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2015  Effects of Contract Strategy on Interpersonal Relations and Project Outcomes of Public-Sector Construction Contracts in Australia

2015  Federal Agency Held Liable for Deficinet Design in IDC Contract

2015  Impact of Transaction Attributes on Transaction Costs in Project Alliances: Disaggregated Analysis

2015  Modeling the Decision-Making Process Concerning Participation in Construction Bidding

2015  Review of Contemporary Construction Procurement Practices

2015  The Smaller They Are...

2014  Approach to Fleet Contracting for Snow Plowing Operations

2014  Best Practice in the Training, Appointment, and Remuneration of Members of Dispute Boards for Large Infrastructure Projects

2014  Boosting Public Construction Project Outcomes through Relational Transactions

2014  Conflicting Side of Building Information Modeling Implementation in the Construction Industry

2014  Contract Administration Guidelines for Contractors Working under AIA A201-2007 Contract for Construction

2014  Dynamic Threshold Cash Flow-Based Structural Model for Contractor Financial Prequalification

2014  Effects of Contract Announcements on the Value of Construction Firms

2014  Examination of Design-Assist Subcontracting

2014  Factors That Influence the Concession Period Length for Tunnel Projects under BOT Contracts

2014  Highway Embankment Contract Specifications

2014  Hong Kong’s First Competition Law: Impact on Construction Contracting

2014  Impact of Contract Structure and Risk Aversion on Interutility Water Transfer Agreements

2014  Influence of Organizational and Project Practices on Design Error Costs

2014  Is Early Warning Effective for the Improvement of Problem Solving and Project Performance?

2014  Is Owner’s Right to Terminate For Convenience Absolute?

2014  Key Relational Contracting Practices Affecting Performance of Public Construction Projects in China

2014  Late Payment and Nonpayment Encountered by Contracting Firms in a Fast-Developing Economy

2014  Letters

2014  Methods for Accumulating Construction and Material Quality Test Results and Their Effect on Acceptance Decisions

2014  NEC Contracting: Evaluation of the Inclusion of Dispute Review Boards in lieu of Adjudication in the Construction Industry in the United Kingdom

2014  Nexus between Contracting and Construction Professional Service Businesses: Empirical Evidence from International Market

2014  Principal-Agent Model of Risk Allocation in Construction Contracts and Its Critique

2014  A Question of Ethics: Zero Tolerance for Bribery, Fraud, and Corruption

2014  Rocky Road of Urban Transportation Contracts

2014  Selecciön de Formas de Relaciön con Terceros en la Construcciön

2014  Selection of Third-Party Relationships in Construction

2014  Seven Questions: Wisdom and Guidance for Successful Career Building. An interview with Dean Palumbo, P.L.S., on how to attract and manage clients

2014  Time At Large within the Common Law Legal System: Application to Standard Forms of Contract

2014  Tracking the Built Status of MEP Works: Assessing the Value of a Scan-vs-BIM System

2013  Alternative to Government Revenue Guarantees: Dynamic Revenue Insurance Contracts

2013  Buy-Back Price-Based Order Quantity Analysis in Different Supply Chains

2013  Class Arbitration and the Construction Dispute: Analysis of Current Jurisprudence and Practical Tips for the Construction Practitioner

2013  Consideration of the Environmental Cost in Construction Contracting for Public Works: A+C and A+B+C Bidding Methods

2013  Construction Risk Identification and Allocation: Cooperative Approach

2013  Contract Administration Guidelines for Effectively and Efficiently Applying Different Delay Analysis Techniques under World Bank-Funded Projects

2013  Cross-Cultural Interviewing and Counseling: Client-Oriented Perspective between Japanese and American Partners

2013  Difficulties of Contracts without Provisional Language

2013  Emotional Reactions to Variations in Contract Language

2013  Empirical Analysis of Traditional Contracting and Relationship Agreements for Procuring Partners in Construction Projects

2013  Employing Data Warehousing for Contract Administration: e-Dispute Resolution Prototype

2013  Enforceability of Limitation of Liability Clauses in Engineering Contracts

2013  Federal Acquisition Regulation Applied to Alliancing Contract Practices

2013  Integration of Financial and Contract Management on the Shanghai Expo Construction Program

2013  Modeling Profitability and Stock Market Performance of Listed Construction Firms on the Athens Exchange: Two-Stage DEA Approach

2013  Negotiated Settlements

2013  Optimal Incentive Contract with Risk-Neutral Contractor

2013  Preparation of Construction Specifications for Civil Projects

2013  Promoting the Sustainability of Relational Contracting through Addressing Third Party Insurance Obstacles

2013  Quality Costs in Construction: Case of Qom Monorail Project in Iran

2013  Refocusing on Liquidated Damages in Incentive/Disincentive Contracts

2013  A Review of Contractual Governance Selection and Its Impact on Project Performance

2013  The Right Combination

2013  Risk-Sharing in Highway Concessions: Contractual Diversity in Portugal

2013  Special Section on Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Engineering and Construction Industry—Part I

2013  State Anti-indemnity Statutes Keep Powerful Parties from Overreaching

2013  Using the Economic and Financial Reequilibrium Model to Decrease Infrastructure Contract Incompleteness

2012  Accuracy Analysis of Selected Tools for Estimating Contract Time on Highway Construction Projects

2012  Applying Delay Analysis Techniques to the World Bank Funded Projects

2012  Augmenting Owner’s Staff with As-Needed Contracts for Large Diameter Pipeline Construction Management

2012  Civil Engineer Successfully Sues Owner For Tortious Interference with Contract

2012  Comparative Analysis of Lean Construction with Design-Build Using a Framework of Contractual Forms of Agreement

2012  Construction Research Congress 2012, Construction Challenges in a Flat World

2012  Contract Administration Guidelines for Managing Conflicts, Claims, and Disputes under World Bank-Funded Projects

2012  A Delphi Study on the Effects of Culture on the Choice of Dispute Resolution Methods in International Construction Contracts

2012  Design and Selection of Pharmaceutical Care Contract Based on the Effort Level

2012  Designer, Contractor, and Owner Views on the Topic of Design for Construction Worker Safety

2012  Determining the Appropriate Proportion of Owner-Provided Design in Design-Build Contracts: Content Analysis Approach

2012  Development and Interpretation of Geotechnical Contract Provisions for Design-Build Projects: Success Strategies for Owners and Contractors

2012  Effect of the New Australian Consumer Law on the Use of Standard-Form Contracts within the Australian Construction Industry

2012  Experts Beware—The Risks of Making It Up

2012  A Flexible and Cooperative Supply Chain Contract Model

2012  Forensic Engineering Applied to Contract Management in the Construction Industry

2012  German Court Authorizes Seizure of Thai Prince’s Plane in Pursuit of Arbitral Award: Walter Bau AG v. Kingdom of Thailand

2012  Government Supports in Public-Private Partnership Contracts: Metro Line 4 of the São Paulo Subway System

2012  How To Select and Work Effectively with Consulting Engineers, Getting the Best Project

2012  Initiating IPD Concepts on Campus Facilities with a "Collaboration Addendum"

2012  Levels of Interorganizational Trust in Construction Projects: Empirical Evidence

2012  Measured-Mile Principles

2012  Modified Isolated Delay Type Technique

2012  Multicountry Perspectives of Relational Contracting and Integrated Project Teams

2012  Net Asset Value–Based Concession Duration Model for BOT Contracts

2012  The Quantity Flexibility Contract for Fashion Goods with Uncertainty in Demand and Delivery Time

2012  Recession Effects in United States Public Sector Construction Contracting: Focus on the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

2012  Schedule Effectiveness of Alternative Contracting Strategies for Transportation Infrastructure Improvement Projects

2012  Subcontractor Alleges Fraud for Scope Reduction on DOT Contract

2012  Two-Dimensional DDA Contact Constitutive Model for Simulating Rock Fragmentation

2012  What to Do When Faced with Defective Contract Documents Can Be a Costly Decision

2011  Collaborative Negotiation Behaviors in Thai Construction Projects

2011  Comprehensive Evaluation of Virginia Department of Transportation’s Experience with its First Performance-Based Road-Maintenance Contract

2011  Concurrent Delays and Apportionment of Damages

2011  Construction Safety in Design Process

2011  Contracting with Technical Writers and Editors: Why, When, and How

2011  DRB Enhanced Partnering on the Marquette Interchange: Case Study

2011  Engineer’s Study Notes for Understanding the Arbitration Process