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2015  Holonic Construction Management: Unified Framework for ICT-Supported Process Control

2015  Location-Aware Sensor Data Error Impact on Autonomous Crane Safety Monitoring

2015  Maintenance Strategy for Steel Structures of Large Gantry Crane Based on Fatigue Reliability

2015  Utilization of 3D Visualization of Mobile Crane Operations for Modular Construction On-Site Assembly

2014  Giant Electromagnet Makes ’Big Move’ from Long Island to Chicago

2014  Modeling the Beam Deflection of a Gantry Crane under Load

2014  Modeling Tower Crane Operator Visibility to Minimize the Risk of Limited Situational Awareness

2014  News2Note

2014  Tower Crane Cycle Times: Case Study of Remote-Control versus Cab-Control Operation

2014  Vision-Based Tower Crane Tracking for Understanding Construction Activity

2013  Automated Method for Checking Crane Paths for Heavy Lifts in Industrial Projects

2013  Crane-Wharf Interaction Nonlinear Time-History Analysis for Pier E Wharf at the Port of Long Beach

2013  Features of the APL Los Angeles 22-Wide STS Cranes

2013  Longer and Stronger

2012  3D-Modeling for Crane Selection and Logistics for Modular Construction On-Site Assembly

2012  51st Street Crane Collapse: Issues in the Investigation during Criminal Proceedings

2012  Crane Pose Estimation Using UWB Real-Time Location System

2012  Creating Automated Crane Work Plans Using Real Time Operational Data and Predictive Analysis

2012  Dynamic Interaction Behavior of Pile-Supported Wharves and Container Cranes in Liquefiable Soil Embankments

2012  Integrated Building Information Model to Identify Possible Crane Instability Caused by Strong Winds

2012  Integrative Model for Quantitative Evaluation of Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2012  Laser Scanning at an Origin and Cause Scene Scenario with Subsequent Crane Collapse

2012  Multiagent Approach for Real-Time Collision Avoidance and Path Replanning for Cranes

2012  Multiuser Virtual Safety Training System for Tower Crane Dismantlement

2012  Near Real-Time Motion Planning and Simulation of Cranes in Construction: Framework and System Architecture

2012  Research and Implementation of Training Integrated Simulator for Large Scale Cranes

2012  Simulation-Based Auction Protocol for Resource Scheduling Problems

2012  Stability Design for the Crane Columns of the Wind Technology Testing Center

2012  The Static Design and Dynamic Analysis of the Lattice Crane Truss

2012  Statics-Based Simulation Approach for Two-Crane Lift

2012  Structural Engineering Training and Experience Requirements at an Origin and Cause Scene Scenario with Subsequent Crane Collapse

2012  Use of Forensic Engineering to Determine the Cause of a Crane Tip-Over

2011  Achieving Construction Innovation through Academia-Industry Cooperation—Keys to Success

2011  Algorithm of Crane Selection for Heavy Lifts

2011  Attaching Tower Cranes to Buildings in New York City

2011  Innovative System for Off-the-Ground Rotation of Long Objects Using Mobile Cranes

2011  Inspired by Dockside Cranes, Swing Bridge Connects Developments Across U.K. Canal

2011  Lampson Transi-Lift Mobile Crane: Concept, Design, and Use

2011  A Real Time Decision Support System for Enhanced Crane Operations in Construction and Manufacturing

2011  Requirements for Autonomous Crane Safety Monitoring

2011  Vision-Based Crane Tracking for Understanding Construction Activity

2011  Windmill Erection and Maintenance: Challenges for Crane Design

2010  Container Crane Recycling: Upgrade and Relocation

2010  Dynamic Power Equation for Variable Frequency Crane in the Operation Process

2010  Effects of a Construction Tower Crane on the Wind Loading of a High-Rise Building

2010  Experimental Study of the Seismic Response of Container Cranes

2010  Extreme Loading of Wharf Crane Girders

2010  Installation of RMG Cranes at Intermodal Rail Yard

2010  An Integrated System to Select, Position, and Simulate Mobile Cranes for Complex Industrial Projects

2010  Interactive and Dynamic Integrated Module for Mobile Cranes Supporting System Design

2010  Inverse Design Study of Double-Link Luffing Mechanism of Portal Slewing Crane

2010  Large Scale Shake Table Test of a Port Container Crane under Strong Motion Excitation

2010  Mechanical Properties of Steel Crane Beam Strengthened by CFRP

2010  Research on Erection Methods of Steel Stiffening Truss Girder for Baling River Bridge

2010  Research on Remote Stress Monitoring System of Metal Structure Based on CDMA and WSN

2010  Seismic Fragility of Jumbo Port Container Cranes

2010  Seismic Response of the Container Crane and Damping

2010  Spatial Trajectory Analysis for Cranes Operations on Construction Sites

2009  AHP-Based Weighting of Factors Affecting Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2009  Analysis and Testing of Container Cranes under Earthquake Loads

2009  Anatomy of a Tower Crane Collapse—An Opportunity to Learn

2009  Coordinate FEM Formulation for Boom of Crawler Cranes Dynamic Analysis

2009  Crane Safety—An Industry in Flux

2009  Cranes, Structures under Construction, and Temporary Facilities: Are We Doing Enough to Ensure They Are Safe?

2009  Damage Assessment of Houses and Buildings from an Engineering Point of View

2009  Design of Tonnage Variable High and Steering Hoisting Girder Machine

2009  Experimental Determination of the Seismic Response of Port Container Cranes Including Uplift Phenomena

2009  Identification and Analysis of Factors Affecting Safety on Construction Sites with Tower Cranes

2009  Integrated Module for Mobile Crane Dynamic Instability Analysis and Supporting System Design

2009  Interactive 3D CAD for Effective Derrick Crane Operation in a Cable-Stayed Bridge Construction

2009  Measurement and Risk Scales of Crane-Related Safety Factors on Construction Sites

2009  Planning Temporary Hoists for Building Construction

2009  Seismic Behavior Considerations for Jumbo Container Cranes

2009  Seismic Guidelines for Container Cranes

2009  Seismic Performance Evaluation of Container Cranes

2009  Three-Dimensional Simulation and Visualization of Crane Assisted Construction Erection Processes

2009  Wind Damage to Dockside Cranes: Recent Failures and Recommendations

2008  ASME BTH-1 Pinned Connection Design Provisions

2008  Computational Methods for Coordinating Multipole Construction Cranes

2008  Design Category and Service Class Selection for Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

2008  Design Factors for Fabricated Steel Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

2008  Simulation-Based Identification of Possible Locations for Mobile Cranes on Construction Sites

2008  Ubiquitous Agent-Based Communication in Construction

2008  Vision System for Tower Cranes

2007  Constructing a Complex Precast Tilt-Up-Panel Structure Utilizing an Optimization Model, 3D CAD, and Animation

2007  Cranes for Building Construction Projects

2007  Fatigue Strength of End-Coped Crane Runway Girders

2007  The Floaterm Concept: Reducing Terminal Congestion with Waterside Cranes

2007  The Impact of Technology on Terminal Design

2007  Increasing Hurricane Winds? Dockside Crane Retrofit Recommendations

2007  Mining Association Rules on Data of Crane Health-Condition Monitoring

2007  Mobile Crane Load Assessment of Berth 8, Commander Fleet Activities, Yokosuka, Japan

2007  New Standard for Design of Below-the-Hook Lifting Devices

2007  A Physics Based Simulation for Crane Manipulation and Cooperation

2007  Seismic Response of Jumbo Container Cranes and Design Recommendations to Limit Damage and Prevent Collapse

2007  “Soft” Considerations in Equipment Selection for Building Construction Projects

2007  Tandem-40 Dockside Container Cranes and Their Impact on Terminals

2007  Towards Supporting Construction Equipment Operation Using Collaborative Agent-Based Systems

2007  Upgrade of Berth 15 for Gantry Cranes, Panama Ports Company, Balboa, Republic of Panama

2006  Crane-Related Fatalities in the Construction Industry