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2015  Effect of Urban Debris on Hydraulic Efficiency of an Elliptical Sharp-Crested Weir

2015  Optical Measurements of Tsunami Inundation and Debris Movement in a Large-Scale Wave Basin

2015  Performance of Residential Shelters during the May 20, 2013, Tornado in Moore, Oklahoma

2014  Effect of Bed Sediment Entrainment on Debris-Flow Resistance

2014  Full-Scale Experimental Study of Impact Demands Resulting from High Mass, Low Velocity Debris

2014  High Fidelity Computations of Grain Silo Explosions and Resulting Blast/Debris Loads on Nearby Structures

2014  Investigating the Effect of Nonstructural Mass on Impact Forces from Elastic Debris

2014  Numerical Treatment of the Resistance Term in Upwind Schemes in Debris Flow Runout Modeling

2014  Procedure for Site Assessment of the Potential for Tsunami Debris Impact

2014  Tracking the Trajectory of Space Debris in Close Proximity via a Vision-Based Method

2013  Analysis of a Frozen Debris Lobe: A First Look inside an Impending Geohazard

2013  Debris-Blocking Sensitivity of Piano Key Weirs under Reservoir-Type Approach Flow

2013  Driftwood: Risk Analysis and Engineering Measures

2013  Experimental Study on the Influence of Clay Minerals on the Yield Stress of Debris Flows

2013  Flow Resistance of Inertial Debris Flows

2013  Hurricane Mitigation Design of Glazing Systems: Requirements for Wind and Windborne Debris Protection

2013  Influence of Flow Width on Mean Velocity of Debris Flows in Wide Open Channel

2013  Innovative Design of High Speed Balancing Bunkers

2013  Modeling of Debris Flow Using Distinct Element Method

2013  Modeling Probability of Blockage at Culvert Trash Screens Using Bayesian Approach

2013  Pressure Coefficient in Dam-Break Flows of Dry Granular Matter

2013  Scale Modeling of Wooden Debris Accumulation at a Debris Rack

2013  Stainless Steel Armor Plate Design for Protecting Supercavitating Baffle Blocks against Debris Impacts in High-Velocity Stilling Basins

2013  Study on Seepage-Induced Debris Flows Initiation under the Rainfall Action for Loose Soil

2012  Calculating the Potential Effects of Large Woody Debris Accumulations on Backwater, Scour, and Hydrodynamic Loads

2012  Challenges for Debris-Flow Mitigation in Colorado: Helpful Ideas from Recent Research

2012  Debris-Flow Hazard Assessment and Model Validation, Medano Fire, Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado

2012  GeoChallenges, Rising to the Geotechnical Challenges of Colorado

2012  Hydrogeological and Engineering Geological Significance of Fault Debris Fractal Dimension

2012  Investigation of the Effect of Wind on Nettings

2012  Missile Impact Resistance of a Metal Mesh Roofing System

2012  Probabilistic Performance Based Risk Assessment Considering the Interaction of Wind and Windborne Debris Hazards

2012  Protection of Petroleum and Natural Gas Pipelines Crossing Debris Flow Watersheds—A Case Study in the Qinling Mountains, Western China

2012  Reducing Underwater-Slide Impact Forces on Pipelines by Streamlining

2012  Residential Fenestration Vulnerability to Windborne Debris

2012  Sifting through the Debris: Determining Damages Following Catastrophic Natural Events

2011  Arsenic Pollution by Chromated-Copper-Arsenate Treated Woody Debris

2011  Evaluation of the Susceptibility of Landslides and Debris Flows on Costa Rica’s National Road Network: Analysis of a Segment of National Route 32

2011  Flume Analysis of Engineered Large Wood Structures for Scour Development and Habitat

2011  Forecasting of Erosion and Debris Flow Processes for the Energy Supply and Transport Corridors of Georgia Using the Theory of Reliability and Risk

2011  Hydraulic Design and Preliminary Performance Evaluation of Countermeasure against Debris Accumulation and Resulting Local Pier Scour on River Po in Italy

2011  Influence of Wood Debris Accumulation on Bridge Pier Scour

2011  Material Flow Analysis Applied to Household Solid Waste and Marine Litter on a Small Island Developing State

2011  Probability of Drift Blockage at Bridge Decks

2010  Impacts of Debris on Bridge Pier Scour

2010  An Inductive Coulter Counting Device for Online Monitoring of Wear Debris in Lubricant

2010  Large Deformation Finite-Element Analysis of Submarine Landslide Interaction with Embedded Pipelines

2010  Mean Velocity of Mudflows and Debris Flows

2010  Some Comments on the Protection of Lunar Habitats against Damage from Meteoroid Impacts

2010  Use of Properly Designed Flexible Barriers to Mitigate Debris Flow Natural Hazards

2009  Associated Disasters to the Debris Flows

2009  Behavior of Varied Steel Frame Connection Types Subjected to Air Blast, Debris Impact, and/or Post-Blast Progressive Collapse Load Conditions

2009  Construction and Demolition Debris in Hot Mix Asphalt

2009  Contributors to Construction Debris from Electrical and Mechanical Work in Hong Kong Infrastructure Projects

2009  Evaluation of Quasi-Steady Theory Applied to Windborne Flat Plates in Uniform Flow

2009  Experimental Analyses of Sedimentation in the Slit Dam Reservoir

2009  Field Evaluation of Engineered Large Woody Debris for Structure Performance and Habitat Value

2009  Grey Correlation of Factors Affecting Thrown Distance of Debris in Automobile Crash

2009  Shuttle Debris Impact Analysis: Postreturn to Flight Real-Time Mission Support

2009  Uniform Flow of Modified Bingham Fluids in Narrow Cross Sections

2008  NewsBriefs: Radar System Monitors Runway Debris

2008  A Novel Structure to Protect Against Explosive Loads

2008  Report Describes Ways of Reducing Marine Debris

2008  Variable-Concentration and Boundary Effects on Debris Flow Discharge Predictions

2008  Volcanic Debris-Avalanche as a Cause of a Historic Tsunami: The A.D. 1640 Eruption of the Hokkaido-Komagatake Volcano, Northern Japan

2008  Water Penetration of Debris-Impacted Residential Wall Cladding Systems

2007  Effects of Debris on Bridge Pier Scour

2007  Innovative Disaster Debris Management: HaulPassTM-Electronic Debris Management System

2007  Lessons from Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge on Bridges and Buildings

2007  Modeling of Glass Shards from Shock-Loaded Windows

2007  Short Takes: EWRI and Continuing Education Launch Debris Management Web Seminars

2007  Storm Water Best Management Practice: Development of Debris Filtering Structure for Supercritical Flow

2007  Trajectories of Wind-Borne Debris in Horizontal Winds and Applications to Impact Testing

2006  Case Study: Mapping Tsunami Hazards Associated with Debris Flow into a Reservoir

2006  Case Study: Numerical Simulations of Debris Flow below Stoz\ade, Slovenia

2006  Dam Break Wave of Thixotropic Fluid

2006  Debris-Flow Hazards and Prevention Measures in Beijing

2006  Effective Processing of GPR Data to Investigate the Sub-Space

2006  Impact of Routine Quality Assurance on Reliability of Bored Piles

2006  Investigation of Flood and Debris Flow Recurrence: Andreas Canyon, San Jacinto Range, Southern California

2006  Large Wind Missile Impact Capacity of Residential and Light Commercial Buildings

2006  Movement of Finite Amplitude Sediment Accumulations

2006  Three-Dimensional Topography of Debris-Flow Fan

2005  An Assessment on Theoretical Techniques and Engineering Prevention of Debris Flow disaster in China

2005  Ballistic Testing of Polymer Composites to Manufacture Emergency Safe House Shelters

2005  Debris Flow Triggered by Ice-Lake Break in Tibet

2005  Debris-Flow Hazards and Prevention Measures in Beijing

2005  Distribution of Thickness of Debris Flow Deposition

2005  Effect of Plant-Barriers on Debris Flow

2005  Energy Model to Predict Suspended Load Deposition Induced by Woody Debris: Case Study

2005  Hurricane Wind Shelter Retrofit Room Guidelines for Existing Houses

2005  Lessons Learned from Failures of the Building Envelope in Windstorms

2005  Marine Debris Monitoring and Data Collection Activities Conducted By the Ocean Conservancy

2005  Reservoir Watershed Management in Taiwan

2005  Teaching at the Beach: Marine Debris and the California Coastal Commission’s Public Education Program

2004  Analysis of Debris Wave Development with One-Dimensional Shallow-Water Equations

2004  Experiments on Reworking by Successive Unconfined Subaqueous and Subaerial Muddy Debris Flows

2004  Large Woody Debris Structures for Sand-Bed Channels

2004  Maximum Impact Force of Woody Debris on Floodplain Structures

2004  Simple Approximation to Bottom Friction for Bingham Fluid Depth Integrated Models