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2015  Cyclic Testing of Welded HSS-to-HSS Moment Connections for Seismic Applications

2015  Experimental Study and Numerical Investigation of Blockhaus Shear Walls Subjected to In-Plane Seismic Loads

2015  Experimental Study on Cracking of Thick-Walled Welded Beam-Column Connections with Incomplete Penetration in Steel Bridge Piers

2015  Performance of a 2-Story CLT House Subjected to Lateral Loads

2015  Seismic Behavior of RC Shear Walls Strengthened for In-Plane Bending Using Externally Bonded FRP Sheets

2014  Beam Design Force Demands in Steel Plate Shear Walls with Simple Boundary Frame Connections

2014  Creep-Recovery Behavior of Asphalt Binders Modified with SBS and PPA

2014  Effects of Construction-Induced Stresses on Dynamic Soil Parameters of Bootlegger Cove Clays

2014  Experimental Behavior of Steel Fixed Bearings and Implications for Seismic Bridge Response

2014  Experimental Investigation on Lateral Performance of Timber-Steel Hybrid Shear Wall Systems

2014  Multiple Stress Creep-Recovery Test of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Polyphosphoric Acid-Modified Binder

2014  Performance-Based Capacity Design of Steel Plate Shear Walls. II: Design Provisions

2014  Prediction of Cyclic Behaviors of Mild Steel at Large Plastic Strain Using Coupon Test Results

2014  Quasi-Static Cyclic Testing of a Large-Scale Hybrid Sliding-Rocking Segmental Column with Slip-Dominant Joints

2014  Real-Time Dynamic Model Updating of a Hysteretic Structural System

2014  Seismic Behavior of RC Shear Walls with Externally Bonded FRP Sheets: Analytical Studies

2014  Seismic Strengthening of Severely Damaged Beam-Column RC Joints Using CFRP

2013  Cyclic Behavior of Corrugated Steel Shear Diaphragms with End Failure

2013  Cyclic Seismic Testing of Composite Concrete-Filled U-Shaped Steel Beam to H-Shaped Column Connections

2013  Cyclic Shear Strength of Soil with Different Pore Fluids

2013  Ductile Fuse Connectors for Hybrid Masonry Systems

2013  Dynamic Properties and Influence of Clay Mineralogy Types on the Cyclic Strength of Mine Tailings

2013  Economical Steel Plate Shear Walls for Low-Seismic Regions

2013  Liquefaction Response of Partially Saturated Sands. I: Experimental Results

2013  Mechanical Properties and Freeze-Thaw Durability of Strengthening Mortars

2013  Multispring Hinge Element for Reinforced Concrete Frame Analysis

2013  Seismic Behavior of RC Shear Walls Strengthened with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer

2013  Shear and Friction Response of Nonseismic Laminated Elastomeric Bridge Bearings Subject to Seismic Demands

2012  CFRP-Confined Square RC Columns. I: Experimental Investigation

2012  Cyclic Quasi-Static Testing of Hollow Structural Section Beam Members

2012  Development of a Predictive System for Estimating Fatigue Life of Asphalt Mixtures Using the Indirect Tensile Test

2012  Midply Truss Wall System: High-Performance Shear Wall for Midrise Wood-Frame Buildings

2012  Repair and Strengthening of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joints with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites

2012  Stiffness Degradation and Yielding of EPS Geofoam under Cyclic Loading

2011  Conceptual Model for Prediction of FRP-Concrete Bond Strength under Moisture Cycles

2011  Cyclic Flexural Testing of Concentrically Braced Frame Beam-Column Connections

2011  Cyclic Loading Test for Reinforced Concrete Frame with Thin Steel Infill Plate

2011  Cyclic Tests on RC-Steel Shear Plate Composite Wall System Applicable in Beam Spans with Large Openings

2011  Effect of Microfabric on Undrained Static and Cyclic Behavior of Kaolin Clay

2011  Fatigue of Concrete Beams Strengthened with Glass-Fiber Composite under Flexure

2011  Increasing the Resistance of Piles Subject to Cyclic Lateral Loading

2011  Influence of Pore Fluid Viscosity on the Dynamic Properties of an Artificial Clay

2011  Mechanisms Governing Fatigue, Damage, and Fracture of Commercially Pure Titanium for Viable Aerospace Applications

2011  Methods to Improve Infilled Frame Ductility

2011  Quasi-Static Axial Damping of Poroviscoelastic Cylinders

2011  Seismic Design and Behavior of Ductile Knee-Braced Moment Frames

2011  Seismic Design and Performance of Steel Moment-Resisting Frames with Nonlinear Replaceable Links

2011  Shear Behavior of Corrugated Tie Connections in Anchored Brick Veneer–Wood Frame Wall Systems

2010  Application of the Viscoelastic Continuum Damage Model to the Indirect Tension Test at a Single Temperature

2010  Cyclic Testing and Modeling of Cold-Formed Steel Special Bolted Moment Frame Connections

2010  Effects of Variation of Axial Load and Bidirectional Loading on Seismic Performance of GFRP Retrofitted Reinforced Concrete Exterior Beam-Column Joints

2010  Modified Elastofiber Element for Steel Slender Column and Brace Modeling

2010  Strength Measurement for Near-Seabed Surface Soft Soil Using Manually Operated Miniature Full-Flow Penetrometer

2010  Triaxial Deformation Behavior of Bituminous Mixes

2010  Verification of the Soil-Type Specific Correlation between Liquefaction Resistance and Shear-Wave Velocity of Sand by Dynamic Centrifuge Test

2009  Characterization of Liquefaction Susceptibility of Sands by Means of Extreme Void Ratios and/or Void Ratio Range

2009  Cyclic Testing of a Buckling Restrained Braced Frame with Unconstrained Gusset Connections

2009  Design Guidelines for Polyethylene Pipe Interface Shear Resistance

2009  Determination of Viscoelastic Poisson’s Ratio and Creep Compliance from the Indirect Tension Test

2009  Dynamic Response of Compacted CG, DM, and CG-DM Blends

2009  Liquefaction Resistance of Sandy Soils under Partially Drained Condition

2009  Mechanical Characterization of an Artificial Clay

2009  Pore Pressure Generation of Silty Sands due to Induced Cyclic Shear Strains

2009  Probabilistic Models for Cyclic Straining of Saturated Clean Sands

2009  Steel Plate Shear Walls with Various Infill Plate Designs

2009  Strut-and-Tie Nonlinear Cyclic Analysis of Concrete Frames

2009  Wood Shear Wall Performance: Influence of Sheathing Nail Head Geometry

2008  Behavior of Railroad Ballast under Monotonic and Cyclic Loading

2008  Correlation between Cyclic Resistance and Shear-Wave Velocity for Providence Silts

2008  Cyclic Testing and Modeling of Cold-Formed Steel — Special Bolted Moment Frame Connections

2008  Ductility and Energy Dissipation Capacity of Shear-Dominated Steel Plate Walls

2008  Estimation of Cumulative Deformation Capacity of Buckling Restrained Braces

2008  Inelastic Cyclic Testing of the Kaiser Bolted Bracket Moment Connection

2008  Initial Shear Modulus of Remolded Sand-Clay Mixtures

2008  Strain-Dependent Dynamic Properties of Remolded Sand-Clay Mixtures

2008  Testing of Full-Scale Two-Story Steel Plate Shear Wall with Reduced Beam Section Connections and Composite Floors

2007  Evolutionary Parameter Hysteretic Model for Wood Shear Walls

2007  Framed Steel Plate Wall Behavior under Cyclic Lateral Loading

2007  Full-Scale Test of Composite Frame under Large Cyclic Loading

2007  Laboratory Investigation on Assessing Liquefaction Resistance of Sandy Soils by Shear Wave Velocity

2007  Midply Wood Shear Wall System: Performance in Dynamic Testing

2007  Pre- and Post-Liquefaction Response of Sand in Cyclic Simple Shear

2007  A Site-Specific Comparison of Simplified Procedures for Evaluating Cyclic Resistance of Non-Plastic Silt

2007  Structural Engineering with NiTi. II: Mechanical Behavior and Scaling

2006  Cold-Formed Steel Frame Shear Walls Utilizing Structural Adhesives

2006  Effects of Vertical Load and Hold-Down Anchors on the Cyclic Response of Wood Framed Shear Walls

2006  How Reliable is the Plasticity Index for Estimating the Liquefaction Potential of Clayey Sands?

2006  Long Mechanical Interaction between Strengthening Materials and Preexisting Structures

2006  Midply Wood Shear Wall System: Concept and Performance in Static and Cyclic Testing

2006  Preparation and Cyclic Testing of Partially Saturated Sands

2006  Seismic Upgrading of RC Buildings by FRP: Full-Scale Tests of a Real Structure

2006  Structural Behavior of FRP Composite Bridge Deck Panels

2006  Use of Artificial Neural Networks in the Prediction of Liquefaction Resistance of Sands

2005  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Elements under Cyclic Shear. I: Experiments

2005  Cyclic Testing and Constitutive Modeling of Saturated Sand – Concrete Interfaces using the Disturbed State Concept

2005  Cyclic Testing of Braces Laterally Restrained by Steel Studs

2005  Displacement Measurements for Cyclic Triaxial Tests Using Digital Image Correlation

2005  Experimental Investigation of Light-Gauge Steel Plate Shear Walls

2005  Experimental Study of Cyclic Seismic Behavior of Steel Moment Connections Reinforced with Ribs

2005  Fiber-Element Model for Cyclic Analysis of Concrete-Filled Fiber Reinforced Polymer Tubes