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2014  Distorted Physical Model to Study Sudden Partial Dam Break Flows in an Urban Area

2014  Effects of Woody Vegetation on Seepage-Induced Deformation and Related Limit State Analysis of Levees

2014  Experimental Investigation of Pressure Load Exerted on a Downstream Dam by Dam-Break Flow

2014  Formulas for the Peak Discharge from Breached Earthfill Dams

2014  Fully Coupled Discontinuous Galerkin Modeling of Dam-Break Flows over Movable Bed with Sediment Transport

2014  Genetic Programming Simulation of Dam Breach Hydrograph and Peak Outflow Discharge

2014  Impacts of Elevation Data Spatial Resolution on Two-Dimensional Dam Break Flood Simulation and Consequence Assessment

2014  Novel Numerical Approach for 1D Variable Density Shallow Flows over Uneven Rigid and Erodible Beds

2014  Simulating Velocity Distribution of Dam Breaks with the Particle Method

2014  Spillway Collapse of the Montedoglio Dam on the Tiber River, Central Italy: Data Collection and Event Analysis

2013  Critical Hydraulic Gradients of Internal Erosion under Complex Stress States

2013  Dam Break for the Dalles Dam

2013  Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Two-Dimensional Dam-Break Flows

2013  Failure of the Fujinuma Dams during the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake

2013  Laboratory Modeling of Critical Hydraulic Conditions for the Initiation of Piping

2013  Pressure Coefficient in Dam-Break Flows of Dry Granular Matter

2013  Simulation of Piping in Earth Dams Due to Concentrated Leak Erosion

2012  Breach of Duty (Not): Evaluating the Uncertainty of Dam-Breach Flood Predictions

2012  Failure Case Studies in Civil Engineering, Structures, Foundations, and the Geoenvironment

2012  GIS-Based Decision Support System for Dam Break Flood Management under Uncertainty with Two-Dimensional Numerical Simulations

2012  Parallelized Two-Dimensional Dam-Break Flood Analysis with Dynamic Data Structures

2012  Structural Damage Prediction in a High-Velocity Urban Dam-Break Flood: Field-Scale Assessment of Predictive Skill

2012  Tailings Dam Break Flow and Sediment Numerical Simulation

2011  1923 Gleno Dam Break: Case Study and Numerical Modeling

2011  Applicability of Sediment Transport Capacity Formulas to Dam-Break Flows over Movable Beds

2011  Consequence Estimation for Complex Systems

2011  Dam Breach Analysis in Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)

2011  Dispersive and Nonhydrostatic Pressure Effects at the Front of Surge

2011  Efficient Implicit Finite-Element Hydrodynamic Model for Dam and Levee Breach

2011  Enhanced Predictions for Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dams

2011  Experimental Study on Dam-Break Waves for Silted-Up Reservoirs

2011  Internal Erosion and Rehabilitation of an Earth-Rock Dam

2011  Meta-Analysis of 301 Slope Failure Calculations. I: Database Description

2011  Meta-Analysis of 301 Slope Failure Calculations. II: Database Analysis

2011  Risk Assessment of Success Dam, California: Earthquake Induced Potential Failure Modes

2011  Risk Assessment of Success Dam, California: Flood Related Potential Failure Modes

2011  Vertical and Horizontal Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Fixed Beds

2010  Contact Erosion at the Interface between Granular Coarse Soil and Various Base Soils under Tangential Flow Condition

2010  Dam Breach Modeling with HEC-RAS Using Embankment Erosion Process Models

2010  Draining the Tangjiashan Barrier Lake

2010  Ka Loko Dam Break

2010  Laboratory Experiments on the Failure of Coarse Homogeneous Sediment Natural Dams on a Sloping Bed

2010  Numerical Simulation of Shallow-Water Flow Using a Modified Cartesian Cut-Cell Approach

2010  Politics and Dam Safety: The St. Francis Dam Disaster and the Boulder Canyon Project Act

2010  Predicting Peak Outflow from Breached Embankment Dams

2010  Rating Curves for Dam-Break Flows

2010  Simplified Method for the Characterization of the Hydrograph following a Sudden Partial Dam Break

2010  Simplified versus Detailed Two-Dimensional Approaches to Transient Flow Modeling in Urban Areas

2010  Slurry Induced Piping Progression of a Sand

2010  Stability Analysis of Fault Rock Heterogeneity on the Left Pressure Shaft Collapse of Siah Bisheh Dam, North Iran

2009  Breaching Parameters for Earth and Rockfill Dams

2009  A Lattice Boltzmann Model for Dam Break Flows

2009  Major U.S. Dam Failures: Their Cause, Resultant Losses, and Impact on Dam Safety Programs and Engineering Practice

2009  Representation of Linear Terrain Features in a 2D Flood Model with Regular Cartesian Mesh

2008  2-D Flood Modeling of Multiple Simultaneous Dam Failures

2008  Case Study of the Big Bay Dam Failure: Accuracy and Comparison of Breach Predictions

2008  Computing Nonhydrostatic Shallow-Water Flow over Steep Terrain

2008  A Dam Breach Model of Epic Proportions — Simulating the Glacial Lake Missoula Floods

2008  Dam Break Inundation Study for the State of Hawaii

2008  Dam-Break Flows: Acquisition of Experimental Data through an Imaging Technique and 2D Numerical Modeling

2008  Embankment Dam Breach Parameters and Their Uncertainties

2008  Experimental Investigation of Piping Potential in Earthen Structures

2008  Hawaii Dam Break Analysis Follow-On Actions

2008  Hawaii Technical Dam Break Studies: Hydraulic Studies and Dam Break Scenarios

2008  Hydrologic and Hydraulic Models for Performing Dam Break Studies

2008  Hydrologic Modeling for Dam Break Analyses in Hawaii

2008  Introduction to the Conduct and Organization of the Hawaii Dam Break Studies

2008  Inundation Mapping of Dam Breach Conditions

2008  Model for Predicting Floods due to Earthen Dam Breaching. I: Formulation and Evaluation

2008  Model for Predicting Floods due to Earthen Dam Breaching. II: Comparison with Other Methods and Predictive Use

2008  Modeling Dam Break Behavior over a Wet Bed by a SPH Technique

2008  Numerical Solutions to Dam Break Wave Propagation

2007  Damage Evaluation of the Taum Sauk Reservoir Failure Using LiDAR

2007  Endochronic-Based Approach to the Failure of the Lower San Fernando Dam in 1971

2007  Identification of Failure Mechanisms Associated with Seepage Barriers in Dams

2007  Modeling Landslide Dambreak Flood Magnitudes: Case Study

2007  Numerical Modeling of Breach Erosion of River Embankments

2007  One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Movable Beds

2007  Simulation of the St. Francis Dam-Break Flood

2006  1-D Numerical Simulation of Morphodynamic Processes under Dam Break and Overtopping flows

2006  Dam Break Hydraulics in Natural Rivers

2006  Dam Break Wave of Thixotropic Fluid

2006  Dam-Break Wave-Front Celerity

2006  Forensic Engineering: Engineers Investigating Missouri Reservoir Breach

2006  Lessons Learned from the St. Francis Dam Failure

2005  Applicability and Experimental Verification of a Dam-Break Flood and Sediment Transport Model

2005  Dam Break Flood Routing Using HEC-RAS and NWS-FLDWAV

2005  Dam Break Modeling for Tandem Reservoirs — A Case Study Using HEC-RAS and HEC-HMS

2005  Data Collection and Documentation of Flooding Downstream of a Dam Failure in Mississippi

2005  Lessons Learned: Failure of a Hydroelectric Power Project Dam

2005  Use of Stereoscopy for Dam Break Flow Measurement

2004  Computational Dam-Break Hydraulics over Erodible Sediment Bed

2004  Determination of Length of a Horizontal Drain in Homogeneous Earth Dams

2004  Investigation of Rate of Erosion of Soils in Embankment Dams

2004  Numerical Prediction of Dam-Break Flows in General Geometries with Complex Bed Topography

2004  Numerical Solution of Boussinesq Equations to Simulate Dam-Break Flows

2004  Uncertainty of Predictions of Embankment Dam Breach Parameters

2004  Upwind Conservative Scheme for the Saint Venant Equations

2003  Dam and Levee Breaching with HEC-RAS

2003  Dam-Breach Flood Wave Propagation using Dimensionless Parameters