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2015  Global Solution of Optimization Problems in Rotorcraft Flight Mechanics

2015  IFF Optimal Control for Missile Formation Reconfiguration in Cooperative Engagement

2015  Output Tracking Control for Nonminimum Phase Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle Models

2015  Robust Adaptive Approximate Backstepping Control Design for a Flexible Air-Breathing Hypersonic Vehicle

2015  Spacecraft Attitude Fault Tolerant Control with Terminal Sliding-Mode Observer

2015  UAV Formation Control via the Virtual Structure Approach

2014  ℒ1 Adaptive Control of a Projectile Fin by Piezoelectric Actuator

2014  Adaptive Control of Helicopter Pitch Angle and Velocity

2014  Collision-Free Path Planning of Tensegrity Structures

2014  Conceptual Study on Control-Integrated Design Based on Multidisciplinary Tradeoff Needs for Morphing Waveriders

2014  Design and Validation of Novel Teleoperation Rendezvous and Docking System

2014  Design of Dual-Range Linear Multivariable Controllers for Nonlinear Systems with Application to UAV Control

2014  Designing, Manufacturing, and Testing a Self-Contained and Autonomous Nanospacecraft Attitude Control System

2014  Dynamic Response Control of Rotating Thin-Walled Composite Blade Exposed to External Excitations

2014  Integrated Instrumentation and Sensor Systems Functional Model and Taxonomy

2014  Magnetic Attitude Control of Dynamically Unbalanced Spinning Spacecraft during Orbit Raising

2014  Nonlinear Guidance and Control Laws for Three-Dimensional Target Tracking Applied to Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

2014  Nonlinear Lead-Lag Controller Synthesis for Unstable Nonlinear Systems

2014  Nonlinear Proportional and Rate Feedback Controller Design Synthesis with Experimental Verification

2014  Optimal Flutter Suppression of Nonlinear Typical Wing Section Using Time-Domain Finite Elements Method

2014  Quaternion-Based LQR Spacecraft Control Design Is a Robust Pole Assignment Design

2014  Reconfigurable Intelligent Control Architecture of a Small-Scale Unmanned Helicopter

2014  Robust Finite-Time Control for Flexible Spacecraft Attitude Maneuver

2014  Satellite Neuro-PD Three-Axis Stabilization Based on Three Reaction Wheels

2014  Sliding Mode Reconfigurable Control Using Information on the Control Effectiveness of Actuators

2014  Stochastic Optimal Maneuver Strategies for Transfer Trajectories

2014  Tracking the Trajectory of Space Debris in Close Proximity via a Vision-Based Method

2013  ALSs with Conventional and Fuzzy Controllers Considering Wind Shear and Gyro Errors

2013  Application of a Single-Antenna GPS-Based Attitude Estimation on the Stability Control of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

2013  Application of an In-Line Storage Strategy to Improve the Operational Performance of Main Irrigation Canals Using Model Predictive Control

2013  Applying Decentralized Water Level Difference Control for Operation of the Dez Main Canal under Water Shortage

2013  Automatic Landing System Design Using Multiobjective Robust Control

2013  Autonomous Hovering Proportional-Integral Sliding Mode Controller Design and Its Flight Test Validation for a Small-Scaled Unmanned Helicopter

2013  Constrained Motion Approach to the Synchronization of the Multiple Coupled Slave Gyroscopes

2013  Evaluation of Manual Traffic-Signal Control under Oversaturated Conditions Using Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

2013  Gravity-Powered Chemical Dose Controller for Sustainable, Municipal-Scale Drinking Water Treatment

2013  Identification of the Controlling Mechanism for Predicting Critical Loads in Elastomeric Bearings

2013  Introduction to the Communications, Instrumentation, and Controls Division

2013  A Method to Calibrate P Controllers for the Real-Time Control of Pressures in Water Distribution Networks

2013  Multiscale Performance Characterization of Concrete Formed by Controlled Permeability Formwork Liner

2013  A Novel Data Utilization and Control Strategy for Wireless Structural Control Systems with TDMA Network

2013  Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters

2013  Optimal Guidance Based on Receding Horizon Control and Online Trajectory Optimization

2013  Pedestrian Behavior at Signalized Pedestrian Crossings

2013  Protection Control Scheme and Evaluation of Effects on Pipeline Crossing beneath Landslide Area

2013  Public Security Management and Control Systems for Maritime Ship Based on AIS and BEIDOU System

2013  Reconfiguration Control with Collision Avoidance Framework for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Three-Dimensional Space

2013  Research and Realization of the Control Strategy for Pure Electric Mini-Bus

2013  Research on the Control System of Green Construction

2013  Retrofit Flight Control Using an Adaptive Chebyshev Function Approximator

2013  Video-Based Efficient Measurement of Average Control Delay at Signalized Intersections

2012  Advances in Monitoring and Control Systems for High Mobility Grouting

2012  Analytic LQR Design for Spacecraft Control System Based on Quaternion Model

2012  Application of Spline Element and State-Space Approach to Dynamic Analysis

2012  Attitude Tracking Control Using an Online Identification and a Linear Quadratic Regulator–Based Strategy in the Presence of Orbital Eccentricity

2012  A Closed-Form Approach to Tracking Control of Nonlinear Uncertain Systems Using the Fundamental Equation

2012  Discussion on Control Methods of Geological Hazards Induced by Long-Distance Pipeline Construction

2012  Estimating Canal Pool Resonance with Auto Tune Variation

2012  H-Infinity Attitude Control System Design for a Small-Scale Autonomous Helicopter with Nonlinear Dynamics and Uncertainties

2012  Integral Lifting and Seismic Isolation Retrofit of Great Hall of Nanjing Museum

2012  Integrated Approach in the Quantitative and Qualitative Control of Water Distribution Systems through Control Systems

2012  Mini Quadrotor UAV: Design and Experiment

2012  Performance and Application of Equivalent Force Control Method for Real-Time Substructure Testing

2012  Research on a Rescue Channel Digging-Robot

2012  Robust Aeroelastic Control of a Thin-Walled Wing Structure with Model Uncertainty

2012  Vibration Isolation Platform for Control Moment Gyroscopes on Satellites

2012  Water-Level Difference Controller for Main Canals

2011  Application of ATS in Integrated Supervision and Control System

2011  Applying Water-Level Difference Control to Central Arizona Project

2011  CTCS-2I: New Train Control System Suitable for Trains with Speeds up to 350 km/h

2011  Distributed-Controlled Multiagent Mobile Platform with Digital Actuation Concept for Space Applications

2011  Dynamic Cooperation of UTCS with UTGS

2011  Evaluating the Control Strategies for Freeway Variable Speed Limit Systems in PARAMICS: Selection of the Optimal Posted Speed Limit

2011  A Hierarchical Control Model for Regional Traffic Signal Coordination

2011  New Structure for an Aerodynamic Fin Control System for Tail Fin-Controlled STT Missiles

2011  Removal of Indoor Airborne Bacteria by Nano-Ag/TiO2 as Photocatalyst: Feasibility Study in Museum and Nursing Institutions

2011  Robust Dynamic Sliding Mode Control of a Rotating Thin-Walled Composite Blade

2011  Robust MIMO H∞ Integral-Backstepping PID Controller for Hovering Control of Unmanned Model Helicopter

2011  Robust Nonlinear Optimal Solution to the Lunar Landing Guidance by Using Neighboring Optimal Control

2011  Shaping Indirect Flight Control System Properties for General Aviation Aircraft

2011  Stochastic Optimal CPS Relaxed Control Methodology for Interconnected Power Systems Using Q-Learning Method

2011  Wavelet Network for Semi-Active Control

2010  AMD Subsystem Testing Method and Its Application in AMD Performance Test

2010  Application of Software for Automatic Canal Management (SacMan) to the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Autopilot Design for a Side-Jet Missile Based on MRVSS Technique and GA Optimization

2010  Autopilot Supported by Nonlinear Model Following Reconfigurable Flight Control System

2010  Ballistic Walking Design via Impulsive Control

2010  BIM for Integration of Automated Real-Time Project Control Systems

2010  Comparison of Current Practical Adaptive Traffic Control Systems

2010  Control Joints in Cast In Situ Concrete Slabs and Its Application

2010  Control of a Seismically Excited Benchmark Building Using Linear Matrix Inequality-Based Semiactive Nonlinear Fuzzy Control

2010  Control Strategy of Co-Phase Traction Power Supply Device

2010  Controlling the Bullwhip Effect of Supply Chain System Based on the Stability Analysis

2010  Design of Modified Backstepping Attitude Controller

2010  Downstream-Water-Level Control Test Results on the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Fault Diagnosis and Active Fault Tolerant Control for Near Space Vehicle Based on Adaptive Observer

2010  Fault Tolerant Control of a Building Structure with AMD

2010  Feasibility Test of Adaptive Passive Control System Using MR Fluid Damper with Electromagnetic Induction Part

2010  Fines Accumulation and Distribution in a Storm-Water Rain Garden Nine Years Postconstruction

2010  Flutter Control of Smart Composite Structures in Hygrothermal Environment