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Found 86 Records with the keyword term of "Decommissioning"

2013  Multiobjective Portfolio Analysis of Dam Removals Addressing Dam Safety, Fish Populations, and Cost

2012  Importance of Hydrology on Channel Evolution Following Dam Removal: Case Study and Conceptual Model

2011  The Environmental, Engineering, and Economic Analysis of Large Scale Dam Removal on the Klamath River

2011  Sediment Dynamics upon Dam Removal

2010  Dam Removal: Adaptive Management & Bed Sediment Monitoring Before and After

2010  Dams and Clams: Freshwater Mussel Surveys and Translocations in the Context of Dam Removal Projects

2010  Guidelines for Assessing Sediment-Related Effects of Dam Removal

2010  Monitoring Hydraulic Conditions and Scour at I-90 Bridges on Blackfoot River Following Removal of Milltown Dam near Bonner, Montana, 2009

2010  Redefining the Dam Removal Paradigm in Formerly Glaciated Forested Headwater Systems

2010  Simulating Dam Removal with a 1D Hydraulic Model: Accuracy and Techniques for Reservoir Erosion and Downstream Deposition at the Chiloquin Dam Removal

2009  Selecting Flow Frequency Distributions for Designing a Small Low-Head Dam Removal Cofferdam

2008  Adding Radar Rainfall and Calibration to the TR-20 Watershed Model to Improve Dam Removal Flood Analysis

2008  Case Study of Fluvial Modeling of River Responses to Dam Removal

2008  Developing Mitigation Plans for Matilija Dam Removal

2008  Discharge and Suspended Sediment Transport during Deconstruction of a Low-Head Dam

2008  Generating Public Awareness and Political Action to Create a Program for Michigan’s Crumbling Dams

2008  Research and Application of GA Neural Network Model on Dam Displacement Forecasting

2008  Sediment Dynamics Post Dam Removal: State of the Science and Practice

2008  Sediment Management during Low Dam Removal

2007  Active vs. Passive Channel Recovery Following Dam Removal: A Comparison of Approaches

2007  Dam Removal and Knickpoint Migration: Case Study at Brewster Creek near St. Charles, Illinois

2007  San Clemente Dam: An Example of Funding Barriers in Dam Removal

2007  Upstream River Responses to Low-Head Dam Removal

2006  The Gulf of Mexico Decommissioning Market

2006  Offshore Decommissioning Cost Estimation in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Activities of the Advisory Committee on Nuclear Waste and Perspectives on Selected Technical Issues

2005  Allison Creek Dam Removal and Stream Restoration Near Valdez Alaska

2005  Analysis of Potential Dam Removal/Retrofit Impacts to Habitat, Flooding and Channel Stability in the Carmel Valley, California

2005  Analyzing Sediment Dynamics Post Dam Removal: One Size Does NOT Fit All!

2005  Bridging the Gap between Numerical Sediment Modeling and Reality for Dam Removal Investigations

2005  Channel Adjustment and Floodplain Development Following Dam Removal

2005  Channel Evolution During and After Dam Removal: Sediment Dynamics Post Dam Removal

2005  Cost of Abrasive Cutting in Decommissioning Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Cost of Site Clearance and Verification Operations in the Gulf of Mexico

2005  Decommissioning of Belmont Island, an Offshore Oil Platform

2005  Ecological Implications of Post-Dam Removal Sediment Processes

2005  Engineering Analysis Techniques for Condit Dam Removal

2005  Evolution of Channels Upstream of Dam Removal Sites

2005  The Fate of Dam Removal Decisions in Light of Understanding Sediment Dynamics

2005  Fluvial Modeling of Ventura River Responses to Matilija Dam Removal

2005  The Geomorphic Effects of Existing Dams and Historic Dam Removals in the Mid-Atlantic Region, USA

2005  Modeling and Measuring Sediment Transport for River Restoration and Dam Removal

2005  Movement of Sediment Accumulations

2005  Native Fish Restoration of a Southwest Stream Following Decommissioning of a Hydroelectric Facility

2005  Numerical Simulation of Post Dam Removal Sediment Dynamics along the Kalamazoo River Between Otsego and Plainwell, Michigan

2005  The Political Ecology of the Offshore Oil Platform Rig-to-Reef Policy Debate

2005  Preliminary Assessment of Sediment Transport Dynamics Following Dam Removal: A Case Study

2005  Reclamation Case Studies of Dam Removal

2005  A Scaled Physical Modeling Investigation of the Potential Response of the Lake Mills Delta to Different Magnitudes and Rates of Removal of Glines Canyon Dam from the Elwha River, WA.

2005  Sediment Management for Dam Removal: An HEC-6 Approach

2005  A Sediment Quality Assessment and Management Framework for Dam Removal Projects

2005  Sedimentation Studies for Dam Removal Using HEC-6T

2005  Stream Ecosystem Response to Experimental Dam Removals

2005  Trade-Offs between On-Site and Watershed Restoration Goals in Dam Removal: Goldsborough Creek Dam Removal Project, Washington

2005  What Can We Learn From the Removal of Little Dinky Dams?

2004  Erosional Narrowing after Dam Removal: Theory and Numerical Model

2004  Feasibility of Restoring the Tuckasegee River Following the Potential Removal of the Dillsboro Dam

2004  Sediment Transport and Stream Behavior upon Dam Removal - A Primer

2004  Water Supply Implications of Removing O’Shaughnessy Dam

2003  Case Studies in Dam Decommissioning at the Bureau of Reclamation

2003  Dam Removal Policy Recommendations: Results of the Aspen Institute Dialogue

2003  Decommissioning Cost Functions in the Gulf of Mexico

2001  Dam Decommissioning

2001  Nuclear Shutdown

2001  “Reverse Engineering”: Environmental Aspects of West Coast Dam Removal Projects

2001  U.S. Missing Nuclear Energy

2000  Road Decommissioning and Road Stabilization, Promoting Natural Watershed and Riparian System Functions — Case Study: Washington State, South Fork Skokomish Watershed

1999  French Engineers Decommission Nuclear Reactor

1999  Traditional Engineering Takes a Turn for the Future Decommissioning Dams and Restoring Ecological Integrity

1998  An Analysis of the Role of Ecological Science in Offshore Continental Shelf Decommissioning Policy

1998  Decommissioning of Offshore Oil and Gas Facilities: Contrasts Between Southern California and the Gulf of Mexico and Implications for Ecological Reearch

1998  Decommissioning, Repair Dominate Dam Safety ’98

1998  Offshore Facility Decommissioning: Issues and Opportunities

1998  Platform Decommissioning: Chevron’s Experience with the 4H State Platforms Abandonment Project Santa Barbara Channel, California

1997  Goals and Procedures Evaluation in Decommissioning Planning

1996  Impacts of Reservoir Sedimentation on Decommissioning of Dams

1994  Destructive Testing of Decommissioned Concrete Slab Bridge

1994  Hanford B Reactor, Now a Half-Century Old, Is ASCE Landmark

1991  Transportation of Shippingport Reactor Pressure Vessel

1990  Lift of Shippingport Reactor Pressure Vessel

1988  Criteria for Decommissioning: A Risk-Acceptability Framework

1988  Energy/Environment Opportunities for Civil Engineers, In the West, Nuclear Facilities Decommissioning; In the East, Implementation of Waste to Energy Systems

1988  Long-Term Stabilization Considerations for Decommissioned and Reclaimed Uranium Sites

1988  A Study in Nuclear Decommissioning

1985  Intact Decommissioning Alternative for Nuclear Power Plants

1985  Transition in the Nuclear Industry