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Found 95 Records with the keyword term of "Cyclones"

2015  Storm Surge and Surface Waves in a Shallow Lagoonal Estuary during the Crossing of a Hurricane

2014  Direct and Indirect Cost-and-Benefit Assessment of Climate Adaptation Strategies for Housing for Extreme Wind Events in Queensland

2014  Extra-Tropical and Tropical Cyclone Vulnerability in Canada: Two Comprehensive Models

2013  Risk-Informed Investment for Tropical Cyclone Preparedness of Highway Signs, Signals, and Lights

2012  The Effect of Averaging Duration on Differences Observed between Gust Factors from Tropical and Extratropical Winds

2012  The Role of Tropical Cyclone Induced Flooding in Economic and Insurance Losses

2012  Shore Protection against Sea Level Rise and Tropical Cyclones in Small Island States

2012  Strongest Cyclone of the New Millennium in the Bay of Bengal: Strategy of RVS for Nonengineered Structures

2012  Tropical Cyclone Marine Surface Wind Modeling: The Shape of the Radial Wind Profile Matters

2011  Comparison of Two Severe Storms in Terms of Wave Characteristics Based on Recorded Field Data

2011  Cyclone Damage Risks Caused by Enhanced Greenhouse Conditions and Economic Viability of Strengthened Residential Construction

2011  Numerical Study of the Effect of Wind-Waves Generated by Tropical Cyclones Using Wave Model

2011  Observations and Modeling of Cyclone Nargis Storm Surge in Myanmar

2011  Performance of Coastal Structures during Cyclone Sidr

2011  Swims Hawaii Hurricane Wave, Surge, and Runup Inundation Fast Forecasting Tool

2011  TWAVE Modeling Package for Simulation of Coastal Inundation in Island Regions

2010  Forensic Investigations of Collapse of Industrial Sheds at Thuvakudy,Tamil Nadu, India

2010  Rational Wind-Load Design and Wind-Load Factors for Locations Affected by Tropical Cyclones, Hurricanes, and Typhoons

2010  Wind Induced Fatigue of Metal Roof Cladding during Severe Tropical Cyclones

2009  Power Restoration Solution after Major Cyclone: "Gonu": Hit Oman in June 2007

2008  An Estimation Method for Potential Maximum Storm Surge Heights Using a New Tropical Cyclone Initialization Scheme and a Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean-Wave Model

2008  An Evaluation of Storm Surge Frequency-of-Occurrence Estimators

2008  Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Cyclone Preparedness in Coastal Bangladesh

2008  Numerical Modeling and Warning Procedure for Gonu Super Cyclone along Iranian Coastlines

2008  A Real Time Storm Surge Forecasting System Using ADCIRC

2008  Storm QuickLook and Reporting Tools: Coastal Oceanographic and Meteorological Monitoring and Analysis for Tropical Cyclone Events

2007  Comparative Fractional Efficiency Predictions by Selected Cyclone Simulation Models

2007  Design of Low-Rise Buildings for Extreme Wind Events

2007  Hurricane Forecasting: The State of the Art

2007  Quantitative Analysis Model of Non-Accident Loss for Tropical Cyclone Avoidance Routing

2007  Winter Storm and Tropical Cyclone Impacts on the Short-Term Evolution of Beaches and Barriers along the Northeastern Gulf of Mexico

2005  Distinguishing Tropical Cyclone-Related Flooding in U.S. Presidential Disaster Declarations: 1965-1997

2005  Hurricane Ivan: Storm Impacts to Beach Nourishment Projects – Gulf Shores, AL to Pensacola Beach, FL

2005  A Monte Carlo Approach for Estimating Tropical Cyclone Extreme Wave Conditions

2005  Socio-Economic Devastation of Orissa Coast, India: Caused by Unprecedented Sea Level Rise during October 1999 Super Cyclone

2005  Synthetic Tropical Cyclone Database

2004  Variability on Flow and Density Structure Near the Mouth of Mutsu Bay Forced by Passage of Migratory Cyclone

2003  Exaggeration of Wind Conditions in Hurricane Floyd and Other Tropical Cyclones

2003  Modeling Tropical Cyclone Wave Population of the Great Barrier Reef

2002  The Climatology of Land-Falling Tropical Cyclones in North Carolina

2002  Cyclone Induced Storm Surge and Flood Forecasting System for India

2002  Intensification of North Pacific Winter Cyclones, 1948-99: Impacts on Southern California Wave Climate

2002  Prediction of Size Distribution of Particles Penetrating Dry Cyclone Separators

2002  Vulnerability of Fully Glazed High-Rise Buildings in Tropical Cyclones

2001  Evaluation of Mixed-Population Flood-Frequency Analysis

1999  Wave Setup and Other Tidal Anomalies in Coastal Rivers

1999  What Happens at the Seabed off a Headland during a Tropical Cyclone

1998  Long-Term and Extreme Waves in the Gulf of Mexico

1998  Surface Wind Fields in Hurricanes

1998  Surface Wind Wave Modeling in Chesapeake Bay

1997  Hurricane Disaster Mitigation Through Real-time Wind Analysis

1997  A Multi-Objective Analysis for Cyclone Shelter Planning in Bangladesh

1997  Using Tropical Storm Alberto to Evaluate FERC Guidelines on Probable Maximum Flood Development

1997  Wind Hazards in the United States

1996  Flash Floods and Their Control in the Indian Arid Zone

1996  Flood Destruction and Abatement in China

1996  A Quantitative Skill Assessment of Numerical Hydrodynamic Models of Coastal Currents

1996  Vulnerability Curves for Buildings in Tropical-Cyclone Regions

1995  The Alberto Flood of 1994: Water Management and Flood Forecasting Aspects

1995  Flooding in Southeastern United States from Tropical Storm Alberto, July 1994

1995  Water Management Aspects of Southeastern Flood of 1994

1994  Instrumented Buoy Network Response to Ocean Swell

1994  Some Lessons from Australian Experience

1994  US Hurricanes of 1992 an Australian Perspective

1993  Cyclonic Damage to Structural Steel Skeleton During Erection

1991  The Coastline of Bangladesh—An Overview of Processes and Forms

1991  Cyclonic Events and Sedimentation in the Gulf of Mexico

1991  Day Visitor Pontoon Great Barrier Reef, Australia

1991  Extreme Waves and Wave Counts in a Hurricane

1991  Potential Effects of Global Climate Change on the Central and Southern Florida Project

1990  An Advectively Sustained Thermocline on the Agulhas Bank

1990  The Evolution of Cyclonic Disturbance and Lee Waves Over a Topography in a Rapidly Rotating Stratified Flow

1990  Non-Separable Baroclinic Instability and Frontal Cyclones

1988  Cyclone Deposited Tailings Dam for 300 Million Tons

1988  Simple Modeling Procedure for Estimation of Cyclonic Wind Speeds

1987  Tropical Cyclone Generated Currents

1986  Calibration of a Cyclone for Monitoring Inhalable Particles

1986  Cyclones and Hydrocyclones

1985  Low Profile Barrier Island Overwash and Breaching in the Gulf of Mexico

1984  Cyclones in Waste-to-Energy Production Facilities

1982  Wind Turbulence over Seas in Tropical Cyclones

1981  Removal of Suspended Solids from Seafood Processing Waste Water

1980  Hurricane Wind Speeds in the United States

1980  Northeaster Model and Application to Coastal Flooding

1980  A Note on Joint Probability of Surge and Rainfall

1980  Numerical Modelling of Tropical Cyclone Storm Surge

1980  Tropical Storm Surge Forecasting in the National Weather Service

1979  Sampling Errors in Estimation of Extreme Hurricane Winds

1978  Wind Wave Frequencies in a Tropical Cyclone Region

1976  Predicting Wind-Induced Response in Hurricane Zones

1976  Shear Capacity of Metal Roofing

1975  The Darwin Cyclone — Valuable Lesson in Structural Design

1974  Feasibility of Hydrocyclones for Dredge Spoil

1973  Distribution of Extreme Winds over Oceans

1957  Hurricane Effect on Sea Level at Charleston