2014  Probabilistic Nonlinear Response Analysis of Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

2014  Remote Sensing Methods for Monitoring Ground Surface Deformation of Compacted Clay Test Sections

2014  Resilient Modulus and Permanent Deformation Responses of Geogrid-Reinforced Construction and Demolition Materials

2014  Simple and Effective Approach for Polar Decomposition of the Deformation Gradient Tensor

2014  Size-Dependent Stress-Strain Model for Unconfined Concrete

2014  Static Experimental Testing to Define Force-Deformation Relationships of Precast Concrete Cladding Building Façade Systems

2014  Stiffness of Clays and Silts: Modeling Considerations

2014  Strength and Deformation Characteristics of Fly Ash Mixed with Randomly Distributed Plastic Waste

2014  Strength and Deformation of Rockfill Material Based on Large-Scale Triaxial Compression Tests. II: Influence of Particle Breakage

2014  Structural Data Analysis for Monitoring the Deformation of Oil Storage Tanks Using Geodetic Techniques

2014  Structural Deformations as an Indicator of Fire Origin

2014  Vehicle-Guideway Interaction in Maglev Systems Using a Continuously Coupled, Deformable Model

2013  Analysis and Detection of Groundwater Exploitation-Induced Urban Deformation Disaster Based on PS-InSAR and GIS

2013  Analysis on Deformation Mechanism of PCC Pile Composite Foundation Under Train Vibration Load

2013  Analytical Model for Resilient Modulus and Permanent Deformation of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Unbound Granular Material

2013  Analytical Study for Deformability of Laminated Sheet Metal with Full Interfacial Bond

2013  ASCE/SEI 41 Provisions on Deformation Capacity of Older-Type Reinforced Concrete Columns with Plain Bars

2013  Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Three-Dimensional Ground Movements

2013  Calculation Method of Deformation and Inner Force of a Sheet Pile Wall with Relieving Platform

2013  Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Mixtures Using Pseudostrain Energy

2013  Chemical Degradation and Compaction Instabilities in Geomaterials

2013  Constitutive Modeling of Brain Tissue using Ogden-type Strain Energy Functions

2013  Constrained Finite Strip Method for Thin-Walled Members with General End Boundary Conditions

2013  Creep Behavior of Geocell-Reinforced Recycled Asphalt Pavement Bases

2013  Deep Stability Evaluation of High-Gravity Dam under Combining Action of Powerhouse and Dam

2013  Delamination Analysis of Layered Structures with Residual Stresses and Transverse Shear Deformation

2013  Discontinuous Deformation Analysis of Buried Pipeline-Soil System Subject to Reverse-Fault Movement

2013  Dynamic Hysteretic Characteristics of High-Strength Steels (POSTEN60, POSTEN80) and Application of a Dynamic Hysteresis Model to FE Analysis

2013  Effects of Geocell Confinement on Strength and Deformation Behavior of Gravel

2013  Elastoplastic Deformation Characteristics of Gravelly Soils

2013  Estimating In Situ Deformation of Rock Masses Using a Hardening Parameter and RQD

2013  Evaluation of Temperature-Induced Curling in Concrete Slabs Using Deflection Difference Analysis

2013  Finite Element Method Analysis on Deformation of a Φ660-mm × 7.1-mm Pipe Buckling

2013  Generalized Beam Theory to Analyze the Vibration of Open-Section Thin-Walled Composite Members

2013  The Importance of Simulating Moving Wheel Loads in the Mechanistic Analysis of Permanent Deformations in Flexible Pavements

2013  Imposed Deformations Measured on a Real Integral Structure: New Airport Terminal Barajas, Madrid, Spain

2013  Influence of Anisotropic Small Strain Stiffness on the Deformation Behavior of Geotechnical Structures

2013  Integrated Experimental and Numerical Study on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Pavement at Intersections

2013  Intervertebral Disc Cell Death Explained by Metabolism-Deformation Couplings in a Porohyperelastic Finite Element Model

2013  Investigation on Axial Deformation of High Strain Line Pipe

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of Deformations of Steel-Reinforced High-Density Polyethylene Pipes under Static Loads

2013  Lateral Soil-Pipe Interaction in Dry and Partially Saturated Sand

2013  Local Calibration of MEPDG for Flexible Pavements in New Mexico

2013  Mechanical Behavior of a New Base Material Containing High Volumes of Limestone Waste Dust, PFA, and APC Residues

2013  Mechanics of Time-Dependent Deformation in Crustal Rocks

2013  Mechanistic Modeling of Fracture in Asphalt Mixtures under Compressive Loading

2013  A Micro-Macro Model for the Mortar with Drying Effect

2013  Micromechanics of Dilatancy, Critical State and Shear Bands in Dense Granular Matter

2013  Micro-Scale Experimental Investigation of Deformation and Damage of Argillaceous Rocks under Hydric and Mechanical Loads

2013  Modeling Effect of Geocomposite Drainage Layers on Moisture Distribution and Plastic Deformation of Road Sections

2013  Multiscale Modeling of High Contrast Brinkman Equations with Applications to Deformable Porous Media

2013  Numerical Analysis of Dynamic Contact during Dynamic Compaction with Large Deformation

2013  Numerical Analysis of Pile-Reinforced Slopes