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2015  Damage Condition Survey and Emergency Grouting Performance of Shih-Kang Dam after the 921 Earthquake

2015  Dams: An Essential Component of Development

2015  Impact of a Recharge Dam on the Hydropedology of Arid Zone Soils in Oman: Anthropogenic Formation Factor

2015  Importance of Free-Flowing Rivers for Recreation: Case Study of the River Mur in Styria, Austria

2015  Novel Nonreflecting Boundary Condition for an Infinite Reservoir Based on the Scaled Boundary Finite-Element Method

2015  Numerical Analysis of Plate-Load Test Results on Fractured Rocks Using an Equivalent-Continuum Model: Case Study of the Bakhtiary Dam Site

2015  Prioritization of Small and Medium Domestic Dams in Dry Lands

2014  Application of Dormant Reliability Analysis to Spillways

2014  Assessing Effects of Small Dams on Stream Flow and Water Quality in an Agricultural Watershed

2014  Automatic Data Acquisition Systems (ADAS) for Dam and Levee Monitoring

2014  City of Dallas Floodway System (DFS) Case Study: 100-Year Levee Remediation

2014  Comparison of BPT-SPT Correlations at Gravelly Alluvial Dam Site

2014  Corps Completes Dam to Protect Puerto Rico’s Second-Largest City

2014  Dam Performance along Left Hand Creek during the Front Range Flood of 2013

2014  Data Management System and Construction Monitoring Results from Wolf Creek Dam Rehabilitation

2014  Dealing with Tricky Soils at the SDS Water Treatment Plant

2014  Design and Construction of an Earthen Impoundment for Water Management

2014  Front Matter

2014  Full-Scale Testing of Rockfall Barrier and Post Foundation Systems

2014  GIS Modeling to Assess Economic Risk from Post-Fire Debris-Flows

2014  Ground Classification for Trench, Shaft, and Slope Excavations

2014  Improving the Evaluation of Slit-Check Dam Trapping Efficiency by Using a 1D Unsteady Flow Numerical Model

2014  An Innovative Case Study on the Use of Launched Nails for Landslide Repair

2014  Laboratory Modeling of the Mechanisms of Piping Erosion Initiation

2014  A Landslide Hazard Rating System for Colorado Highways

2014  Lessons Learned from Sediment Transport Model Predictions and Long-Term Postremoval Monitoring: Marmot Dam Removal Project on the Sandy River in Oregon

2014  Liquefaction Resistance of Coarse-Grained Alluvium at Calero Dam

2014  Low-Head Dam Reverse Roller Remediation Options

2014  Needle’s Eye Tunnel Repair Feasibility Study

2014  Optimizing Multidam Releases in Large River Basins by Combining Distributed Hydrological Inflow Predictions with Rolling-Horizon Decision Making

2014  Performance Assessment Based on Evidence Theory and Fuzzy Logic: Application to Building and Dam Performance

2014  Pressure Flushing of Cohesive Sediment in Large Dam Reservoirs

2014  Probable Maximum Precipitation in a Changing Climate: Implications for Dam Design

2014  Rio Grande Dam - Seepage Reduction Design and Construction

2014  Rocky Mountain Geo-Conference 2014

2014  Use of Soil-Rock Mixtures in Dam Construction

2013  Assessment and Control of the Quality of Data Used during Dam Reviews by Using Expert Knowledge and the ELECTRE TRI Method

2013  Assessment of Flow Changes from Hydropower Development and Operations in Sekong, Sesan, and Srepok Rivers of the Mekong Basin

2013  Blast-Induced Pore Pressure and Liquefaction of Saturated Sand

2013  Comparison of Supersaturated Total Dissolved Gas Dissipation with Dissolved Oxygen Dissipation and Reaeration

2013  Effects of the Check Dam System on Water Redistribution in the Chinese Loess Plateau

2013  Evaluating Influences of the Manwan Dam and Climate Variability on the Hydrology of the Lancang-Mekong River, Yunnan Province, Southwest China

2013  Experimental and Physical Modeling of Bed Load Heterogeneous Sediment Transport

2013  Extraction of Optimal Operation Rules in an Aquifer-Dam System: Genetic Programming Approach

2013  Field Comparative Tests for Studying the Vertical Loading Performance of Piles Due to Water Level Periodical Fluctuation in Foundation Soils

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam — Frank Block’s Account

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam — Niholas Cioffredi’s Account

2013  First Person: High Over Hoover Dam — Ryan Nataluk’s Account

2013  Geo-Congress 2013, Stability and Performance of Slopes and Embankments III

2013  Geosynthetic-Strip Reinforced MSE Wall for Dam Expansion

2013  Geotechnical Characterizations for the Proposed Watana Dam Site on the Susitna River, Alaska

2013  Impact of Artificial Reservoir Size and Land Use/Land Cover Patterns on Probable Maximum Precipitation and Flood: Case of Folsom Dam on the American River

2013  Integrated Modeling System for Flash Flood Routing in Ephemeral Rivers under the Influence of Groundwater Recharge Dams

2013  Investigation into the Impacts of the Gezhouba and the Three Gorges Reservoirs on the Flow Regime of the Yangtze River

2013  Lessons Learned from Troubleshooting Dams

2013  Many-Objective Operation of Selective Withdrawal Reservoirs Including Water Quality Targets

2013  Mitigation Measures for Stability Enhancement of Tailing Dams during Construction

2013  Modelling Sediment Deposit Evolution Upstream of Slit-Check Dams in Mountain Streams

2013  Quality Control and Quality Assurance Methods for Cutoff Walls in Dams and Levees

2013  The Reincarnation of Lake Townsend Dam

2013  Reliability-Based Dam Erodibility Assessment

2013  Research on Influence of Dam Seal Structure on Performance of Marine Mechanical Seal

2013  Research on New Dam Structure for High Earth Core Rockfill Dam on Thick Overburden

2013  Risk of Entrapment at Low-Head Dams

2013  Sedimentation Patterns of Fine-Grained Particles in the Dam Area of the Three Gorges Project: 3D Numerical Simulation

2013  Seismic Retrofit of Tuttle Creek Dam

2013  Service Life Predicting of Dam Systems with Correlated Failure Modes

2013  Soil Improvement for Seismic Retrofit of Tuttle Creek Dam

2013  Stability Analysis of Landslide Dam under Rainfall

2012  Advances in Monitoring and Control Systems for High Mobility Grouting

2012  Analysis of Quality Control Testing for Grouting at Center Hill Dam, Tennessee

2012  Analysis on Blocking Impact of Right Platform of Xin’an River Dam Based on Saturated-Unsaturated Theory

2012  Assessment of Flow Regulation Effects by Dams in the Han River, Korea, on the Downstream Flow Regimes Using SWAT

2012  Carno Dam Case History of Investigation and Remedial Works

2012  A Case History of Grouting at Logan Martin Dam

2012  A Case Study - Installation of Cut-Off Wall In Seyrantepe Dam Project

2012  Challenges in the Execution of Jet Grouting Curtains at the Estreito HPP

2012  Cities, Dams, and Extreme Weather

2012  Climate Feedback-Based Provisions for Dam Design, Operations, and Water Management in the 21st Century

2012  Colorado Dam Modified to Include Innovative Fishways and Boat Passage

2012  Continuous Monitoring of an Ice Sheet in a Reservoir Upstream of Beaumont Dam, Canada

2012  Converging Stepped Spillways: Simplified Momentum Analysis Approach

2012  Dams Founded on Dispersive Soils and Rocks Drilling and Grouting under Difficult Conditions

2012  Design Considerations for Fixed-Cone Valve with Baffled Hood

2012  Designing A Drawdown

2012  Dewatering at Crane Valley Dam

2012  Discharge Capacity of Piano Key Weirs

2012  Effect of Ground Motion Characteristics on Liquefaction Modeling of Dams

2012  Effectiveness of Engineered Log Jams in Reducing Streambank Erosion to the Great Barrier Reef: The O’Connell River, Queensland, Australia

2012  Elwha River Restoration: Sediment Modeling

2012  Evaluating the Performance of Grouting for Hydraulic Barriers in Rock

2012  Evaluation of a Sinkhole at Beaver Park Dam, Colorado, Guided by Risk Analysis

2012  Howard Hanson Dam Emergency Interim Grout Curtain

2012  Hydraulics and Erosion Study for Stampede Reservoir

2012  Hydrological Risk Assessment of Old Dams: Case Study on Wilson Dam of Tennessee River Basin

2012  Impact of the Three Gorges Dam Overruled by an Extreme Climate Hazard

2012  Importance of Hydrology on Channel Evolution Following Dam Removal: Case Study and Conceptual Model

2012  Large Steel Penstock Relining: The Blue Ridge Dam Rehabilitation

2012  Models and Indicators Module in Dam Monitoring System for Application