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2015  Court Finds Subcontractor Liable for Ambiguity in Contract Documents

2015  Do Contractors Face Liability for Providing Design Solutions?

2015  Federal Agency Held Liable for Deficinet Design in IDC Contract

2015  Supreme Court Casts a Pall Over State Licensure Boards

2014  Appellate Court Reaffirms Government’s Implied Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing (Metcalf Part II)

2014  Court Holds Designers to a Higher Standard of Care

2014  Federal Appeals Court Affirms Jury Award to Engineering Firm

2014  Industry Groups Band Together to Overturn Decision in Metcalf

2014  Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Considers Design Professional’s Limitation of Liability Clause

2014  Virginia Supreme Court Upholds Constitutionality Of $2-Billion P3 Project

2013  Court Refuses to Enforce Pay-If-Paid Provision

2013  Federal Court Finds Teaming Agreement Unenforceable

2013  Nevada Supreme Court Dismisses Suit against Structural Engineer

2013  State Anti-indemnity Statutes Keep Powerful Parties from Overreaching

2012  Design Professionals Sue USGBC for False Advertising

2012  Effect of the New Australian Consumer Law on the Use of Standard-Form Contracts within the Australian Construction Industry

2012  German Court Authorizes Seizure of Thai Prince’s Plane in Pursuit of Arbitral Award: Walter Bau AG v. Kingdom of Thailand

2012  Government Sues A/E Firm for Cost Escalation Caused by Late Delivery of Design Package

2012  Texas Court Reverses Jury Verdict by Enforcing No-Damage-for-Delay Clause

2011  Concurrent Delays and Apportionment of Damages

2011  Court Allows Unsuccessful Bidder to Sue Architect for ’Malice’ in Bid Selection Process

2011  Loss of Composure during Testimony Can Affect Verdict

2010   Case Law and Variations in Cumulative Impact Productivity Claims

2010  Construction Mediation Landscape in the Civil Justice System in Hong Kong

2010  Predicting the Outcome of Construction Litigation Using an Integrated Artificial Intelligence Model

2009  Colorado Court Allows Recovery of Lost Profits

2009  Universal Prediction Model for Construction Litigation

2007  Court Considers Disqualifying Expert Witness and Firm from Testifying

2007  Interlocutory Injunctions in Construction Cases in Hong Kong: Revisiting American Cyanamid Principles

2007  Strict Compliance in Federal Contracts: How Good is ”Good Enough?”

2007  U.S. Evidence Laws and Their Influence on Mold Litigation Outcomes

2007  What is the Threshold for ’Pass-Through’ Liquidated Damages?

2006  Court Decisions: Ambiguous Contract Costs Primary Contractor

2006  Court Decisions: Arbitration Agreement not ’Unconscionable’

2006  Court Decisions: Bid Error Correction Allowed

2006  Court Decisions: Board May Waive Its Own Requirements

2006  Court Decisions: Bond Does Not Cover Capital Improvements

2006  Court Decisions: Change in Plans Does Not Breach Contract

2006  Court Decisions: Clause Indicates Arbitration is Required

2006  Court Decisions: Contract Gives Arbitration Discretion to Primary Contractor

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor Can Recover for Developer’s Changes

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor Cannot Recover Coasts from Voided Contract

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor May Recover Additional Damages in Trial

2006  Court Decisions: Contractor Not Liable for Subcontractor Safety

2006  Court Decisions: Developer Cannot Force Acceptance of Road

2006  Court Decisions: Developer Cannot Recover Engineering Costs From Town

2006  Court Decisions: Engineer Cannot Collect Interest on Award Payment

2006  Court Decisions: Engineer for Transit Authority Enjoys Sovereign Immunity

2006  Court Decisions: Engineer Not Liable for Damage from Subsidence

2006  Court Decisions: Engineering Requirement Does Not Deny Due Process

2006  Court Decisions: Insurance Does Not Cover Negligence

2006  Court Decisions: Land Use Agreement Constitutes Judicial Rezoning

2006  Court Decisions: Land Use Variance Granted

2006  Court Decisions: ’Local Time’ Means Time at Location of Soliciting Organization

2006  Court Decisions: Pay-If-Paid Clause Upheld in Three States

2006  Court Decisions: Payment May be Requested After Others Complete Work

2006  Court Decisions: Plant Operator Not Liable for Negligence in Death of Employee

2006  Court Decisions: Rejected Bidder Cannot Recover Lost Profits

2006  Court Decisions: RFPs Cannot be Used for South Carolina DOT Contracts

2006  Court Decisions: School District Cannot Collect Fees Refunded to Contractors

2006  Court Decisions: Setback Restrictions for Highways are Legal

2006  Court Decisions: Statute of Limitations on Construction Lawsuits Upheld

2006  Court Decisions: Subcontractor Cannot be Paid Twice for Contract Settlement

2006  Court Decisions: Substantial Completion Does Not Justify Contract Breach

2006  Court Decisions: Supreme Court Defines Landowner Liability

2006  Court Decisions: Zoning Change Does Not Violate Due Process

2006  Court Decisions: Zoning Ordinance Does not Deny Due Process

2005  Court Decisions: Acceptance of Work not a Defense Against Claims

2005  Court Decisions: Additional Insurance Requirement Violates Oregon Law

2005  Court Decisions: Agricultural Zoning Restriction Upheld

2005  Court Decisions: Arbitration Agreement Stands Despite Subcontractor Woes

2005  Court Decisions: Architect Not Liable for Injury Caused During Construction

2005  Court Decisions: Attorney’s Fees Must Be Paid By Unresponsive Bidder Who Sued

2005  Court Decisions: Certified Letter Counts as Contractors’ Decision

2005  Court Decisions: Challenge to Bid Dismissed

2005  Court Decisions: Contract Can be Canceled Before Documents are Signed

2005  Court Decisions: Contract Modifications Created Material Defects

2005  Court Decisions: Contractor Cannot Recover Costs of Completing Work Early

2005  Court Decisions: Contractor Compensated For Changes Made to Comply with Codes

2005  Court Decisions: Contractor Guilty of Failing to use Safety Devices

2005  Court Decisions: Contractor Not Entitled to Overhead Costs on Project it Helped Delay

2005  Court Decisions: Contracts Signed by Unlicensed Contractor is Unenforceable

2005  Court Decisions: Denial of Development Application Does Not Violate Equal Protection Laws

2005  Court Decisions: Developer Cannot Recover Engineering Costs from Town

2005  Court Decisions: Economic Losses Not Recoverable in Negligence Suit

2005  Court Decisions: Failure to File Affidavit Results in Case Dismissal

2005  Court Decisions: Fall Protection Plans Required at Excavation Pit

2005  Court Decisions: Housing Authority Development is Public – Lien not Justified

2005  Court Decisions: Legal Portions of Contract Can be Separated from the Rest

2005  Court Decisions: Local Construction Law Can Be Applied to Roadway Project

2005  Court Decisions: Lost Potential Profits Cannot Be Recovered

2005  Court Decisions: No Duty Owed When Plans are Followed

2005  Court Decisions: Oral Contract Valid Even Though no Price was Set

2005  Court Decisions: Parking Lot Not a Structure as Defined in Town Bylaws

2005  Court Decisions: Pay-if-Paid Clause Applies to Surety Bond

2005  Court Decisions: Restrictions on Development’s Size and Use Ruled Constitutional

2005  Court Decisions: Risk of Defective Plans Lies with Contractor

2005  Court Decisions: Unsuccessful Bidder Can Recover Lost Potential Profits

2005  Court Decisions: Vote to Accept a Bid Constitutes a Contract

2005  Court Decisions: Written Contract Rules Applies to Contractor’s Breach Claim