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2015  Agricultural Damages and Losses from ARkStorm Scenario Flooding in California

2015  Monitoring Agricultural Drought Using the Standardized Effective Precipitation Index

2014  Combining the Crop Coefficient of Winter Wheat and Summer Maize with a Remotely Sensed Vegetation Index for Estimating Evapotranspiration in the North China Plain

2014  Corn Yield Simulation Using the STICS Model under Varying Nitrogen Management and Climate-Change Scenarios

2014  Cuphea Oil as a Potential Biodiesel Feedstock to Improve Fuel Properties

2014  Dissolution of Cotton Cellulose with Ionic Liquids 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride and 1-Allyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride to Prepare Reducing Sugar

2014  DRAINMOD-DSSAT Simulation of the Hydrology, Nitrogen Dynamics, and Plant Growth of a Drained Corn Field in Indiana

2014  Economic Assessment of Water Resources Management Strategies

2014  Effect of Radionuclides Present in Lignite Fly Ash on Soil and Crop Produce

2014  Effects of Soybean and Canola Oil-Based Biodiesel Blends on Spray, Combustion, and Emission Characteristics in a Diesel Engine

2014  Effects of Subsurface Drip Irrigation and Different Planting Arrangements on the Yields and Technological Quality of Sugarcane

2014  Evaluation of Nonlinear Root Uptake Model for Uniform Root Zone vis-à-vis Multilayer Root Zone

2014  Impact of Nitrogen Fertilizer on Maize Evapotranspiration Crop Coefficients under Fully Irrigated, Limited Irrigation, and Rainfed Settings

2014  Improvement of FAO-56 Model to Estimate Transpiration Fluxes of Drought Tolerant Crops under Soil Water Deficit: Application for Olive Groves

2014  Improving Irrigation Water Delivery Performance of a Large-Scale Rice Irrigation Scheme

2014  Inexact Fuzzy Chance-Constrained Nonlinear Programming Approach for Crop Water Allocation under Precipitation Variation and Sustainable Development

2014  Integrating Water, Nitrogen, and Salinity in Sustainable Irrigated Systems: Cover Crops versus Fallow

2014  Managing Irrigation Water by Yield and Water Productivity Assessment of a Rice-Wheat System Using Remote Sensing

2014  Optimal Allocation of Water Resources Model for Different Growth Stages of Crops under Uncertainty

2014  Roof Runoff Capture for Home Garden Crop Cultivation in Sri Lanka

2014  Sensitivity Analysis of Nonlinear Model Parameters in a Multilayer Root Zone

2014  Using a Surface Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) to Estimate Seasonal Crop Water Use for Large Agricultural Areas: Case Study of the Palo Verde Irrigation District

2013  Actual Crop Evapotranspiration and Alfalfa- and Grass-Reference Crop Coefficients of Maize under Full and Limited Irrigation and Rainfed Conditions

2013  Agroeconomic Analysis of Nitrate Crop Source Reductions

2013  Alfalfa Water Use and Crop Coefficients across the Watershed: From Theory to Practice

2013  Application of a SWAT Model for Hydrological Modeling in the Xixian Watershed, China

2013  Crop Water Stress in Peach Orchards and Relationships with Soil Moisture Content in a Chernozem of Dobrogea

2013  Determination of Crop Water Stress Index and Irrigation Timing on Olive Trees Using a Handheld Infrared Thermometer

2013  Determination of Evapotranspiration and Annual Biomass Productivity of a Cactus Pear [Opuntia ficus-indica L. (Mill.)] Orchard in a Semiarid Environment

2013  Developing an Agricultural Planning Model in a Watershed Considering Climate Change Impacts

2013  Developing Corn Regional Crop Coefficients Using a Satellite-Based Energy Balance Model (ReSET-Raster) in the South Platte River Basin of Colorado

2013  Effect of Water Table Depth on Growth and Yield of Soybean Yudou 16

2013  Efficacy of Nonlinear Root Water Uptake Model for a Multilayer Crop Root Zone

2013  Extraction of Multicrop Planning Rules in a Reservoir System: Application of Evolutionary Algorithms

2013  Global Sensitivity Analysis of Variably Saturated Flow and Transport Parameters and Its Implication for Crop Yield and Root Zone Hydrosalinity

2013  Large-Scale Use of Pond Ash for Reclamation of Waste/Alkaline Land for Agriculture

2013  Lysimetric Determination of Coriandrum sativum L. Water Requirement and Single and Dual Crop Coefficients in a Semiarid Climate

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. I: Model Development and Testing

2013  Modeling Subsurface Heterogeneity of Irrigated and Drained Fields. II: Multivariate Stochastic Analysis of Root-Zone Hydrosalinity and Crop Yield

2013  Modified Model for Simulating Hydrologic Processes for Plastic Mulch Production Systems

2013  Nondimensional Relationship for Root Water Uptake in Crops

2013  Rice Germination as a Bioassay to Test the Phytotoxicity of MSWI Bottom Ash Recycling Wastewater

2013  Role of Transpiration Reduction during Center-Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation in Application Efficiency

2013  Soil Moisture Status in an Irrigated Pecan Field

2013  Soil Water Retention Characteristics of Black Soils of India and Pedotransfer Functions Using Different Approaches

2013  Translating Wind-Speed Measurements over Alfalfa Having Varying Height for Use in the ASCE Standardized Reference ET Equation

2013  Using Thermal Units for Crop Coefficient Estimation and Irrigation Scheduling Improves Yield and Water Productivity of Corn ( Zea mays L.)

2012  Analysis of Microclimate Data Measured over Grass and Soybean Canopy and Their Impacts on Penman-Monteith Grass and Alfalfa Reference Evapotranspiration

2012  Comparison of SWAP and FAO Agro-Hydrological Models to Schedule Irrigation of Wine Grapes

2012  Effect of Artificial Recharge Using Abandoned Rice Paddies for Sustainable Groundwater Management in Kumamoto, Japan

2012  Effects of Hay Mulch on Soil Properties and Potato Tuber Yield under Irrigation and Nonirrigation in New Brunswick, Canada

2012  Effects of Subsurface Drainage on Evapotranspiration for Corn and Soybean Crops in Southeastern North Dakota

2012  Estimating Water Requirements of an Irrigated Mediterranean Vineyard Using a Satellite-Based Approach

2012  Estimation of Daily Solar Radiation from Measured Air Temperature Extremes in the Mid-Mediterranean Area

2012  ET Mapping with High-Resolution Airborne Remote Sensing Data in an Advective Semiarid Environment

2012  Evaluating Crop Water Stress under Limited Irrigation Practices

2012  Evaluation and Comparison of Drip and Conventional Irrigation Methods on Sugar Beets in a Semiarid Region

2012  Forecasting Spatially Distributed Cotton Evapotranspiration by Assimilating Remotely Sensed and Ground-Based Observations

2012  Infiltration, Runoff, and Export of Dissolved Organic Carbon from Furrow-Irrigated Forage Fields under Cover Crop and No-Till Management in the Arid Climate of California

2012  Kinetic and Equilibrium Studies of Liquid-Phase Adsorption of Phosphate on Modified Sugarcane Bagasse

2012  Model for Nonlinear Root Water Uptake Parameter

2012  A Modular Design of Standard Unit for Automated Storage Logistics System for Aging Tobacco Leaves

2012  Optimizing Irrigation Water Allocation and Multicrop Planning Using Discrete PSO Algorithm

2012  Research on Grain Logistics Demand Forecasting Based on System Dynamics

2012  Urban Weather Data to Estimate Reference Evapotranspiration for Rural Irrigation Management

2012  Using Disjunctive Kriging as a Quantitative Approach to Manage Soil Salinity and Crop Yield

2011  Corn Yield Response to Deficit Irrigation

2011  Estimating Evapotranspiration by Using Atmometers for Irrigation Scheduling in a Humid Environment

2011  Evapotranspiration Adjustment Factors in Florida

2011  Irrigation Scheduling for Green Bell Peppers Using Capacitance Soil Moisture Sensors

2011  Irrigation with Magnetized Water: A Novel Tool for Improving Crop Production in Egypt

2011  Optimal Crop Planning and Conjunctive Use of Surface Water and Groundwater Resources Using Fuzzy Dynamic Programming

2011  Performance Evaluation of ANN and ANFIS Models for Estimating Garlic Crop Evapotranspiration

2011  ReSET-Raster: Surface Energy Balance Model for Calculating Evapotranspiration Using a Raster Approach

2011  SDI Dripline Spacing Effect on Corn and Soybean Yield in a Piedmont Clay Soil

2011  SEBAL for Estimating Hourly ET Fluxes over Irrigated and Dryland Cotton during BEAREX08

2011  Strawberries: Effects of Modifying Irrigation Methods for Transplant Establishment

2011  Uncertainty in Agricultural Water Demand in the West Bank: Policy Implications for a Developing Economy

2011  Use of Alternative Temperature Expressions with Blaney-Criddle

2011  Using a Weighing Lysimeter to Determine a Crop Coefficient for a Green Roof to Predict Evapotranspiration with the FAO Standardized Penman-Monteith Equation

2011  Using Indicator Kriging Technique for Soil Salinity and Yield Management

2010  Comparison of Ordinary Kriging, Regression Kriging, and Cokriging Techniques to Estimate Soil Salinity Using LANDSAT Images

2010  NewsBriefs: Wind Farms Could Alter Air Temperature, Crop Productivity (BBC News)

2010  OCCASION: New Planning Tool for Optimal Climate Change Adaption Strategies in Irrigation

2010  Operational Monitoring of Daily Crop Water Requirements at the Regional Scale with Time Series of Satellite Data

2010  Research on Farmers Financing Based on Grain Warehouse Receipts Pledging

2010  Surface Aerodynamic Temperature Derived from Wind/Temperature Profile Measurements over Cotton and Alfalfa in a Semi-Arid Environment

2009  Comparison of Evapotranspiration Estimates from Remote Sensing (SEBAL), Water Balance, and Crop Coefficient Approaches

2009  Controlled Drainage Effects on Crop Yield and Water Use Efficiency under Semi-Arid Condition of Iran

2009  Denitrifying Bioreactors for Treatment of Tile Drainage

2009  Effect of Preharvest Deficit Irrigation on Second Crop Watermelon Grown in an Extremely Hot Climate

2009  Effects of Different Levels of Irrigation Water Salinity and Leaching on Yield and Yield Components of Wheat in an Arid Region

2009  Estimating Crop Coefficients from Fraction of Ground Cover and Height

2009  Estimating Reference Crop Evapotranspiration with ETgages

2009  Estimation of Evaporation and Evapotranspiration during Nongrowing Seasons Using a Dual Crop Coefficient

2009  Estimation of Soil and Crop Hydraulic Properties

2009  Evaluation of a Nonlinear Root-Water Uptake Model

2009  Evaluation of Water Retention Functions and Computer Program “Rosetta” in Predicting Soil Water Characteristics of Seasonally Impounded Shrink — Swell Soils

2009  Manure Application to Soybeans in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed

2009  Measuring Soil Moisture in a Heterogeneous Field