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2015  Defining Best Value for Construction Manager/General Contractor Projects: The CMGC Learning Curve

2015  Design-Build Contractor Selection for Public Sustainable Buildings

2015  Developing a Virtual Laboratory for Construction Bidding Environment Using Agent-Based Modeling

2015  Do Contractors Face Liability for Providing Design Solutions?

2015  Niche Width, Competitive Positioning, and Performance of International Construction Contractors (1992-2009)

2015  Quick Abnormal-Bid-Detection Method for Construction Contract Auctions

2015  Swift Substitution

2014  Exploring Critical Variables That Affect Political Risk Level in International Construction Projects: Case Study from Chinese Contractors

2014  Impacts of Different Types of Owner-Contractor Conflict on Cost Performance in Construction Projects

2014  Industry Groups Band Together to Overturn Decision in Metcalf

2014  Investigation into the Relationship of Construction Engineering and Management Education with Specialty Trade Contractors

2014  Modelando los Factores e Índices de Competitividad para Constructoras: Hallazgos en Chile

2014  Modeling Competitiveness Factors and Indexes for Construction Companies: Findings of Chile

2014  Programmatic Examination of Missouri Incentive/Disincentive Contracts for Mitigating Work Zone Traffic Impacts

2014  Public Owner Wrongfully Interfered with Contractor’s Work

2014  So, Why Do You Want to Write a GBR?

2014  State of Practice of Building Information Modeling in the Electrical Construction Industry

2014  Tender Pricing Environment of Subcontractors in the United Kingdom

2013  Adaptive Learning of Contractor Default Prediction Model for Surety Bonding

2013  Analysis of Construction Contractor Selection and Evaluation Based on AHP and GRA

2013  Construction Manager Not Liable for Contractor’s Jobsite Injuries

2013  Contractor Selection Model for Highway Projects Using Integrated Simulation and Analytic Network Process

2013  Critical Success Factors for Key Project Players and Objectives: Case Study of Singapore

2013  Criticality Comparison between the Repetitive Scheduling Method and the Network Model

2013  Design of Performance Assessment System for Selection of Contractors in Construction Industry E-Marketplaces

2013  Determinants of Efficiency of Contractors in Hong Kong and China: Panel Data Model Analysis

2013  Empirical Framework for Making the Bid/No-Bid Decision

2013  Empirical Study on the Relationship between Owner-Contractor Conflict and Schedule Performance in Design-Bid-Build Projects

2013  Engineer Faces Potential Liability for Contractor’s Project Delays

2013  Enhancing Construction Worker Safety Performance Using Leading Indicators

2013  Evaluating the Use of Contractor-Performed Test Results in Highway Construction and Material Acceptance Decisions

2013  Identifying, Communicating, and Responding to Project Value Interests

2013  Impact of Crew Scheduling on Project Performance

2013  Installation Aspects of Smart Grid

2013  Internationalization Process of Pakistani Contractors: An Exploratory Study

2013  Jury Sides with Public Owner in Fast-Track Project Dispute with Contractor

2013  Lean Construction Conformance among Construction Contractors in Turkey

2013  Measuring the Networking Performance for Contractors in Practicing Construction Management

2013  Modeling Contractor’s Risk Management Capability in Metro Projects

2013  Nature of Tender Review Meetings

2013  Negligent Tort Liability of the Design Professional

2013  Project Impacts of Specialty Mechanical Contractor Design Involvement in the Health Care Industry: Comparative Case Study

2013  Reducing Bias and Uncertainty in Multievaluator Multicriterion Decision Making

2013  Relationships Among Contracting Parties and Their Effects On Outcomes of Public Construction Projects in China

2013  Research on the Project Design Change Management of General Construction Contractors

2013  A Semantic Web Service Approach to Construction Cost Estimating

2013  Stabilizing Production Flow of Interior and Finishing Works with Reentrant Flow in Building Construction

2013  Study of the Development Difference between Domestic and Foreign Top Construction Contractors: A Sustainable Financial Capability Perspective

2013  Subsea Pipelines and Calm Buoy System

2013  Synthesis of Existing BIM Maturity Toolsets to Evaluate Building Owners

2013  Twin Triumphs

2013  Understanding a Contractor’s Regional Variations in Safety Performance

2013  Using Contractor Bid Amounts to Estimate the Impact of Night Construction on Cost for Transportation Construction

2013  Visualizing Evolution of Knowledge Management Capability in Construction Firms

2012  Best Value or Lowest Bid? A Quantitative Perspective

2012  Competition Environment, Strategy, and Performance in the Hong Kong Construction Industry

2012  Contract Administration Guidelines for U.S. Contractors Working under World Bank–Funded Projects

2012  Contractor Predictably Loses Notice Argument

2012  Contractor Selection Using Multicriteria Decision-Making Methods

2012  Contractors and LEED Credits: Towards Sustainable Construction

2012  Development and Interpretation of Geotechnical Contract Provisions for Design-Build Projects: Success Strategies for Owners and Contractors

2012  Evaluating the Quality Performance of Pavement Contractors

2012  Federal Design/Build Contractor Unable to Recover on Differing Site Conditions Claim

2012  Governance of Learning Mechanisms: Evidence from Construction Firms

2012  Longest Polyurethane Lined and Coated Steel Pipeline in North America : The Provo Reservoir Canal Enclosure Project

2012  Novelty and Technical Complexity: Critical Constructs in Capital Projects

2012  Owner and Contractor Jobsite Organizations

2012  The Project Emissions Estimator (PE-2): A Tool to Aid Contractors and Agencies Benchmark Carbon Emissions for Highway Construction Projects

2012  Safety4Site Commitment to Enhance Jobsite Safety Management and Performance

2012  Subcontracting Practices in the Construction Industry of Pakistan

2012  Sustainability: Opportunities and Challenges from a Construction Contractor’s Perspective

2011  Association of Risk Attitude with Market Diversification in the Construction Business

2011  Automatic Look-Ahead Schedule Generation System for the Finishing Phase of Complex Projects for General Contractors

2011  Building Information Modeling for Electrical Contractors: Current Practice and Recommendations

2011  Concurrent Delays and Apportionment of Damages

2011  Effects of Contractors’ Risk Attitude on Competition in Construction

2011  Exploring Coordination Goals of Construction Projects

2011  Fuzzy Preference Relations Consensus Approach to Reduce Conflicts on Shared Responsibilities in the Owner Managing Contractor Delivery System

2011  Modeling Interfirm Dependency: Game Theoretic Simulation to Examine the Holdup Problem in Project Networks

2011  Predicting Construction Contractor Default with Option-Based Credit Models—Models’ Performance and Comparison with Financial Ratio Models

2011  Regulative Measures Addressing Payment Problems in the Construction Industry: A Calculative Understanding of Their Potential Outcomes Based on Gametric Models

2011  Risk and Price in the Bidding Process of Contractors

2011  State Board Affirms Agency Rejection of Unbalanced Bid

2011  When Is a Termination for Convenience Improper?

2010   Case Law and Variations in Cumulative Impact Productivity Claims

2010  An Application of ELECTRE III to Contractor Selection

2010  Assessment of Responsibilities of Project Teams for Owner Managing Contractor Tasks-A Fuzzy Consensus Approach

2010  Bitumen Quality, Pavement LCCA, and Contractor’s Expectations

2010  Contractor Default Termination Deemed Proper After 95 Percent Completion

2010  Contractor Penalized For Reducing Scope of Disadvantaged Subcontractors

2010  Contractor Performance Evaluation for the Best Value of Superpave Projects

2010  Contractor Sues Public Owner for Failing To Divulge Information

2010  Contractors’ Competition Strategies in Bidding: Hong Kong Study

2010  Contractors Recover for Inefficiency Despite No-Damage-for-Delay Clauses

2010  Court Rules in Favor Of Subcontractor in ’Bid Shopping’ Termination Dispute

2010  Developing a Framework for Construction Contractor Qualification for Surety Bonding

2010  Developing an ARIS-House-Based Method from Existing Information Systems to Project-Based Enterprise Resource Planning for General Contractor

2010  Effects of Pavement Spatial Variability on Contractor’s Management Strategies

2010  Efficacy of Using Support Vector Machine in a Contractor Prequalification Decision Model

2010  Emerging Trends in Failures Involving EPS-Block Geofoam Fills