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2014  Depth-Averaged Specific Energy in Open-Channel Flow and Analytical Solution for Critical Irrotational Flow over Weirs

2014  Head Losses in Junction Manholes for Free Surface Flows in Circular Conduits

2014  Influence of Channel Width on Flow Distribution in Four-Branch Junctions with Supercritical Flow: Experimental Approach

2014  Mean Flow in a Submerged Hydraulic Jump with Baffle Blocks

2014  Simulations on Skimming Flow over a vertical drop pool

2014  Water Discharge Measurement in Agricultural Catchments Using Critical Depth Flumes Affected by Sediment Deposition

2013  New Method for the Offline Solution of Pressurized and Supercritical Flows

2013  Novel Approach for Side Weirs in Supercritical Flow

2013  Novel Diversion Structure for Supercritical Flow

2013  Supercritical Flow Measurement Using a Large Parshall Flume

2011  CFD Modeling of Supercritical Flows in a Flood Control Channel

2011  Critical Channel Dimensions for Open-Channel Transition Design

2011  Experimental Study of Subcritical Dividing Flow in an Equal-Width, Four-Branch Junction

2011  Hydraulic Models of the Flow Distribution in a Four Branch Open Channel Junction with Supercritical Flow

2011  Hydraulics of Circular Drop Manholes

2011  Rooster Tail Wave Hydraulics of Chutes

2011  Simple, Robust, and Efficient Algorithm for Gradually Varied Subcritical Flow Simulation in General Channel Networks

2011  Supercritical Flow over a Dentated Sill

2011  Turbulent Near-Critical Open Channel Flow: Serre’s Similarity Theory

2010  Celerity and Amplification of Supercritical Surface Waves

2010  Characteristics of Velocity and Excess Density Profiles of Saline Underflows and Turbidity Currents Flowing over a Mobile Bed

2010  Critical Depth Relationships in Developing Open-Channel Flow

2010  Critical Flow: A Historical Perspective

2010  Design of a Scroll Vortex Inlet for Supercritical Approach Flow

2010  Discontinuous Galerkin Finite-Element Method for Simulation of Flood in Crossroads

2010  Limit Slope in Uniform Flow Computations: Direct Solution for Rectangular Channels

2010  Subcritical Contraction for Improved Open-Channel Flow Measurement Accuracy with an Upward-Looking ADVM

2010  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Subcritical Flow at a Combining Junction: Luxury or Necessity?

2009  Bernoulli Theorem, Minimum Specific Energy, and Water Wave Celerity in Open-Channel Flow

2009  Bridge Rail Rating Curves and Submergence Characteristics

2009  Retrofitting Stormwater BMPs in a Supercritical Flow Regime: A Hydraulic Perspective

2009  Supercritical Flow Measurement Using a Small Parshall Flume

2008  Critical Flow over Circular Crested Weirs

2008  Direct Solution to Problems of Open-Channel Transitions: Rectangular Channels

2008  Flow Patterns in a Four-Branch Junction with Supercritical Flow

2008  Method of Solution of Nonuniform Flow with the Presence of Rectangular Side Weir

2008  Numerical Simulation of Equal and Opposing Subcritical Flow Junctions

2008  One-Dimensional Model for Transient Flows Involving Bed-Load Sediment Transport and Changes in Flow Regimes

2008  Theoretical Development of Stage-Discharge Ratings for Subcritical Open-Channel Flows

2008  Transcritical Flow due to Channel Contraction

2008  Turbulent Jet Energy Dissipation at Vertical Drops

2008  Use of Brink Depth in Discharge Measurement

2008  Well-Balanced Scheme between Flux and Source Terms for Computation of Shallow-Water Equations over Irregular Bathymetry

2007  Applying Mesh Adaption to Modeling Supercritical Flow

2007  Celerity and Attenuation/Amplification of Supercritical Flow Waves

2007  CFD Analysis of Supercritical Converging Flow Structure

2007  Hydraulic Performances of Minimum Energy Loss Culverts in Australia

2007  Storm Water Best Management Practice: Development of Debris Filtering Structure for Supercritical Flow

2006  Analytical Solution of the Burgers Equation for Simulating Translatory Waves in Conveyance Channels

2006  Breaking Antidunes: Cyclic Behavior due to Hysteresis

2006  Hydraulic Performance Curves for Highway Culverts

2006  Minimum Specific Energy and Critical Flow Conditions in Open Channels

2006  Modeling 3D Supercritical Flow with Extended Shallow-Water Approach

2006  Optimal Design of Open Channel Section Incorporating Critical Flow Condition

2005  Brief Analysis of Shallow Water Equations Suitability to Numerically Simulate Supercritical Flow in Sharp Bends

2005  Discharge Ratio of Side Outflow to Supercritical Channel Flow

2005  End Depth in U-Shaped Channels: A Simplified Approach

2005  Exact Equations for Critical Depth in a Trapezoidal Canal

2005  Sediment-Wave Development in Subcritical Water Flow

2005  Uniform and Critical Flow Computations

2004  Discontinuous Galerkin Finite-Element Method for Transcritical Two-Dimensional Shallow Water Flows

2004  Energy Dissipation Through Screens

2004  Flow Characteristics of Skimming Flows in Stepped Channels

2004  Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Pipe/Channel Networks

2004  Supercritical Exchange Flow Down a Sill

2003  Free Overfall in Inverted Semicircular Channels

2003  Side Outflow from Supercritical Channel Flow

2002  Applicability Assessment of Subcritical Flux Operation in Crossflow Microfiltration with a Concentration Polarization Model

2002  Drop in Combined Sewer Manhole for Supercritical Flow

2002  Efficiency of a Vortex Chamber with Horizontal Bottom under Supercritical Flow

2002  Flow Characteristics at Drops

2002  St. Venant-Exner Equations for Near-Critical and Transcritical Flows

2002  Supercritical Flow across Sewer Manholes

2001  Choked Flows through Short Contractions

2001  Choke-Free Flow in Ovoidal Sewers with Increase in Bed Elevations

2001  Critical Flow Velocity in Slurry Transporting Horizontal Pipelines

2001  Design of Side Weirs in Subcritical Flow

2001  Hydraulic Performance of Coanda-Effect Screens

2001  Physical Model Study of the San Sevaine Side-Weir Diversion

2001  Supercritical Flow in 45° Junction Manhole

2001  Surface Roughness for Shallow Overland Flow on Crushed Stone Surfaces

2000  Depth-Averaged Simulation of Supercritical Flow in Channel with Wavy Sidewall

2000  Flip Bucket without and with Deflectors

2000  Implicit Bidiagonal Scheme for Depth-Averaged Free-Surface Flow Equations

2000  Supercritical Flow in Bend Manhole

1999  Advances in Calculation Methods for Supercritical Flow in Spillway Channels

1999  Critical Flow Section in Collector Channel

1999  Theoretical End-Depth-Discharge Relationship for Free Overfall

1998  Maryland SHA Procedure for Estimating Scour at Bridge Abutments, Part 2: Clear Water Scour

1998  Prediction of Discontinuity in Stage-Discharge Rating Curves

1998  Subcritical Open-Channel Junction Flow

1998  Supercritical Flow in Chute Contraction

1997  Bottom Outlet for Sewers

1997  Comparison of Water Surface Profiles from Physical and Numerical Models in Mixed Regime Flow

1997  Fish Bypass Outlet Structure for the White River Hydroelectric Project

1997  Gradually Varied Granular Flows in a Vertical Chute

1997  Implicit TVD Methods for Modelling Discontinuous Channel Flows

1997  Invalidity of Preissmann Scheme for Transcritical Flow

1997  Numerical Simulation of Flow in a Channel with a Wavy Sidewall

1997  Numerical Simulation of Transcritical Flow in Open Channels