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2014  3D Modeling of Sand Particle Fracture Using Discrete Element Method and Synchrotron Micro-Tomography Images

2014  After-Fracture Reserve Strength of Two Four-Chord Aluminum Sign Trusses

2014  Aging of High-Density Polyethylene Geomembranes of Three Different Thicknesses

2014  Anisotropic Characterization of Crack Growth in the Tertiary Flow of Asphalt Mixtures in Compression

2014  Approach-Span Failure of the Hoan Bridge as a Case Study for Engineering Students and Practicing Engineers

2014  Buckling Delamination of a Rectangular Viscoelastic Sandwich Plate Containing Interface Inner Cracks

2014  Chemoelastic Fracture Mechanics Model for Cement Sheath Integrity

2014  Comparing Effects of Biobinder with Other Asphalt Modifiers on Low-Temperature Characteristics of Asphalt

2014  Comparing Flexible Pavement Performance Using Emerging Analysis Tools

2014  Comparison of the Hu-Duan Boundary Effect Model with the Size-Shape Effect Law for Quasi-Brittle Fracture Based on New Comprehensive Fracture Tests

2014  Discrete-Like Crack Simulation of Reinforced Concrete Incorporated with Analytical Solution of Cyclic Bond Model

2014  Disturbed Stress Field Model for Unreinforced Masonry

2014  Ductile Fracture Simulation of Structural Steels under Monotonic Tension

2014  Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Sandstone Masonry Beams Bound with Fiber-Reinforced Mortars

2014  Effect of FRP Configurations on the Fatigue Repair Effectiveness of Cracked Steel Plates

2014  Effect of Heterogeneity and Reinforcement on Propagation of a Crack due to Shear Waves

2014  Effect of Past Delivery Practices on Current Conditions of Cast-Iron Water Pipes

2014  Effect of Reinforcement Ratio on Transverse Early-Age Cracking of GFRP-RC Bridge Deck Slabs

2014  Effect of Stress Singularity Magnitude on Scaling of Strength of Quasi-Brittle Structures

2014  Effect of through Crack Size on Strength of Shell Structures

2014  Effect of Uniaxial Strength and Fracture Parameters of Concrete on Its Biaxial Compressive Strength

2014  Electrochemical-Mechanistic Model for Concrete Cover Cracking Due to Corrosion Initiated by Chloride Diffusion

2014  Equivalent-Design Crack Model for Structural Glass Elements

2014  Evaluation of Influence Factors on Crack Initiation of LTPP Resurfaced-Asphalt Pavements Using Parametric Survival Analysis

2014  Evaluation of Tensile Strength-Strain Characteristics of Fiber-Reinforced Soil through Laboratory Tests

2014  Experimental Studies and Models for Ductile Fracture in ASTM A992 Steels at High Triaxiality

2014  Fast-to-Compute Weakly Coupled Ductile Fracture Model for Structural Steels

2014  Fatigue Life Assessment of Cracked High-Mast Illumination Poles

2014  Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with TRC Tension Zone Cover

2014  Fluid-Pressured Test to Measure Tensile Strength of Concrete

2014  Fracture and Size Effect on Strength of Plain Concrete Disks under Biaxial Flexure Analyzed by Microplane Model M7

2014  Fracture Healing Properties of Asphaltic Material under Controlled Damage

2014  Fracturing Pressure in Clay

2014  Free Vibration of a Single-Edge Cracked RC Beam Strengthened with FRP

2014  Imperfection Modeling Using Finite Element Approach with Particular Discretization

2014  Instantaneous Stiffness of Cracked Reinforced Concrete Including Steel-Concrete Interface Damage and Long-Term Effects

2014  Laboratory Investigation of Desiccation Cracking

2014  Life-Cycle Management of Fatigue-Sensitive Structures Integrating Inspection Information

2014  Linear and Nonlinear Vibrations of a Column with an Internal Crack

2014  Long Term Field Measurement of Micro Meter Crack Response to Climatological and Blast Vibration Induced Effects

2014  Mechanical Response of Partially Prestressed Precast Concrete I-Beams after High-Range Cyclic Loading

2014  Mechanics of Ti-Ni BMG-Based Alloys: Experimental Study

2014  Microelement Formulation of Free Energy for Quasi-Brittle Materials

2014  Mixed-Mode Elastic-Plastic Fractures: Improved R-Criterion

2014  Modeling Mode I Cracking Failure in Asphalt Binder by Using Nonconserved Phase-Field Model

2014  Multiscale Crack Fundamental Element Model for Real-World Pavement Crack Classification

2014  Multiscale Discontinuities Due to Differential Stress around a Pressurized Borehole

2014  Multiscale Modeling of Elasticity and Fracture in Organic Nanotubes

2014  New Finite-Element Formulation for Buckling Analysis of Cracked Structures

2014  Numerical Analyses of a Cracked Straight-Through Flattened Brazilian Disk Specimen under Mixed-Mode Loading

2014  Parametric Study of FRP Plate Debonding Using Global Energy Balance

2014  Prediction of Intermediate Crack Debonding Strain of Externally Bonded FRP Laminates in RC Beams and One-Way Slabs

2014  Probabilistic Formulation of the Cyclic Void Growth Model to Predict Ultralow Cycle Fatigue in Structural Steel

2014  Proposed Revisions to the Current Charpy V-Notch Requirements for Structural Steel Used in U.S. Bridges

2014  Real-Time Modeling of Moisture Distribution in Subgrade Soils

2014  Repairing Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Girders Using Angles-with-Plate Retrofit Technique. I: Physical Simulations

2014  Repairing Distortion-Induced Fatigue Cracks in Steel Bridge Girders Using Angles-with-Plate Retrofit Technique. II: Computer Simulations

2014  Seismic Behavior of RC Shear Walls with Externally Bonded FRP Sheets: Analytical Studies

2014  Serviceability Analysis of Concrete Beams with Different Arrangements of GFRP Bars in the Tensile Zone

2014  Shear Behaviors of Reinforced Ultrahigh Toughness Cementitious Composite Slender Beams with Stirrups

2014  Shear Strength of Chemically Based Self-Consolidating Concrete Beams: Fracture Mechanics Approach versus Modified Compression Field Theory

2014  Simulating Flow through Fractures in a Rock Mass Using Analog Material

2014  Size-Dependent Fracture Toughness of Nanoscale Structures: Crack-Tip Stress Approach in Molecular Dynamics

2014  Specimen Size Effects and Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Cement-Based Foams

2014  State-of-the-Art Review of Approaches for the Design of Timber Beams with Notches

2014  Stationary Wavelet Transform Method for Distributed Detection of Damage by Fiber-Optic Sensors

2014  Strength and Ductility of Shear Studs under Tensile Loading

2014  Theoretical Bases of Thermomechanical Damage and DMT-Healing Model for Rock

2014  Universal Size-Shape Effect Law Based on Comprehensive Concrete Fracture Tests

2013  Analysis of Near-Surface Cracking under Critical Loading Conditions Using Uncracked and Cracked Pavement Models

2013  Analysis of Transverse Crack on Top Slab of Prestressed Concrete Box Girder

2013  Analytical Failure Prediction of Inclined Boreholes

2013  Analyzing Influence Factors of Transverse Cracking on LTPP Resurfaced Asphalt Pavements through NB and ZINB Models

2013  Application of the Multipole Expansions Method for Solving 2D- and 3D- Elasticity and Fracture Mechanics Problems for the Medium with Pores

2013  Applications of Finite/Discrete Element Modeling to Rock Engineering Problems

2013  Assessment of Building Damage Induced by Three-Dimensional Ground Movements

2013  Basic Performance of the Composite Deck System Composed of Orthotropic Steel Deck and Ultrathin RPC Layer

2013  Bilinear S-N Curves and Equivalent Stress Ranges for Fatigue Life Estimation

2013  Bond-Slip Model for FRP Laminates Externally Bonded to Concrete at Elevated Temperature

2013  Bridge Crack Extraction Method Based on Image-connected Domain

2013  Buckling of One-Way High-Strength Concrete Panels: Creep and Shrinkage Effects

2013  Characterization of Fatigue Damage in Asphalt Mixtures Using Pseudostrain Energy

2013  Comparison of BTC, RBTC and HLP Models in the Calculation of the Dynamic Ductile Fracture Propagation Velocities Based on the X80 Full-Scale Burst Test

2013  Comparison of Markov Chain and Semi-Markov Models for Crack Deterioration on Flexible Pavements

2013  Comparison of Thermal Stresses Calculated from Asphalt Binder and Asphalt Mixture Creep Tests

2013  Condition Assessment of Civil Infrastructure in Europe: Recent Developments and What Might Be Ahead

2013  Coupling Rock-Fracture Propagation with Thermal Stress and Fluid Flow

2013  Crack Survey in Unreinforced Concrete or Masonry Abutments in Short- and Medium-Span Bridges

2013  Crack Water Interaction and Fatigue Life Assessment of RC Bridge Decks

2013  Crack-Healing Investigation in Bituminous Materials

2013  Damage Identification in Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Spatially Distributed Strain Measurements

2013  Deflection Control of Prestressed Box Girder Bridges

2013  Delamination Analysis of Layered Structures with Residual Stresses and Transverse Shear Deformation

2013  Delayed Strains of Cementitious Materials - Impact of Heterogeneities and Creep on Cracking Induced by Drying

2013  Demonstration of Fiber Optic Instrumentation System for Prestressed Concrete Bridge Elements

2013  Design Guidelines for the Cracking Control of Thick High-Strength Concrete Members

2013  Designing High-Precision Fast Nonlinear Dam Neuro-Modelers and Comparison with Finite-Element Analysis

2013  Development of a Damage-Based Phenomenological Fatigue Model for Asphalt Pavements

2013  Development of Comprehensive Platform for the Estimation of Volume Change and Damage in Cementitious Material

2013  Development of Fracture Resistance Curves for Asphalt Concrete