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Found 80 Records with the keyword term of "Critical loads"

2014  Design of Locally Slender Structural Steel Columns

2013  Analysis of Near-Surface Cracking under Critical Loading Conditions Using Uncracked and Cracked Pavement Models

2013  Critical Load of Subsoil Considering Poisson’s Ratio

2013  Identification of the Controlling Mechanism for Predicting Critical Loads in Elastomeric Bearings

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Buckling Capacity of Pretwisted Steel Bars

2013  A Practical Method for Critical Load Determination and Stability Evaluation of Structures

2013  Static and Dynamic Stability of Elastomeric Bearings for Seismic Protection of Structures

2011  Buckling Analysis of Nonuniform and Axially Graded Columns with Varying Flexural Rigidity

2011  On the Application of the Meck Plot in Elastic Buckling

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Axial Capacity of Inelastically Pretwisted Steel Bars

2009  Analysis of Stability of Pile Foundation with Higher Pile-column Bridge Piers

2009  Equivalent Beam-Column Method to Estimate In-Plane Critical Loads of Parabolic Fixed Steel Arches

2009  Numerical Analysis of Critical Bearing Capacity of Subsoil with K0 Unequal to 1

2008  Thermal Effect on the Postbuckling Behavior of an Elastic or Elastoplastic Truss

2007  Reliability Analysis of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Elastoplastic Systems. I: Critical Excitations

2007  Reliability Analysis of Single-Degree-of-Freedom Elastoplastic Systems. II: Suboptimal Excitations

2006  Assessing the Financial Feasibility of Utility-Provided Backup Power during Project Site Planning

2006  Axisymmetric Nonlinear Stability of a Shallow Conical Shell with a Spherical Cap of Arbitrary Variable Shell Thickness

2004  Design of Cold-Formed Steel Channel Columns with Complex Stiffeners by Direct Strength Method

2004  Pavement Design Model for Unbound Granular Materials

2004  Structural Modeling and Design Considerations for Double-Layer Shoring Systems

2002  Stability Analyses and Design Recommendations for Practical Shoring Systems during Construction

2002  Stability of Elastomeric Isolation Bearings: Experimental Study

2001  Nonclassical Stability Problems: Instability of Slender Tubes under Pressure

2001  Postbuckling of Elastic Beams Considering Higher Order Strain Terms

2001  Stability Analysis of Box-Girder Cable-Stayed Bridges

2001  Stochastic Finite-Element Analysis for Elastic Buckling of Stiffened Panels

2000  Lift Slab Structures Instability During Construction

2000  Theory of Combined Sway and Nonsway Frames Buckling

1999  Design of Cross-Braced Frames for Predictable Buckling Behavior

1999  Inelastic Critical Loads by Eigenvalue Analysis

1999  Optimal Stabilization of Column Buckling

1997  Postcritical Imperfection-Sensitive Buckling and Optimal Bracing of Large Regular Frames

1997  Predicting Stability of Lift Slab Structures by Energy Method

1996  Buckling Modes at Coincident Singularities of Stiffness Matrix

1996  Generalized Differential Quadrature Method for Buckling Analysis

1996  A Monitoring System for High-Clearance Scaffold Systems during Construction

1996  Prediction of Buckling Load of Columns Using Artificial Neural Networks

1995  Critical Loading Rate for a Particulate Solid

1995  Discrete-Field Stability Analysis of X-Braced Lattices

1995  Free-Vibration Analysis of Compressed Clamped Circular Plates

1994  Buckling Mode Change of Antisymmetric Angle-Ply Laminates

1994  Critical Loads and Development of Acid Rain Control Options

1993  Buckling of Guyed Towers

1993  Elastic Buckling of Circular Plates Allowing for Prebuckling Deformation

1993  Lower Bounds for Critical Buckling Load Using Matrix Norms

1992  Critical Buckling Load Statistics of an Uncertain Column

1992  Elastic Buckling of Incomplete Composite Plates

1992  Theoretical Study of Stability Criteria for X-Bracing Systems

1991  Buckling of Frames with Load-Dependent Supports

1991  Development of Standards for Slipform & Jumpform Works

1991  Dike Failure Calculation Model Based on In Situ Tests

1991  Lateral Buckling of Doubly Symmetric Beams Containing Openings

1991  Safe-Load-Limit of Plates in Cylindrical Bending

1991  Semibifurcation and Bifurcation Analysis of Flexibly Connected Steel Frames

1991  Stability of Nonconservative Systems Using Eigenvalue Sensitivity

1991  Thin-Walled Space Frames. II: Algorithmic Details and Applications

1990  Identification of Critical Load Distributions for Wind Loading

1990  Random Instability of Elastic-Plastic Frames

1990  Stability and Collapse of Semirigidly Connected Portal Frames

1989  Effective Length Spectra for Cross Bracings

1989  Stability of Pretwisted Bars with Various End Torques

1988  Behaviour of Long Concrete Filled Steel Columns

1988  Critical Load and Postbuckling of Arch Frameworks

1988  Critical Scour: New Bed Protection Design Method

1988  Critical Shear Stress of Cohesive Bottom Sediments

1988  Instability of Longitudinal Bars in RC Columns

1988  Optimal Control of Tall Buildings

1987  Frame Stability

1986  Buckling and Vibration of Arches and Tied Arches

1986  Free Vibration Behavior of Prestressed Beams

1986  Large Scale Testing Facility for the Evaluation of Structural Systems Under Critical Loads

1985  Buckling of Flexibly-Joined Simple Frames

1985  Buckling with Enforced Axis of Twist

1985  Critical Load Program

1969  Buckling of Rigidly-Jointed Plane Trusses

1965  Creep Buckling of Slender Columns

1965  Struts Carrying Nonuniform Axial Loads

1963  Determination of Elastic Critical Loads

1962  Critical Buckling Loads for Tapered Columns