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2014  Consolidation Behavior of Polymerized Bentonite-Amended Backfills

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity of Polymerized Bentonite-Amended Backfills

2014  Testing of a Post-Tensioned Coupled Shear Wall Structure

2013  The Effect of Input Frequency on Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction of Levees with Cutoff Walls

2013  Effect of Real Bentonite Cake on Slug Test Analysis for Slurry Trench Wall

2013  FEM Simulation of Deformation and Damage Rule of Cutoff Wall under Rainfall Erosion Effect

2013  Quality Control and Quality Assurance Methods for Cutoff Walls in Dams and Levees

2013  Seismic Retrofit of Tuttle Creek Dam

2013  Stability of Slurry Trenches with Inclined Ground Surface

2012  A Case Study - Installation of Cut-Off Wall In Seyrantepe Dam Project

2012  Composite Cut-Off Walls for Existing Dams: Theory and Practice

2012  Deep Soil Mixing with Geomix Method: Influence of Dispersion in UCS Values on Design Calculations

2012  Determination of Key Hydraulic Characteristics of the Vertical Bentonite Barrier As an Old Sanitary Landfill Containment

2012  Installation of a Seepage Cutoff Wall at the Herbert Hoover Dike Using the Cutter Soil Mixing Method

2012  Long Term In Situ Measurements of the Volumetric Water Content in a Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall

2012  Seepage Control Measures for the Papadia Dam Foundation: Design, Con-struction and Performance

2011  Alternative Laboratory Technique to Monitor the Effect of Cementing Additives on Clay for Cut-Off Walls

2011  Core Wall Assembly Designed to Accelerate High-Rise Construction

2011  GIS for Geotechnical Decision Making: Visualization of Cut-Off Wall Construction Data

2011  Performance Evaluation of Innovative Hybrid Coupled Core Wall Systems

2011  Simulation-Based Schedule Estimation Model for ACS-Based Core Wall Construction of High-Rise Building

2011  Slug Test Analysis in Vertical Cutoff Walls with Consideration of Filter Cake

2010  Beneficial Reuse of Corrugated Board in Slurry Applications

2010  Findings of Case Histories on the Long-Term Performance of Seepage Barriers in Dams

2010  Prediction of Earth Pressures in Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls

2009  Hydraulic Conductivity and Compressibility of Soil-Bentonite Backfill Amended with Activated Carbon

2007  Compatibility Evaluation of Groundwater Cutoff Wall Using Salt-Resistant Bentonite and BFS/Cement for Deep-Mix Barrier Wall

2007  Deformation Predictions of Ground Adjacent to Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls Using the Finite Element Method

2007  First Use of TRD Construction Technique for Soil Mix Cutoff Wall Construction in the United States

2007  Numerical Model for Analyzing Slug Tests in Vertical Cutoff Walls

2007  Seepage Analyses of Soil-Bentonite Slurry Cutoff Wall through Landfill

2007  Structural Engineering: Exterior ’Cores’ Alone Will Support Spain’s Tallest Tower

2006  Designi of a Rigid Cutoff Wall

2006  The Innovative CSM-Cutter Soil Mixing for Constructing Retaining and Cut-Off Walls

2006  Membrane Behavior of Two Backfills from Field-Constructed Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls

2006  Slug Test Analysis in Vertical Cutoff Walls. I: Analysis Methods

2006  Slug Test Analysis in Vertical Cutoff Walls. II: Applications

2005  The Effect of Variability in Hydraulic Conductivity on Contaminant Transport through Soil–Bentonite Cutoff Walls

2005  Piezocone Evaluation of a Shallow Soil-Bentonite Slurry Wall

2005  Slug Test in Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Walls Using a Push-In Piezometer Tip

2005  Strength and Compressibility of Soil-Bentonite Mixtures for Cutoff Walls

2004  Construction of the Deep Cut-off at the Walter F. George Dam

2004  Design of Drilled Shaft Cutoff Walls for Slope Stability in Marginal Soils

2004  Measuring the Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil –Bentonite Backfill

2004  Stability of Long Trenches in Sand Supported by Bentonite-Water Slurry

2003  Long Term Performance of Grouts and the Effects of Grout By-Products

2002  Structural Wall-Steel Frame Hybrid Buildings: Connections and System Behavior

2000  Analysis of Boundary Conditions for Contaminant Transport Through Adsorptive, Low-Permeability Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls

2000  Flow Past Bench-Scale Vertical Ground-Water Cutoff Walls

2000  Monitoring the Cut-Off Wall Performance of Upper Huia Dam

1999  Ground Deformations Adjacent to a Soil-Bentonite Cutoff Wall

1998  Anchored Deep Soil Mixed Cutoff/Retaining Walls for Lake Parkway Project in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

1998  Design and Construction of a Deep Soil Mix Retaining Wall for the Lake Parkway Freeway Extension

1998  Jet Grouting for the 63rd Street Tunnel

1997  Bentonite-Water Slurry Rheology and Cutoff Wall Trench Stability

1997  Dewatering for Interim Mitigation of Liquefaction Hazard at Bradbury Dam

1997  Hydraulic Importance of Defects in Vertical Groundwater Cut-Off Walls

1997  Thermal Monitoring of Seepage at Fontenelle Dam

1997  A Unique Slurry Wall Application at the Dam No. 2 Hydropower Project

1997  Vibro-sealing; A Technique for Waste Containment in Fractured Clayey Till

1996  Pile Wall Cuts Off Seepage (Available only in Geo/Environmental Special Issue)

1996  Shear Lag in Shear/Core Walls

1995  Containment with Vertical Cutoff Walls

1995  Design Considerations for an Upland Dredge Material Containment Facility, Port of Oakland

1995  The State-of-Stress in Soil-Bentonite Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls

1994  Building A Barrier Wall Through Boulders

1994  A Deep Soil Mix Cutoff Wall at Lockington Dam, Ohio

1994  DSM Saves the Dam

1994  Honolulu Project’s Soil-mix Cutoff Wall is a U.S. First

1993  Mixed Finite Element Method for Analysis of Coupled Shear/Core Walls

1993  Mud Mountain Dam Concrete Cutoff Wall

1993  A Semi Passive Nutrient Injection System for In Situ Bioremediation

1992  Hazardous Waste Containment with a Bentonite Cutoff Wall

1992  Selection and Laboratory Evaluation of Modifying Additives for Soil-Cement-Bentonite

1992  Use of Cement-Bentonite for Cutoff Wall Construction

1991  Soil-Cement Mixed Wall Technique

1990  Deep Soil Mixing Builds Cut-Off Wall

1990  Soil Cement Cutoff Wall Added to Hydro Dam

1989  Deep Soil Mixing at the Jackson Lake Dam

1987  Containment of Low-Level Radioactive Material

1987  Plastic Concrete Cutoff Walls

1987  Stopping Seepage

1987  Vertical Barriers in Soil for Pollution Containment

1986  ECPT Investigation of a Slurry Trench Cutoff Wall

1986  In-Place Permeability Measurement of Slurry Trench Cutoff Walls

1986  Seepage Studies Using Tracers and the Self Potential Test

1986  Stiffening of Structural Cores by Floor Slabs

1985  Coal Pile—Slurry Wall Design

1985  Stability of Breakwaters with Variations in Core Permeability

1980  Singularities in Darcy Flow Through Porous Media

1980  Torsion of Core Walls of Nonuniform Section

1980  Value Engineering and Cement-Bentonite Cutoff Wall Save Dam Project for Arizona Indian Tribe

1980  VE Should Not be an Afterthought

1979  Analysis of Three-Dimensional Seepage for Dams

1979  Credit to ASCE Members

1979  Seepage Cutoff Wall Installed Through Dam is Construction First

1979  Singularities in Darcy Flow Through Porous Media

1974  Stability of Trenches Filled with Fluids

1967  Foundation Cutoff Wall for Allegheny Reservoir Dam