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2015  Analytical Decision Analysis for Construction Methodology Selection for a Water Transmission Main River Crossing

2015  Seasonal Hydroclimatic Forecasts as Innovations and the Challenges of Adoption by Water Managers

2014  Decision Support Method Contribution to Generate Interactive Maps of Suggestion for Land Use by Using the Concept of Soft Decision Tree: Case of Island of Sao Francisco do Sul, Brazil

2014  Formalized Approach to Discretize a Continuous Plant in Construction Simulations

2014  Information Framework for Intelligent Decision Support System for Home Energy Retrofits

2014  Maximizing the Computational Efficiency of Temporary Housing Decision Support Following Disasters

2014  Multiobjective Optimization for Improved Management of Flood Risk

2014  Optimal Implementation of Irrigation Practices: Cost-Effective Desertification Action Plan for the Pinios Basin

2014  Prototype Decision-Support System for Designing and Costing Municipal Green Infrastructure

2013  As-Is 3D Thermal Modeling for Existing Building Envelopes Using a Hybrid LIDAR System

2013  Assessment and Control of the Quality of Data Used during Dam Reviews by Using Expert Knowledge and the ELECTRE TRI Method

2013  Battling Texas’ Worst One-Year Drought: Drought Planning and Response in the Lone Star State

2013  Comparative Study of Traditional and Group Decision Support-Supported Value Management Workshops

2013  Criticality Assessment of Lifeline Infrastructure for Enhancing Disaster Response

2013  Decision Model for Justifying the Benefits of Detour Operation under Non-Recurrent Congestion

2013  Decision Support System for Railway Track Maintenance and Renewal Management

2013  Decision Support System for Strategic Road Safety Planning

2013  Decision Support System-Enhanced Scheduling in Matrix Organizations Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

2013  Design and Application of Network-Level Decision Support System for Urban Road

2013  Enhancing Intelligent Knowledge Systems Using Organization-Centered Agent Models

2013  Infrastructure Rating Tool: Using Decision Support Tools to Enhance ASCE Infrastructure Report Card Process

2013  Life Cycle Assessment for Local Government Pavements: What Questions Should We Be Addressing and How?

2013  Monte Carlo Simulation-Aided Analytic Hierarchy Process Approach: Case Study of Assessing Preferred Non-Point-Source Pollution Control Best Management Practices

2013  Multiobjective Bayesian Network Model for Public-Private Partnership Decision Support

2013  Multiobjective Portfolio Analysis of Dam Removals Addressing Dam Safety, Fish Populations, and Cost

2013  New Method for the Offline Solution of Pressurized and Supercritical Flows

2013  Predicting Disputes in Public-Private Partnership Projects: Classification and Ensemble Models

2013  Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Management: Communication Methodologies and Decision Support Tools for the San Diego County Water Authority - a Case Study

2013  Reasoning about Building Systems and Content to Support Vulnerability Assessment in Building Emergencies

2013  Regulatory, Analysis, and Decision Support Challenges to Reduce Environmental Impact in the Design and Operation of Water Distribution Networks

2013  Requirements of Decision-Support Tools Based on Total Cost of Ownership for Collective Self-Organised Housing

2013  The Research on the Key Section Emergency Decision Support System in Changjiang Waterway

2013  Risk Communication for Critical Civil Infrastructure Systems

2013  Solving High-Speed Rail Planning with the Simulated Annealing Algorithm

2013  A Stochastic Hydrothermal Decision Support System for Planning Operation: New Developments for the HIDROTERM Model

2013  Time and Cost-Optimized Decision Support Model for Fast-Track Projects

2013  Towards an Integrated Process Model and Decision Support System for High Performance Green Retrofits

2013  The Use of Decision Support System Models to Assist Water Planning at Central Arizona Project

2012  Analysis of Wastewater and Water System Renewal Decision-Making Tools and Approaches

2012  Automated Approach for Developing Integrated Model-Based Project Histories to Support Estimation of Activity Production Rates

2012  Can an Integrated Problem-Based Learning Framework Improve Natural Hazard Management?

2012  Computing in Civil Engineering

2012  Decision Support System for Housing Developers in Developing Countries under Uncertain Buyer Behavior

2012  A Decision-Support Model Utilizing a Linear Cost Optimization Approach for Heavy Equipment Selection

2012  Development of a Fuzzy Risk Ranking Model for Prioritizing Manhole Inspection

2012  An Emergency Procurement Decision Support System Integrating Case-Based and Rule-Based Reasoning

2012  An Expert System for Construction Decision-Making Using Case-Based Reasoning

2012  A Framework for Construction Workspace Management: A Serious Game Engine Approach

2012  Fully Automated Decision Support System for Assessing the Suitability of Trenchless Technologies

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Dam Break Flood Management under Uncertainty with Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulations

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Improved Operations and Efficiency Conservation in Large-Scale Irrigation Systems

2012  Identifying Scheduling Inefficiencies for Industrial Projects Using the Flowline View: A Case Study

2012  Investigating the Sensitivity of U.S. Streamflow and Water Quality to Climate Change: U.S. EPA Global Change Research Program’s 20 Watersheds Project

2012  Litigation Outcome Prediction of Differing Site Condition Disputes through Machine Learning Models

2012  A Machine-Learning Classification Approach to Automatic Detection of Workers’ Actions for Behavior-Based Safety Analysis

2012  Multicriteria Decision Making for Homeowners’ Participation in Building Maintenance

2012  A Multi-Objective Scheduling Model for Solving the Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling and Resource Leveling Problems

2012  Optimizing Inspection Policies for Buried Municipal Pipe Infrastructure

2012  RBU: A Model for Reducing Bias and Uncertainty in Multi-Evaluator Multi-Criterion Decision Making

2012  Research on Soft Rock Roadway Optimal Support Design Method Based on In-Situ Stress Measurement

2012  Site Suitability Analysis for Natural Systems for Wastewater Treatment with Spatial Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process

2012  Sustainability Assessment of Concrete Structures within the Spanish Structural Concrete Code

2012  Water Contamination Impact Evaluation and Source-Area Isolation Using Decision Trees

2011  Benefits of Meta-Model Validation for Real-Time Sewer System Decision Support

2011  Collaborative Modeling for Decision Support—Definitions and Next Steps

2011  Comprehensive Decision Support Framework for Strategic Railway Capacity Planning

2011  Decision Support for Building Renovation Strategies

2011  Decision Support System for Optimizing Reservoir Operations Using Ensemble Streamflow Predictions

2011  A Decision Support System for Sustainable Urban Water Supply

2011  A Decision Support System with the Plan of Loading and Reinforcing Dimension Freight

2011  Decision Tool for Selecting the Optimal Techniques for Cost and Schedule Reduction in Capital Projects

2011  Design Framework for Traffic Behavior Safety Evaluation and Decision Support System Based on IDEF0 Modelling

2011  Dominance-Based Rough Set Approach to Budget Allocation in Highway Maintenance Activities

2011  Framework to Determine Total Maximum Daily Flow Diversions for Fish Protection

2011  Gaps of Decision Support Models for Pipeline Renewal and Recommendations for Improvement

2011  Goal and Process Alignment during the Implementation of Decision Support Systems by Project Teams

2011  Implementation of Cyberinfrastructure and Multiple Technology Platforms for Water Resources Management: The North Slope Decision Support System

2011  Integrated Decision Support for Roadway Safety Analysis

2011  Intelligent Decision Support Management System of Urban Roadway Network

2011  Knowledge-Enabled Decision Support System for Routing Urban Utilities

2011  Modeling Weather-Sensitive Construction Activity Using Simulation

2011  A Multi-Objective Decision Support System for PPP Funding Decisions

2011  Object-Oriented Bayesian Networks for Participatory Water Management: Two Case Studies in Spain

2011  Optimal Water Allocation under Short-Run Water Scarcity in the South Saskatchewan River Basin

2011  Prototype Decision Support System for Operations on the Gunnison Basin with Improved Forecasts

2011  A Real Time Decision Support System for Enhanced Crane Operations in Construction and Manufacturing

2011  Research in Modeling and Simulation for Improving Construction Engineering Operations

2011  A Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) Framework for Optimal Utilization of Water and Cropping Pattern

2011  Special Issue on Modeling of Hydroclimate and Climate Change

2011  Topeka Collection System Facility Plan Update: The Modeling Challenge

2011  Urban Spatial Decision Support System for Municipal Solid Waste Management of Nagpur Urban Area Using High-Resolution Satellite Data and Geographic Information System

2011  Utilizing a Decision Support System to Optimize Reservoir Operations to Restore the Natural Flow Distribution in the Connecticut River Watershed

2010  Action Research as a Proactive Research Method for Construction Engineering and Management

2010  Application of Decision Support Models in Asset Management of Sewer Networks: Framework and Case Study

2010  Bus-to-Depot Allocation: Models and Decision Support System

2010  Computerized DSS for Construction Conflict Resolution under Uncertainty

2010  A Decision Support System for Integrating Corrective Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, and Condition-Based Maintenance

2010  Decision Support System of Project Logistics Based on Gray Theory

2010  Dynamic Knowledge-Based Process Integration Portal for Collaborative Construction

2010  The Emergency Decision Support Platform of Urban Rail Transit Based on Information Sharing and Digitalized Plan