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2014  On the Web (

2014  Safety of Hydropower Dams in a Changing Climate

2014  Treatment of Solar Radiation by Spatial and Temporal Discretization for Modeling the Thermal Response of Arch Dams

2013  Accounting for Earthquake-Induced Dam-Reservoir Interaction Using Modified Accelerograms

2013  Critical Hydraulic Gradients of Internal Erosion under Complex Stress States

2013  Detection Without Danger

2013  Inception Point for Embankment Dam Stepped Spillways

2013  Multiobjective Portfolio Analysis of Dam Removals Addressing Dam Safety, Fish Populations, and Cost

2013  A Stability Analysis Method for Arbitrary Slip Block Based on Finite Element Method

2013  System Reliability of Concrete Dams with Respect to Foundation Stability: Application to a Spillway

2013  We Can, But Should We? PMF Frequency Estimates

2012  Converging Stepped Spillways: Simplified Momentum Analysis Approach

2012  Effect of Typical Extreme Environments on Concrete Dam

2012  Hydrodynamic Modeling of Dam-Reservoir Response during Earthquakes

2012  Incorporating EAP Tabletop Exercises with Crisis Management Planning for Coal Waste Impoundment Management

2012  Models and Indicators Module in Dam Monitoring System for Application

2012  Research on Reasonable Selection of Strength on Concrete Dam Safety Evaluation

2012  Strength Reduction Method on Dynamic Contact Problems for Abutment Stability Considering the Dynamic Interaction between Arch Dam and Abutment

2012  Urge Your Legislators to Support Dam and Levee Safety Programs

2012  Water Control Gates, Guidelines for Inspection and Evaluation

2011  Enhanced Predictions for Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dams

2011  Inception Point Relationship for Flat-Sloped Stepped Spillways

2011  Numerical Modeling of Probable Maximum Flood Flowing through a System of Spillways

2011  Pore Pressures in Concrete Dams

2011  The Practical Application of Risk Assessment to Dam Safety

2011  Prediction of Intake Vortex Risk by Nearest Neighbors Modeling

2010  Application of Inflow Design Flood Analysis to the Analysis and Design of High Hazard Dams in NRCS

2010  Contact Erosion at the Interface between Granular Coarse Soil and Various Base Soils under Tangential Flow Condition

2010  The Effect of Nonlinear Strength of Rockfill Material on Dam’s Stability

2010  Empirical Relationship between Large Dams and the Alteration in Extreme Precipitation

2010  Forensic Analysis of an Excavation Bracing System Failure

2010  Influence of Construction Method of Arch Dam Foundation Replacement Block on Dam Safety

2010  Politics and Dam Safety: The St. Francis Dam Disaster and the Boulder Canyon Project Act

2010  Practical Formulas for Frequency Domain Analysis of Earthquake-Induced Dam-Reservoir Interaction

2010  Predicting Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dams

2010  Probability Analysis of Hydrological Loads for the Design of Flood Control Systems Using Copulas

2010  Reliability Analysis of Earth Dams

2009  Breaching Parameters for Earth and Rockfill Dams

2009  Estimating Probability of Extreme Events

2009  Evaluation Study on the Instrumentation System of Cindere Dam

2009  Major U.S. Dam Failures: Their Cause, Resultant Losses, and Impact on Dam Safety Programs and Engineering Practice

2009  Seasonal Thermal Displacements of Gravity Dams Located in Northern Regions

2008  Earthquake Safety Evaluation of Gravity Dams Considering Aftershocks and Reduced Drainage Efficiency

2008  Effect of Seismic Uplift Pressure on the Behavior of Concrete Gravity Dams with a Penetrated Crack

2008  Imaging System Saves Time and Money, Improves Dam Safety

2008  A Model for Dam Health Monitoring

2008  Probability and Risk of Slope Failure

2008  Safety Degree Analysis of Arch Dam-Abutment Stability Based on Deformation Observation

2007  Asymptotic Prediction of Energetic-Statistical Size Effect from Deterministic Finite-Element Solutions

2007  Effect of Existing Dams on Liquefaction Potential Analysis of Foundation Soils

2007  Roth Testifies before House Subcommittees, Conveys ASCE’s Support for Levee and Dam Safety Programs

2006  Corps Implements Rick-Based Dam Safety Process

2006  Dam Safety: Report Cites Monitor Problems, Notes Lack of Spillway in Missouri Dam Beach

2006  Evaluation of the Parameters Influencing Self-Healing in Earth Dams

2006  Full Disclosure

2006  In the Field: Martenson Welcomes Introduction of Levee Safety Legislation

2006  Mechanistic Model for Self-Healing of Core Cracks in Earth Dams

2006  Policy Briefing: Fate of Dam Safety Bills to Be Decided in November

2006  Streaming Solutions

2005  Bivariate Statistical Approach to Check Adequacy of Dam Spillway

2005  Liquefied Granular Materials as Non-Newtonian Fluids: A Laboratory Study

2005  Physically Based Model for Evaluation of Rock Scour due to High-Velocity Jet Impact

2005  Seismic Retrofit of Embankment Dams to Mitigate Liquefaction: Selected Case Histories

2005  Structural Monitoring of Dams Using Software Agents

2004  Assessment of Dam Body Safety From Field Monitoring Results

2004  Embankment Dam on Liquefiable Foundation — Dynamic Behavior and Densification Remediation

2004  Measuring Stress Redistributions in Embankment Dams

2004  River Renaissance

2004  Stabilizing the Spillway Section Foundation at Pueblo Dam

2004  Washakie Dam Safety Modifications, Wyoming-A Case Study In Seepage Collection and Control in Glacial Foundations

2003  Compaction Grouting for Sinkhole Repair at WAC Bennett Dam

2003  Creative Solutions to Dam Safety Issues

2003  GIS Model for Estimating Dam Failure Life Loss

2003  Improving the Safety of Our Dam Infrastructure—RCC Makes the Grade

2003  The Policy Legacies of California’s Dam Act of 1929

2002  Case Study: Malpasset Dam-Break Simulation using a Two-Dimensional Finite Volume Method

2002  Saving Saluda

2001  Customizing Dam Safety Programs to Enhance the Performance and Reliability of the Nation’s Water Control Infrastructure

2001  Dam within a Dam

2001  Emergency Warning System for Excavating at the Toe of a Dam

2001  Evaluation and Use of Risk Estimates in Dam Safety Decisionmaking

2001  Information Value Analysis Process (IVAP)

2001  Physically-Based Modelling of Life Safety Considerations in Water Resource Decision-Making

2001  Uncertainties in Expert-Opinion Elicitation for Risk Studies

2000  Added Protection

2000  Dam Failure Routings using UNET and HEC-1

2000  Dam Stabilization with Micro Piles

2000  Evaluating Safety of Concrete Gravity Dam on Weak Rock: Scott Dam

2000  Inside Job

1999  Analysis of the Safety and Performance of Scott Dam Using FLAC

1999  Factors of Safety for Sliding of Scott Dam and Their Implications

1999  The Geographic Information System as Integrated Tool in a Telemetering Hydro-Pluviometric Network to Management and Safety of Dams

1999  Ranking Procedure on Maintenance Tasks for Monitoring of Embankment Dams

1999  A Unique Approach to Long-Term Dam Safety under Adverse Conditions

1998  Achieving Public Protection with Dam Safety Risk Assessment Practices

1998  Calculation of the Seismic Risk of an Earth Dam Susceptible to Liquefaction

1998  Decommissioning, Repair Dominate Dam Safety ’98

1998  Over the Top Concrete

1998  Risk-Based Decision Making for Dam Safety

1998  Rockfill Dams