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2015  Optimized FRP Wrapping Schemes for Circular Concrete Columns under Axial Compression

2015  Screw Piles and Helical Anchors: 180 Years of Use in Geotechnical Engineering

2015  Vertical Cylinder Density and Toppling Effects on Dune Erosion and Overwash

2014  Analytical Solution of a Wave Diffraction Problem on a Submerged Cylinder

2014  Discharge Coefficient of Circular-Crested Weirs Based on a Combination of Flow around a Cylinder and Circulation

2014  Durability of Concrete Cylinders Wrapped with GFRP Made from Furfuryl Alcohol Bioresin

2014  Measurements of Fluctuation in Drag Acting on Rigid Cylinder Array in Open Channel Flow

2014  Two-Dimensional Stress-Wave Propagation in Finite-Length FG Cylinders with Two-Directional Nonlinear Grading Patterns Using the MLPG Method

2014  Wake-Induced Vibrations of a Circular Cylinder behind a Stationary Square Cylinder Using a Semi-Implicit Characteristic-Based Split Scheme

2014  Water Wave Radiation Problem by a Submerged Cylinder

2013  Behavior of FRP Composite Wrapped Concrete Cylinders with Embedded Debonds

2013  Calculation of Drag Coefficient for Arrays of Emergent Circular Cylinders with Pseudofluid Model

2013  Effects of Creep and Built-In Curling on Stress Development of Portland Cement Concrete Pavement under Environmental Loadings

2013  Evaluating Wind Loads on Bridge Decks Using Velocity Fields

2013  Exact Solution to the Modified Mild-Slope Equation for Wave Scattering by a Cylinder with an Idealized Scour Pit

2013  Experimental and Numerical Study of the Flow Structure around Two Partially Buried Objects on a Deformed Bed

2013  Open Channel Turbulent Flow past Rectangular Cylinders at Incidence

2012  Characteristics of Recirculation Zone Structure behind an Impulsively Started Circular Cylinder

2012  Failure Risk of Bar-Wrapped Pipe with Broken Bars and Corroded Cylinder

2012  Hydrodynamic Damping on Flexible Cylinders in Sheared Flow

2012  Instantaneous Load Intensities Incorporated with a Cold Region Environment for CFRP-Confined Concrete in Axial Compression

2012  Large Eddy Simulation of Three-Dimensional Wave-Current Interaction with Vertical Square Cylinders in Tandem Arrangement

2012  Numerical Modeling of Tsunami Wave Run-Up and Effects on Sediment Scour around a Cylindrical Pier

2012  Shear Effects on Flow past a Square Cylinder at Moderate Reynolds Numbers

2012  Vortex-Excited Transverse Surface Waves in an Array of Randomly Placed Circular Cylinders

2011  Analysis Model of the Dynamic Response of a Large Diameter Cylinder Breakwater (LDCB) under Random Waves

2011  Forces on a Large Cylinder in Random Two-Dimensional Flows

2011  Long-Wave Scattering by a Vertical Cylinder with Idealized Scour Pit

2011  Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Cylinder of Natural Gas Engine

2011  Observations from Several Condition Assessments of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Used at Energy Generation Facilities

2011  Prediction of Drag Coefficient and Secondary Motion of Free-Falling Rigid Cylindrical Particles with and without Curvature at Moderate Reynolds Number

2011  Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Condition Assessment—What Works, What Doesn’t, What’s Next

2011  Quasi-Static Axial Damping of Poroviscoelastic Cylinders

2011  Turbulent Bed Shear Stress under Symmetric and Asymmetric Waves: Experimental and Numerical Results

2011  Wave-Induced Eddies and "Lift" Forces on Circular Cylinders

2010  Behavior and Effectiveness of FRP Wrap in the Confinement of Large Concrete Cylinders

2010  Coherent Structure of Surface Pressures on 2-D Rectangular Cylinders in Turbulent Flow

2010  Design and Calibration of PVDF Based Stress Gauge and Its Application in Concrete Cylinder Impact Test

2010  Determining Thermal Conductivity of Paving Materials Using Cylindrical Sample Geometry

2010  Implementation and Application of a New Elastoplastic Model Based on a Multiaxial Criterion to Assess the Stress State near Underground Openings

2010  A Review of Vortex-Induced Vibrations

2009  Application of Non-Stop Plugging Technique with Expansive Cylinder in the Alteration of Inshore Oil and Gas Pipelines

2009  Correlation of Radial Flow-Through and Hollow Cylinder Dynamic Pressurization Test for Measuring Permeability

2009  The Effect of Installation Technique on Capacity of Cylinder Piles in the Yorktown Formation

2009  Effect of Transitions on Flow past a Square Cylinder at Low Reynolds Number

2009  Flow Characteristics around a Circular Cylinder Placed Horizontally above a Plane Boundary

2009  Full Two-Dimensional Model for Rolling Resistance. II: Viscoelastic Cylinders on Rigid Ground

2009  Low-Frequency Variations of Force Coefficients on Square Cylinders with Sharp and Rounded Corners

2009  Model of FRP-Confined Concrete Cylinders in Axial Compression

2009  Scaled Boundary FEM Model for Interaction of Short-Crested Waves with a Concentric Porous Cylindrical Structure

2009  Unsteady Reynolds Averaged Navier — Stokes Method for Free-Surface Wave Flows around Surface-Piercing Cylindrical Structures

2008  Assessing the Efficiency of CFRP Discrete Confinement Systems for Concrete Cylinders

2008  Axial Pile Capacity of Large Diameter Cylinder Piles

2008  Behavior of Cylindrical Steel Sheels Supported on Local Brackets

2008  Buckling of Unconfined and Confined Thin-Walled Steel Cylinders under External Pressure

2008  Characteristics of Steady Horseshoe Vortex System near Junction of Square Cylinder and Base Plate

2008  Coherent Structures in the Flow Field around a Circular Cylinder with Scour Hole

2008  Experimental Investigation of Flow Past a Square Cylinder at an Angle of Incidence

2008  Flow around Cylinders in Open Channels

2008  A Happy Ending after Eight Catastrophic Failures: Wichita Falls’ Experience with Condition Assessment

2008  Hydrodynamics of a Concentric Twin Perforated Circular Cylinder System

2008  Laboratory Investigation of Mean Drag in a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Cylinders

2008  Modeling of Hollow Cylindrical Asphalt Mixture Specimens

2008  New Connection System for Confined Concrete Columns and Beams. I: Experimental Study

2008  New Connection System for Confined Concrete Columns and Beams. II: Theoretical Modeling

2008  Upper Bound for Cylinder Movement Using “Elastic” Fields and Its Possible Application to Pile Deformation Analysis

2007  Behavior of Cylinder Piles During Pile Installation

2007  Cohesive Crack Model and Fracture Energy of Steel-Fiber-Reinforced-Concrete Notched Cylindrical Specimens

2007  Concrete Cylinder Piles at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina

2007  Design and Installation of Concrete Cylinder Piles

2007  Experimental Studies on Burial of Finite-Length Cylinders under Oscillatory Flow

2007  Failure of Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe

2007  Flow through Trapezoidal and Rectangular Channels with Rigid Cylinders

2007  PCCP Inspection: Prioritizing Risk, Assessing Shutdown Impacts, and Executing the Inspection

2007  PCCP Reliability Management

2007  Possible Stress Path of HCA for Cyclic Principal Stress Rotation under Constant Confining Pressures

2007  Recent Experiences with Concrete Cylinder Piles in Florida

2007  Three-Dimensional Flow around a Bottom-Mounted Short Cylinder

2007  Turn-Key Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation/Replacement Solution for an Effluent Force Main

2006  Burial of Short Cylinders Induced by Scour under Combined Waves and Currents

2006  Effect of Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Wraps on Corrosion Activity and Concrete Cracking in Chloride-Contaminated Concrete Cylinders

2006  Finite-Element Computation of Wave-Structure Interaction between Steep Stokes Waves and Vertical Cylinders

2006  Fluid-Soil-Structure Interaction in Liquefaction around a Cyclically Moving Cylinder

2006  High Capacity Hollow Cylinder Apparatus with Local Strain Measurements

2006  Kalpana One: A New Space Colony Design

2006  Large-Eddy Simulation of High Reynolds Number Turbulent Flow Past a Square Cylinder

2006  Response Amplitude and Hydrodynamic Force for a Buoy over a Convex

2006  Similitude of Large-Scale Turbulence in Experiments on Local Scour at Cylinders

2005  Burial of Short Cylinders Induced by Scour and Bedforms under Waves plus Currents

2005  Change in Multiple Yield Surfaces of Dense Toyoura Sand with Shearing in a p’-Constant Plane

2005  Chimera Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulations of Vortex-Induced Vibration of Circular Cylinders

2005  Impact Burial of Cylinders in Soft Marine Sediments

2005  Laboratory Study of Heave Behavior of Expansive Clay Reinforced with Geopiles

2005  Modeling Flow around Bluff Bodies

2005  Modeling of Flow Around a Cylinder Over a Scoured Bed

2005  Slamming Forces due to Random Waves on Horizontal Circular Members in Intertidal Zone

2005  Stability of Anisotropic Laminated Rings and Long Cylinders Subjected to External Hydrostatic Pressure

2005  Wave Runup on a Concentric Perforated Circular Cylinder System

2005  The Yield Behavior of Leighton Buzzard Sand in a Hollow Cylinder Apparatus

2004  Great Man Made River Authority (GMRA) The Role of Acoustic Monitoring in the Management of the Worlds Largest Prestressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe Project