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2015  Building an Integrated Water-Land Use Database for Defining Benchmarks, Conservation Targets, and User Clusters

2015  Building Characterization and Degradation Condition of Secondary Industrial Schools

2015  Conversion Method for Obtaining CO2 Emission Data from the Life Cycle Inventory Database of Foreign Countries

2015  Dynamic System for Prioritizing and Accelerating Inspections to Support Capital Renewal of Buildings

2014  Application of KDD Techniques to Extract Useful Knowledge from Labor Resources Data in Industrial Construction Projects

2014  Assessment and Management of Concrete Bridges Supported by Monitoring Data-Based Finite-Element Modeling

2014  Burst Detection Using an Artificial Immune Network in Water-Distribution Systems

2014  Comparative Study of the Proportions, Form, and Efficiency of Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Comparisons of Two Wind Tunnel Pressure Databases and Partial Validation against Full-Scale Measurements

2014  Damping Properties of Highway Bridges in China

2014  Database Evaluation of Energy Transfer for Central Mine Equipment Automatic Hammer Standard Penetration Tests

2014  Development and Implementation of a Cyberinfrastructure Framework for Research in Nondestructive Evaluation Using Acoustic Emission Data

2014  Development of a Standard Data Structure for Predicting the Remaining Physical Life and Consequence of Failure of Water Pipes

2014  Development of a Water Infrastructure Knowledge Database

2014  Development of Residential Building Stock and Population Databases and Modeling the Residential Occupancy Rate for Iran

2014  Harmonizing Multiple Methods for Reconstructing Historical Potential and Reference Evapotranspiration

2014  Innovative Technologies for Storm-Water Management Programs in Small Urbanized Areas

2014  Potentialities of Data-Driven Nonparametric Regression in Urban Signalized Traffic Flow Forecasting

2014  Procedure for Statistical Categorization of Overweight Vehicles in a WIM Database

2014  Process and Future of Data Integration within the European Earthquake Engineering Laboratories

2014  Query Performance of the IFC Model Server Using an Object-Relational Database Approach and a Traditional Relational Database Approach

2014  Research Database of Water Distribution System Models

2014  Researchers Aim to Break New Ground in Earthquake Data Sharing

2014  Self-Learning Framework for Estimating Load Transfer Curves from Uninstrumented Pile Loading Tests

2014  Why Change the Code? Comparing the Strut-and-Tie Procedure to ACI 318-99

2013  A 4D CPM-Based Graphic Scheduling System

2013  The B4 Model for Multi-decade Creep and Shrinkage Prediction

2013  Database Framework for Cost, Schedule, and Performance Data Integration

2013  Database of Friction Angles of Sand and Consolidation Characteristics of Sand, Silt, and Clay

2013  Development and Utilization of Structural Component Databases for Performance-Based Earthquake Engineering

2013  Development of a National Water Infrastructure Database: WATERiD & WATERiD+

2013  Distinguishing Between Data Uncertainty and Natural Variability in Virtual Geotechnical Databases

2013  Effective Maintenance Using a Database Management Tool

2013  Employing Data Warehousing for Contract Administration: e-Dispute Resolution Prototype

2013  Generalized Additive Regression Models of Discharge and Mean Velocity Associated with Direct-Runoff Conditions in Texas: Utility of the U.S. Geological Survey Discharge Measurement Database

2013  Hydrologic Properties of Final Cover Soils

2013  Investigation of Floor Vibration Evaluation Criteria Using an Extensive Database of Floors

2013  Multivariate Model for Soil Parameters Based on Johnson Distributions

2013  Noniterative Datum Transformation Revisited with Two-Dimensional Affine Model as a Case Study

2013  Overview of Oil and Gas Pipeline Failure Database

2013  Precast Concrete Diaphragm Connector Performance Database

2013  Prediction of Asphalt Pavement Temperature Profile During FWD Testing: Simplified Analytical Solution with Model Validation Based on LTPP Data

2013  Progress in Creep and Shrinkage Prediction Engendered by Alarming Bridge Observations and Expansion of Laboratory Database

2013  Relating Stormwater Treatment Device Design Criteria to Effluent Quality: An In-Depth Statistical Analysis of the BMP Database

2013  Shear-Wave Velocity-Based Probabilistic and Deterministic Assessment of Seismic Soil Liquefaction Potential

2013  Texas Department of Transportation Fly Ash Database and the Development of Chemical Composition-Based Fly Ash Alkali-Silica Reaction Durability Index

2012  Assessment of Scaling Durability of Concrete with CFBC Ash by Automatic Classification Rules

2012  Automatically Updating Maintenance Information from a BIM Database

2012  Databank of Concentric Punching Shear Tests of Two-Way Concrete Slabs without Shear Reinforcement at Interior Supports

2012  Database Expert Planning System for On-Site Design Strategies

2012  Derivation of a New Model for Prediction of Wave Overtopping at Rubble Mound Structures

2012  Design and Development of a Web-Based National Database for Water and Wastewater Pipeline Infrastructure Systems

2012  Developing a Versatile Subway Construction Incident Database for Safety Management

2012  Development of a Database for Pile Load Tests

2012  Evaluating the Performance of Ordinary Kriging in Mapping Soil Salinity

2012  Examination of Multivariate Dependency Structure in Soil Parameters

2012  Framework for Production of Ontology-Based Construction Claim Documents

2012  Investigating the Set of Parameters Influencing Building Energy Consumption

2012  A Methodology for Freeway Incident Duration Prediction Using Computerized Historical Database

2012  Regional Stormwater Quality Model Calibration Using the National Stormwater Quality Database

2012  RFID and CCTV-Based Material Delivery Monitoring for Cable-Stayed Bridge Construction

2012  Synthesis-Analysis of Water and Wastewater Pipeline Condition Assessment and Renewal Engineering Technologies

2011  The Application of Database Techniques in the Integrated Vessel Information Service System

2011  BMP Performance Analysis Results for the International Stormwater BMP Database

2011  Building National Highway Traffic Transportation Statistics Database Based on Transportation Turnover Statistical Indicator System

2011  Database-Assisted Design: Why and How?

2011  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Components in Support of Collapse Prediction of Steel Moment Frames under Earthquake Loading

2011  Development of Large Directional Wind Speed Databases

2011  Effect of Soil Data Resolution on Identification of Critical Source Areas of Sediment

2011  Enhancing the Value of an Incidents Database with an Interactive Visualization Tool

2011  Framework for Simplified Live Load Distribution-Factor Computations

2011  Generic Method of Grading Building Defects Using FMECA to Improve Maintainability Decisions

2011  Geotechnical Databases: Their Value and Potential

2011  GIS-GPS Based Map of Soil Index Properties for Mumbai

2011  Heterogeneous Database Access Technology and Application

2011  High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structures: Database-Assisted Design for Wind

2011  Influence of Geotechnical Dataset on the Range of Influence of Undrained Shear Strength

2011  Introduction to PILOT Database and Establishment of LRFD Resistance Factors for the Construction Control of Driven Steel H-Piles

2011  Letters

2011  LRFD Resistance Factors for Design of Driven H-Piles in Layered Soils

2011  Meta-Analysis of 301 Slope Failure Calculations. II: Database Analysis

2011  Military Facility Cost Estimation System Using Case-Based Reasoning in Korea

2011  National Database for Water Infrastructure System

2011  The Need for National Data Standards for Condition Assessment

2011  New Models for Strength and Deformability Parameter Calculation in Rock Masses Using Data-Mining Techniques

2011  Oil and Gas Pipeline Quantitative Risk Assessment System Development with Intermediate Database Technology

2011  Ontology for Relating Risk and Vulnerability to Cost Overrun in International Projects

2011  Performance Modeling of Storm Water Best Management Practices with Uncertainty Analysis

2011  Predicting Pavement Service Life Using M-EPDG with LTPP Climatic Database

2011  Reflections on the Development of a Common Incident/Accident Model for Urban Guided Transport in Europe

2011  The Use of Aerodynamic and Wind Climatological Databases for High-Rise Reinforced Concrete Structure Design

2010  Action Research as a Proactive Research Method for Construction Engineering and Management

2010  Collection and Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Interdependency Relationships

2010  Development of an Environmental Observational Database to Minimize the Gap between Science and Practice

2010  Estimating Non-Residential Water Use with Publicly Available Databases

2010  Estimation of Uncertainty in Long-Term Sewer Sediment Predictions Using a Response Database

2010  Expanding the International Stormwater BMP Database Reporting, Monitoring, and Performance Analysis Protocols to Include Low Impact Development (Part 1)

2010  Geospatial Databases and Augmented Reality Visualization for Improving Safety in Urban Excavation Operations

2010  Quantitative Research: Preparation of Incongruous Economic Data Sets for Archival Data Analysis

2010  Site-Level LID Monitoring and Data Interpretation: New Guidance for International BMP Database Studies (Part 2)