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2013  Mechanical Analysis and Control Strategy of Pipeline beneath Landslide Area under Different Crossing Angles

2011  Hampton Roads Crossing (HRX) Pipeline: Innovative Marine Pipeline Design and World Record Trenchless Crossing

2010  Risk Evaluation for Maxi Horizontal Directional Drilling Crossing Projects

2009  Analysis of Influence Factors on Limit Obliquity of Inclined Well for Oil-Gas Pipeline Crossing along Soil Slope

2009  Hazard Evaluation Method Study on Pipeline of Underground Crossing Landslide Area

2009  Study on Waidiao-Cezi Island Pipeline Crossing Parameters and Schemes Optimization

2008  Studies on a Large-Span Beam String Pipeline Crossing

2004  120” Olmsted And 90” Alpine Aqueducts Landslide Crossings

2004  Cable-Supported Overhead Pipeline Crossings: Structure Assessment Plan

2003  Centrifuge Modeling of Buried Pipelines

2003  Considerations for the Design of Buried Natural Gas and Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipeline Fault Crossings

2003  Field Testing of Major Trenchless Technology Methods for Road Crossings

2001  An Evaluation of Trenchless Construction Crossings in San Diego County and Future Crossing for the City of San Diego Water Department

2000  A New Skew

2000  Study on the Urban Traffic of Level Crossing by Computer Simulation

1999  Arched Cable-Stayed Crossing Tilts Sideways to Open

1999  Cable-Stayed Crossing Creates Road Link over Suez Canal

1999  Determining Contraction Scour

1999  Geotechnical Aspects of Highway Crossings Using Trenchless Technology

1999  Latest Developments in Microtunneling Methods for Roadway Crossings

1999  The Need for Research on Scour at Bridge Crossings

1998  Biological and Engineering Approaches to Fish Passage Problems

1998  Commuter Rail Tames Noise

1998  Horizonatal Directional Drilling with Ductile Iron Pipes

1998  Ma Wan Submarine Crossing Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

1998  Scour Measurements at Contracted Highway Crossings in Minnesota, 1997

1997  A Drawing’s Worth 1,000 Words

1997  Engineering a Challenging Trenchless Utility Crossing

1997  GIS for Use in Structural Inspection

1997  Influence of Lateral Momentum Transfer on Bridge Abutment Scour

1997  The Need for Research on Scour at Bridge Crossings

1997  A Nine Pipe Jacked Crossing of I-93 in Downtown Boston

1997  Nonlinear Analysis Used in Practical Engineering Design

1997  Northumberland’s Ice Breaker

1997  Risk-Based Design of Roadway Crossing Structures Considering Intangible Factors

1997  Trenchless Crossings for the MWRA Framingham Extension Relief Sewer Project

1997  Trenchless Technology in the Year 2000 and Beyond

1997  Valley Center Pipeline Tunnel

1996  1500 mm Corrugated HDPE Pipe Installation and Performance

1996  Achieving Reliable Designs for Pipelines Traversing Unstable Slopes

1996  Acoustic Monitoring to Enhance Pipeline Safety at Crossings

1996  Aerial Pipeline Crossings - Inspection and Rehabilitation

1996  Bridge Hydraulic and Scour Analysis Using FESWMS-2DH

1996  Buckeye Water Transmission Main Keswick Dam Crossing

1996  Canal Crossing of High-Pressure Pipelines

1996  Central Artery Utility Crossings

1996  Coal Pipelines Crossing Railroads: Legal Issues

1996  Crossing Bridges with Ductile Iron Pipe—Update 1995

1996  Crossing Fault Lines with Large Diameter Water Pipelines in the Houston Area

1996  Crossing of MacDonald Ranch Wash in Southern Nevada

1996  Crossing the Cape Cod Canal; A Natural Gas Pipeline Interconnection

1996  Crude Oil Pipe Line Crossing Western Panama

1996  Design Alternatives for Protection of the Santa Ana River Interceptor Sewer

1996  Design of a 610-mm Water Pipeline Across Providence Harbor

1996  Design of Pressure Class Ductile Iron Pipe on Supports

1996  Design of the Santa Ana River Wash Crossing of the Inland Feeder

1996  Development of Caltrans Guidelines for Natural Gas Pipelines on Highway Bridges

1996  Environmental Permitting for the Canal Electric Project

1996  Evaluation and Upgrade of Major Transmission Lines Crossing Active Faults

1996  Fault Crossing Design and Seismic Considerations for the South Bay Ocean Outfall

1996  The French Experience in Bursting Rehabilitation for Pipeline Crossings

1996  Greenville Installs 1st 1.5m Annular CPE Pipe in the USA

1996  High Density Polyethylene Pipe under High Fill: A Continuing Study

1996  Medium Span Gravity Sewer Aerial Crossings

1996  Pipeline Crossing Accidents and Leak Detection Opportunities

1996  Pipeline Crossings

1996  Pipeline Crossings 1996

1996  Pipeline Crossings and the Corps Regulatory Process in New England

1996  The Pre-Planning Phase and the Use of Multipurpose Construction Equipment in Pipeline Crossings

1996  Record Breaking Bundled Pipeline Crossings

1996  Relocation of Existing Pipelines at New Highway Crossings

1996  Seismic Design Issues of Water Pipelines at the Hayward Fault Crossing

1996  Sewer Crossing of Creek with Bridge Widening

1996  Steel Water Pipe for Exposed and Buried Crossings

1996  Structural Aspects of Pipeline Crossings

1996  Telesleeve Crossing

1996  Tenneco’s Risk Management Approach to Pipeline Crossings

1996  Ultimate Strength of Underwater Pipe-Soil Systems

1996  Utilizing Directional Drilling Techniques to Install Underwater Watermain

1995  Application of HIVEL2D to the Rio Hondo Flood Control Channel

1995  Avoiding Pipeline Failures at Waterway Crossings Part 1: Secour Assessment Methods

1995  Avoiding Pipeline Failures at Waterway Crossings Part 2: Scour Countermeasures

1995  Choice of Pipes for Micro Tunnels

1995  Impact Factors for Estimating Vehicle Live Loads

1995  Open-Cut Sewer Crossing of Railroad Completed in Just 48 Hours

1995  Real Time Warning Systems for Low Water Crossings

1995  Simulation of General Scour at the US-59 Bridge Crossing of the Trinity River, Texas

1993  Depth of Cover Surveys for Waterway Crossings

1993  Pipelines Crossing Highways and Railroads by Tunneling

1993  Risk Analysis for the Selection of Low Water Crossing Structures

1992  Computer Simulation of River Channel Changes at a Bridge Crossing on a Point Bar

1992  United States Geological Survey Bridge Scour Evaluation Program in Texas

1991  Alternative Highway and Railroad Crossings for Lake Gaston Water Supply Pipeline

1991  Application of Lateral Spread Hazard Definition Using Liquefaction Susceptibility Index to the Design of Buried Pipelines

1991  Bayou Crossing with Dual 18-Inch Diameter High-Density Polyethylene Pipes

1991  Blasting Procedures for the 54-Inch Ramona Pipeline at Interstate 15 Bridge Crossing

1991  Bridge Crossings with Ductile Iron Pipe

1991  Casing Insulators, Spacers and Skids

1991  Computerized Design of Buried Pipeline Crossings

1991  Corrosion Control for Pipeline Crossings